10 Batman Comics That Would Make Perfect Horror Movies

Fans will return to the dark world of the Batman mythos with Gotham Knights release on October 21st and there will likely be dark and disturbing elements much like in the Batman: Arkham Games. With Matt Reeves The Batmanaudiences got to see the closest thing to a horror movie for the DC Multiverse.

It showed that not only are villains scary, but Batman himself earns the title of The Dark Knight in the process. What many don’t know is that many comics adopt similar tones and styles. From the supernatural to the gory to the psychological, the horror of Batman’s world is featured in many stories that could also be translated into future sequels. The Batman or animated films directly in streaming.


10/10 Death in the Family (1988)

By itself, the Death in the family the storyline isn’t that scary, but there’s potential for it to be. If a movie were to feature the same kind of tone as The Batman and being almost entirely from the perspective of Jason Todd AKA the second Robin, it could be a haunting experience for viewers.

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An adaptation could expand on Jason’s torture and death at the hands of the Joker. Instead of just being brutalized in an R-rated way akin to slasher movies, Jason could be stalked and taunted by the clown-like villain with Batman racing against time to try and save his apprentice, increasing the tension.

9/10 Batman: Ghosts (1989)

It’s basically Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol but with a Batman/Halloween twist. Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale, who both worked on The Long Halloween who inspired Matt Reeves with The Batman, Batman: Ghosts is an easy story to adapt to the future as live-action or animated.

Batman always hovers on a very thin line between good and evil throughout his career as a vigilante. Batman: Ghosts shows what could happen if the Caped Crusader drifts too far into darkness and the footage shown isn’t just grim, it’s terrifying as Batman could be far worse for Gotham than the villains he puts away.

8/10 Batman: Court of Owls (2012)

While this storyline is most recognized for being the epic showdown between Batman and a former elite Gotham organization that rules the city, many horror vibes can stem from it. The Court of Owls script.

The idea of ​​the Court being those enigmatic figures of wealth hidden behind white owl masks who rule the city like puppeteers is frightening in itself. Mixing undead warrior assassins known as Talons who come out of the shadows and kill at any moment could turn a sequel into The Batman in a terrifying conspiracy thriller.

7/10 Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City (1990)

When it comes to finding the darkest portrayals of Edward “Nigma” Nashton AKA The Riddler, look no further than Dark Knight, Dark City. This story sends Batman down a rabbit hole filled with bloody murder in the name of a supernatural being.

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It’s such a different Batman story, even for the darker side of Batman comics. It corresponds to the same energy as Se7fr which Matt Reeves embraced but with an occult twist that would make it perfect for Paul Dano’s return as The Riddler, or it could be for a new animated sequel to The Long Halloween with Jensen Ackles.

6/10 Batman: The Cult (1988)

It’s a common trope of a villain using Batman’s mission and twisting it to achieve his deranged goals. The Batman explored this with The Riddler and does too Batman: The Cult featuring Deacon Blackfire, a more obscure villain that some could recognize secondary missions of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Blackfire uses religion as a weapon to inflict torture and murder on anyone he deems a sinner. With horror artist Bernie Wrightson as illustrator, Batman: The Cult is a dark and macabre mystery thriller that could easily fit in the same style as Matt Reeves’ debut film.

5/10 Arkham Asylum: Living Hell (2004)

Another story of a dark villain, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell Mainly concerns Warren White who becomes a criminal mastermind from inside Arkham Asylum. It’s less of a Batman story and more of a villain story, which would be ideal for an episode of the next one. arkham asylum series.

Warren White’s story evokes the idea that Arkham is as much of a problem as the rest of Gotham as he slowly becomes that sharp-toothed villain known as the Great White Shark. The villain origin stories are great, but one actually told from the villain’s point of view it’s even better as shownAmerican psycho.

4/10 Batman: The Black Mirror (2011)

One of the best assets of The black mirror shows the struggle to take over as the new Batman. There is as much psychological strain for Dick Grayson as physical; he must not only live up to the legacy of Bruce Wayne, but also take on cases that push him to his limits.

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The unveiling of James Gordon, Jr. as this mentally ill serial killer makes for one of the most tragic horror stories in the Batman universe. Seeing Commissioner Jim Gordon and Barbara Gordon react to James, Jr. becoming the thing they fight for a living would be a heartbreaking scenario for a movie, but equally disturbing.

3/10 Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Land (1989)

It’s no secret that Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Land was a heavy inspiration for the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game heavily embraced the haunted house structure with Batman traversing this dark, gothic mansion-turned-asylum encountering its villains. The graphic novel is far more extreme with its surreal visual style that makes villains look like monsters, especially the Joker.

This is another story that could be its own movie or an episode of the arkham asylum series, forcing Batman to battle his inner demons in what is essentially psychological horror that constantly amps up the tension and suspense, all while trying to stop the villains from killing hostages. It would be perfect for Robert Pattinson’s Batman taking on Barry Keoghan’s Joker.

2/10 Batman: Gothic (1990)

The title is no lie as Batman is sent to Gotham City’s deepest boroughs, old and new, to find out why children have been missing across Gotham. The story is wild and downright disturbing since kids are often the safest in superhero movies, but Batman: Gothic fully embraces its twisted nature.

It delves into the satanic side of the DC Universe, even featuring an immortal who kills people in an effort to get out of the deal with the devil and escape. In many ways it almost looks like hellraiser in that sense with one of Batman’s darkest villains to date.

1/10 Gotham by Gaslight (1989)

Technically, there’s already an animated horror movie based on this Elseworld story, but the potential for a standalone live-action movie of Batman battling Jack the Ripper in an alternate Victorian-era Gotham City is always there for the live action; Gotham by gaslight could go to the cinema or be an experimental original film for HBO Max.

Either way, Batman re-embracing his detective roots to solve disturbing and bloody murders makes for a crime horror story akin to From hell but with a superhero twist. In style, it might even hark back to classic Hammer horror films of the 1950s and 1960s which were ahead of their time in terms of blood and gore mixed with a gothic atmosphere.

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