After a festival, Aditya Kriplani struggles to get his film released | Web series

Filmmaker Aditya Kriplani Not todaywhich tackles the subject of suicide and mental health, has traveled to various film festivals and won awards, but the path to its release proves to be an arduous one.

He reveals that with OTT having become dependent on stars, independent filmmakers have to pay the price for a star-driven culture.

“(Securing a release for the film) is a challenge because in recent years (due to the pandemic as well) the OTT platforms have all become very star-oriented. And we don’t have enough stars in our films. So, it’s very, very difficult, and I can only hope that things will improve in the next six to nine months,” Kriplani tells us.

The film, which stars Harsh Chhaya and Rucha Inamdar, screened at festivals around the world, including the UK Asian Film Festival, the Stuttgart Indian Film Festival and the Ottawa Indian Film Festival. . And recently, the film won Best Film at the Asian Competition and Fipresci International Critics Award at the Bengaluru International Film Festival.

“Right now the streaming world is overcrowded with star-backed projects, but that will all change again once theaters start making money, and then more movies will return to theaters and start making money. money. The good old days will be back when OTT was more content-driven and less star-studded,” he says.

Opening up on the importance of going to different festivals with the film, the director says: “If your film is competing with another really big project, only then does your film start to get noticed. more because people are starting to compare themselves”.

“Going to different film festivals has definitely taught me that a film’s budget doesn’t matter. Our film is one-seventh the budget of all the other films we’ve competed with, but we ended up being recognized in such a beautiful way. That teaches you that it’s all about performance,” he concludes.

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