10 Dark Vampire Movies You Didn’t Know About

Morbius is this year’s infamous box office flop, and vampire fans were disappointed that the film never allowed itself to go “full” vampire. With blue blood that looks like Gatorade, Morbius failed to capture the public’s attention except as a meme. However, the film inspired a vampire revival akin to the Dusk era and viewers crave films inspired by Dracula.

There are plenty of fantasy vampire movies that have remained hidden in obscurity. Some were made in the black-and-white film era, while others were more recent B-movie flops. If you don’t want to wait twenty years to watch Morbius when hailed as a cult classic, these unique and underrated films are well worth watching.


ten Once Bitten (1985)

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Jim Carrey vampire sunglasses

In one of those early major lead roles, Jim Carrey plays Mark Kendall, a still-virgin high school student. While he is eager to solve this problem, his girlfriend Robin is more interested in waiting for the right moment. One night at a club, Mark meets the Countess, a centuries-old vampire who thirsts for the rare blood of a virgin.

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This comedy has typical teen movie fare, with silly hi-jinks and teenagers eager to remedy their innocence. Carrey is hilarious with silly one-liners and physical gags. Laura Hutton as the seductive Countess is a joy to watch and has some great fun moments. once bitten is a wonderful movie for those looking for something full of cheese and 80s flair.

9 Enraged (1977)

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Rose is attacked by a zombie in Rabid

Enraged is a Canadian body horror that uses characteristics of vampire and zombie films. Rose (Marilyn Chambers) wakes up from an accident to find that her experimental skin grafts have given her a new stinger-like appendage under her armpit, and she’s thirsty for blood.

sometimes Enraged is comical, as when the Rose Bear hugs a victim, attacking it with its armpit. But there are plenty of other bloody zombie attacks to satiate the audience. A remake exists under the same name, directed by sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska, with Laura Vandervoort playing Rose.

8 Vampires (2012)

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Dan Stevens in Vamps (2012)

This heartfelt romantic comedy stars Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two vampires living in modern-day New York. As Goody (Silverstone) contemplates her long life as a vampire, Stacy (Ritter) dates a descendant of Van Helsing. Trouble comes in the form of their creator Ciccirus (Sigourney Weaver) who feeds on humans – unlike Stacy and Goody who feed on rats instead.

vampire is a fun throwback to the days of trendy girls and 13 Continue 30-movies. It plays with common vampire tropes much like What we do in the shadowss, including death by wooden stakes and mind control. It eventually takes a turn towards a more heartfelt and bittersweet ending.

seven Ganja and Hess (1973)

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Ganja and Hess Duane Jones and Marlene Clark

Ganja & Hess is an experimental horror film directed by Bill Gun. It stars Duane Jones of night of the living dead celebrity as Dr. Hess Green and Marlene Clark as Ganja Meda, the wife of Green’s assistant. A bloody night between Dr. Hess and Meda leads to Meda’s wife, Ganja, and Dr. Hess gaining immortality using a ceremonial dagger. The combination of romance and bloodlust causes Dr. Hess to question his existence.

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Gun encountered many obstacles during the production and release of Ganja & Hess. The studios thought the film was unpleasant for their audience, who were more accustomed to films like Blacule. The film was recut several times under new names that drastically changed its tone. A remake was released in 2014 by Spike Lee titled The Sweet Blood of Jesus. Considered a seminal black cinema film ahead of its time, viewers may enjoy Ganja & Hess artistic atmosphere and race and religion themes.

6 Countess Dracula (1971)

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Countess Nadasty

Based on Elizabeth Bathory, this Hammer horror stars Ingrid Pitt as Countess Elisabeth. She discovers that once she bathes in the blood of young women, her own youthful beauty is restored. She assumes her daughter’s identity, seduces men, and slaughters young women with the help of her lover, Captain Dobi, who soon becomes jaded by the relationship.

