10 actors who deserve an Oscar

As the calendar year enters autumn, moviegoers also enter the famous or dreaded Oscar season. Weekly releases in theaters and streaming services will shift from blockbuster films that excite audiences to Oscar-winning dramas that aim to impress viewers with their moviemaking ability.

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Every year in Oscar season, discussions arise about who deserves an Oscar. Should the award go to someone new who has impressed the public? Or should the prize go to a veteran performer who has never tasted Oscar gold? Either way, some believe that certain actors deserve to win an Oscar, and maybe those aspirations will come true one day.

ten Jim Carrey retires with his magnum opus

Jim Carrey had a long, successful and controversial career. Fans love his 90s comedy classics like Stupid and even dumber, Ace Venturaand surprisingly comical precision The mask. Carrey also gave several impressive dramatic performances, such as Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and Man on the Moon.

With the announcement that sonic the hedgehog 2 will be Jim Carrey’s last performance, could this be the movie that Carrey finally wins the award? Will Jim Carrey win Best Supporting Actor for his role in sonic the hedgehog 2? The Academy doesn’t usually give gold for comedic performances or family films, but this might be the last chance they have to pay tribute to Carrey.

9 Elisabeth Moss goes from Emmys to Oscars

It’s hard not to be wowed by Elisabeth Moss’ performance so far in her career. From his role as a star in Mad Men to her leap to status as a leading performer in The Handmaid’s Tale For all of her exciting independent film work, Elisabeth Moss is a beast of a performer.

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Despite her thirteen Emmy nominations, Elisabeth Moss has never reached the level of performers at the Oscars. Moss gave heavy and punchy performances in films such as The invisible Man, His smelland The placeand maybe next year when she plays in Taika Waititi The next goal winsshe will break through and claim the gold.

8 Adam Driver is a safe bet

Gamers would have already put money on Adam Driver to win an Oscar in the 2020s. Already nominated twice, Adam Driver has made his mark within the Academy. The actor playing Kylo Ren first burst into the public eye with his role in Girls on HBO. Since then, Driver has become a favorite of typical film festival directors, such as Noah Baumbach, Spike Lee and Jim Jarmusch.

Last year, Adam Driver made a valiant effort to receive his third nomination for either Gucci House Where The last duel. None of these Ridley Scott-directed films gave Driver an Oscar nomination, but maybe Noah Baumbach’s White noise will change that this year.

seven Tom Cruise goes to the Oscars

Surprisingly, Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar. His roles in Magnolia, Born July 4and Jerry Maguire earned him nominations and showed off his acting ability, but Tom Cruise was always more of a summer hit actor than the Academy ever liked.

With Top Gun: Maverickof Tom Cruise’s massive critical and commercial success, it’s possible that Tom Cruise could finally use that momentum to strike gold. When a movie is so successful that it makes the MCU feel like it’s underperforming, that’s an impressive feat.

6 Bradley Cooper impresses the Academy

It’s an impressive feat that Bradley Cooper managed to get nine Oscar nominations without a win. Only four of those nominations are for Cooper’s acting ability, the rest for his work as a producer or writer, and while it’s clear the Academy loves Bradley Cooper, they just haven’t given him yet. gold.

After causing a sensation as an author with his film A star is born, Bradley Cooper will likely release his next directorial film next year. This film, Maestrohas a lot of potential for Cooper to finally achieve that award-winning status.

5 Jake Gyllenhaal steps out of the shadows

Despite being the internet’s favorite dramatic actor, Jake Gyllenhaal only managed to be nominated for an Oscar once in his career. This nomination comes from the film based on a short story Brokeback Mountain.

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Jake Gyllenhaal did not receive a nomination for his tremendous performances in Somnambulist, nocturnal animalsWhere Prisoners. Some fans have given up on Gyllenhaal getting Oscar gold, but maybe this year will finally be the year Gyllenhaal takes the Dolby Theater stage. However, Michael Bay Ambulance may not be the film to submit.

4 Robert Pattinson is done with his twilight years

Robert Pattinson’s career has gone through several phases. The Dusk star turned indie darling turned The Batman The leading man has worked to show what a versatile performer he is. The general public loves him for his commercial successes, and indie arthouse fans love him for his more obscure work.

Robert Pattinson had significant push for Oscar nominations for his roles in the Safdie Brother’s Good time and the film by Robert Eggers Lighthouse. None of those films provided Pattinson with a nomination, but that will likely change in the years to come.

3 Zendaya bides her time

There is no doubt about that. Zendaya is a complete movie star. The performer debuted on the Disney Channel before moving on to the MCU and the controversial HBO Show Euphoria. It seems only a matter of time before Zendaya gets her hands on an Oscar.

Zendaya might not get her Oscar for her role in Spider-Man: No Coming Homebut as she continues her already impressive career, audiences shouldn’t be surprised when she becomes one of the Academy’s favorite performers.

2 Idris Elba is bound to win sooner or later

Who doesn’t love Idris Elba? The suave and charming British performer wowed viewers with her role in Threadand he thrilled audiences with his starring role in Luther. He may even have been the favorite of the next James Bond for what felt like a decade, all thanks to his charisma alone.

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Idris Elba has pushed for Oscar gold in the past, with roles in movies like beasts of no nation and concrete cowboy. Elba probably won’t win this year, but the actor is far too talented for the Academy to ignore forever.

1 Amy Adams is an underdog

Amy Adams has quickly established herself as the underdog at the Oscars. After receiving six nominations over two decades, Adams never won Oscar gold. A fan favorite, watching in a mix of mainstream movies like Delighted and the Snyderverse, Adams is also making an effort towards more independent ventures such as The master, american turmoil, and Doubt.

Amy Adams has been on a bad luck streak, with several of her recent releases being panned by critics. However, a streak of bad luck is exactly what an underdog needs to start a comeback to victory.

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