5 ways to promote your independent film production

Creating an independent film is no easy task and launching a film without the backing of a major production house is a feat that all passionate filmmakers hope to achieve. However, despite the hard work you’ve put into writing, directing, and producing your independent film, you won’t be able to taste success if you don’t attempt to promote it successfully. Indeed, without your masterpiece getting a good promotion, people wouldn’t even know about it and as a result, you won’t receive any reception, no matter how good your movie is.

Therefore, in addition to focusing on the script and cinematography, you should also try to focus on your movie’s promotional activities. Without a good promotion strategy, your movie will fail. Below are six ways to promote your independent film production:

1) Create teasers and a trailer

Creating teasers and a trailer for your indie film should basically be a no-brainer. While teasers are basically short clips with little to no context shot and played during production, trailers are edited in post-production and feature a film’s premise, beginning, middle, and end. If you want to create buzz around your film from the start, you must invest time in creating eye-catching teasers which are followed by a trailer that further hooks your potential audience. You can share them on YouTube and other video sharing websites for increased reach.

2) Create a website and social media presence

Any business one gets into these days needs to have a social and digital presence to make it look like the real deal to its potential audience, and movies are no different. Since your indie film is not under the banner of a big production, you need to cover all your bases and maintain a presence on all social media platforms and create a website. You can use all these platforms to make important announcements about your movie, its releases and regular updates. You can also choose to run your blog on the said website and update the content throughout the production process.

3) Keep a dedicated blog

Whether this blog is dedicated to your production or a blog created specifically for your film and its release, you still need to manage and update a blog. The blog should function as a stage where you can promote your film and ideally showcase related content, such as the indie film’s creative process, inspiration, behind-the-scenes action, and thoughts from the cast and director. crew. . By conveying what happened in the film and its production, you would be able to seriously present your work as a producer and therefore increase the chances of your film’s success.

4) Focus on traditional marketing

In addition to the digital realm, you should also focus on traditional marketing materials for promoting your movie. Outdoor billboards, posters, newspaper and magazine ads, press releases, and articles in local newspapers are some of the common ways to do traditional marketing and promotion for your independent film. If you’re releasing your film in the United States, be aware that outdoor signs can be expensive, but incredibly effective. Make sure you get what you pay for by advertising in various places like phoenix billboards, Chicago, New York and other populated cities nationwide. Try to land interviews and spots on local news and radio stations to promote your film locally and nationally.

5) Get a spot at a film festival

For most indie films, the road to success starts with their attendance at a film festival, and you should be looking to get featured there as well. Film festivals open up films to additional avenues and audiences that would otherwise not be possible for them as independent feature films. Since film festivals bring together big names in the film fraternity, your featured film could contribute to making you known as a producer and help you catch the attention of industry A-listers. You might also collect reviews and ratings for your movie, and even win an award or two. Being featured at a film festival is basically coveted by many filmmakers and look for a festival that features a theme close to your film’s to increase your chances of landing a spot.


While promoting your freelance feature might seem like a daunting task at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it more and more. Promoting movies can be a fun task to undertake, and having the chance to promote your hard work would bring you more joy than you can imagine. By implementing the above tips into your movie promotion strategy, you can get your movie out there in no time and hopefully achieve success as an independent film producer.

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