This horror movie takes historical inaccuracies, folklore, and belly dancers, and mixes them all together to create a vampire-flavored chintzy. White as snow horror movie. This film has all the hallmarks of a gothic story: love, decadence, blood, secrets, vampires and death. Would-be viewers can enjoy the medieval atmosphere, love triangle and suspense as the Countess tries to keep everything from falling apart around her.

5 The Vampire (1957)

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Count Lavud and Marta are looking in the same direction at El Vampiro.

the vampire is a Mexican horror film starring Gérman Robles as Count Lavud and Ariadne Welter as Marta, the film’s young protagonist. Marta travels to Los Sicomoros to visit her sick aunt, but upon arrival learns that she has died. A curse in the village seems to have brought a vampire among them, and he seeks to revive one of his relatives.

This film was influenced by Universal Studios classic horror films of the 1930s, which produced some of the most influential vampire films of all time. This influence is evident throughout with a heavy atmosphere and special effects, including an expertly puppeted bat. the vampire marked Mexico’s horror boom of the 1960s, and is notable for being one of the first films to feature elongated incisors.

4 A Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

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vampire kissing cage

In one of the first roles of Nicolas Cage, vampire kiss recounts the descent into madness of lonely literary agent Peter Loew. After a night with a woman who bit his neck, Loew believes he was turned into a vampire, showing classic symptoms. However, when it’s clear the woman was an hallucination, viewers wonder why Loew is behaving so strangely.

This film, unlike Interview with the Vampire, which is being revamped as an AMC series, is a dark comedy take on the genre. Nicolas Cage’s over-the-top performance was criticized as both too much and fair. The film flopped at the box office, but fans of the film appreciate its outrageous story and Cage’s enthusiastic performance.

3 A Girl Comes Home Alone at Night (2014)

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A girl walks home alone at night

This film tells the story of The Girl played by Sheila Vand. The Girl is a vampire who roams the streets of Bad City at night, preying on evil men. One night, she meets Aresh, a man whose father struggles with addiction. He shows his kindness and soon Aresh’s world bleeds into his, and she warns him that he doesn’t know what she’s done.

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This thriller is a great modern take on the vampire genre, and seeing the main character in a place of power instead of damnation is refreshing. The black and white color scheme is an intriguing callback to older films in the genre, while also reminding viewers that this vampire is different. Movie fans like The teeth and Ginger biscuits can appreciate the general message of this film.

2 Evil Twins (1971)

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The Gellhorn twins lying in bed in Twins of Evil.

evil twins stars sisters Mary and Madeleine Collinson as Maria and Freida Gelhorn, twin girls who travel to a village to live with their witch-discoverer uncle Gustav Weil (Peter Cushing). Although the sisters look alike, they have very different personalities. Frieda is outspoken and interested in the mysterious Count Karnstein, while Maria is chaste and shy. One night, Frieda sneaks out to visit Count Karnstein, who is, unbeknownst to Freida, a vampire.

This is the third film in the Karnstein trilogy, based on the novel carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It was produced by the same company that created House of Dracula, one of the best vampire movies based on books. Although the film has elements inspired by the witch hysteria in Europe in the mid-1400s, it is primarily a vampire film. The Collinson sisters are a delight to watch in their respective roles as bad and good twins.

1 Dracula’s Lake (1971)

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A vampire with blood on his mouth in Dracula's lake.

This Japanese horror film follows a young girl named Akiko, who lives near a lake. Many years ago she dreamed of a terrifying vampire in a mansion. Eighteen years later, Akiko is a schoolteacher and is dating Dr. Takashi Saki. While examining a comatose woman, Dr. Saki finds bite marks on her neck, suggesting that Akiko’s dream might have some merit.

Dracula’s Lake is the second film of the bloodthirsty Trilogy directed by Michio Yamamoto and produced by Toho Studios. Although slow at first, there’s something charming about the pace that builds to the bloody climax. There is a rivalry between Akiko and her sister Natsuko, and this subplot brings some welcome intrigue to the film. Fans of Hammer horrors will probably enjoy this film.

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