A chaos program inspired by Sabrina the teenage witch, John Hughes

The latest Dungeons & Dragons book features characters like Sabrina coming to terms with magic in a setting straight out of an 80s movie.

The next Dungeons & Dragons campaign book Strixhaven: a program of chaos not only provides rules for playing in the Strixhaven school setting Magic: The Gathering, but also draws inspiration from unexpected sources – Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the John Hughes films of the 80s.

“When it comes to adventures, my story-building influences included classic coming-of-age films, particularly the John Hughes canon, and romantic teenage comedies from the 90s and early years. from the 2000s, which really capture dramatic young adult stories in a fun, and often meaningful way, ”said lead designer Amanda Hamon Dice breaker. “You will see this particularly expressed in the rules of relationships, which allow these tales of enemies to lovers and best friends to unfold and affect the greatest adventures. These adventures are also full of good-natured fun and fun. detours in the way these movies portray too. “

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Hamon added that one of the main themes of the book is about students “finding themselves steeped in magic, and the funny and weird things that happen when these people get clumsy and creative, just like the original. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. “The Musical Franchise Perfect Also had an influence, as one of the book’s second year adventures features a song just before a competitive game of Mage Tower, a sport played by students at Strixhaven.

“And finally, although it may come as a surprise, mainstream D&D has deeply influenced this book,” added Hamon. “If you look past the flavor and the setting, there are several sections of the adventures where you move through a building or wilderness area, navigate traps and opponents, and try to reach an objective – these are dungeon explorations, but with a much different layer of flavor than you would expect. “

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Ultimately, Strixhaven: a program of chaos has a relatively light tone compared to the end of the world storylines found in others Dungeons & Dragons adventures, says Hamon. The stakes for the adventure rise dramatically in its finale, however, due to an enemy with a long-standing grudge against the school.

“Eventually, the characters have to take action and the tone of the adventures quickly changes from wacky to terrible,” Hamon explained. “If the characters fail, there are catastrophic consequences, perhaps to the greatest extent of any other D&D book.”

Strixhaven: a program of chaos is the last cross between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, following the release of Guild Masters Guide to Ravnica in 2018 and Mythical Odyssey of Theros in 2020. Along with the wizarding school hijinks, the book will also feature the new breed of the owl, over 40 non-player creatures and characters, and a plethora of new designed spells, magical items, backgrounds and exploits. to help players bring their Strixhaven characters from freshmen to graduates. The book will be released on December 7.

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