A24 reportedly floated around $ 3 billion in offer price for the company

The popular film and television studio A24, which is responsible for films like Uncut gems, moonlight, and more recently Zola, reportedly tested the sales waters and marked its value at around $ 3 billion.

According to Variety, A24 had engaged with several different buyers for a year and a half to achieve its high price. Sources said Variety that those conversations didn’t lead to any deal, however, with the studio more concerned with growing than selling at this time.

Founded in 2012, A24 has caused a stir in the film industry by delivering robust independent films that tackle different stories and genres. Following the success of his 2016 film, Moonlight, the studio also dabbled in the market to see how much they could make out of it. The talks were reportedly ended quickly, however.

A24 has also recently entered the television business, producing shows such as HBO Euphoria, Hulu Ramy, and Netflix John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch. One of his films currently being released, Zola, focuses on an actual viral tweet thread from 2015 about Aziah “Zola” King, a young Detroit waitress with an exotic dancing side who embarked on a wild Florida adventure with a woman she never knew that for a day, her boyfriend, and pimp.

Complex spoke to Zola director Janicza Bravo on the challenges of converting a Twitter feed to the big screen.

“I read it the day it was released, but I missed part one because I was working, so I got it at the end of the day,” Bravo explained of the first sight of the wire in real time. “I did this before the real Zola took it down. There’s something incredibly electric about being there. It feels like you’re in a theater. It’s like you’re going to go. to live show, live music, live theater.

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