An MCU Icon Was Just Killed In Cold Blood, Changing Everything

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Devil’s Reign #3, available now from Marvel.

Wilson Fisk’s open war against superheroes in New York sent most of those same heroes underground. Luckily, they still managed to find ways to fight back, with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones even battling Fisk on his home turf in broad daylight. While others fear being arrested simply for showing their faces in public under these devastating circumstances, the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen have attorney extraordinaire Foggy Nelson to protect them from any undue legal trouble. Sadly, it was for this very reason that Foggy became the former Kingpin’s latest victim, and it may well be the last line Wilson Fisk will ever cross.

Mayor Fisk’s Thunderbolt units have made life harder than ever for the heroes of New York. Even if they can’t fight the ancient kingpin of crime like they have for decades, many have figured out the best way to fight back against the would-be tyrant. Specifically, thanks to the same political system that Fisk used to give himself unprecedented power over the city. Along with other super-powered vigilantes, Fisk relied on his Thunderbolts to quell their efforts, but the public and political nature of the situation took this tactic off the table. Of course, Wilson Fisk has gone decades without his own super-powered police at his disposal, and it’s clear he still doesn’t need them in the pages of reign of the devil #3 by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz and Clayton Cowles. Rather than go after the hero running against him, Fisk takes aim at the man keeping Luke Cage out of jail while he campaigns, and with it Foggy Nelson’s fate is tragically sealed.

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Franklin “Foggy” Nelson has been an indelible part of Matt Murdock’s life since the very beginning in 1964 daredevil #1 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. Having grown close to Matt when they were roommates in law school, the two eventually opened their own firms after graduating. Over the years, Foggy has become Matt’s closest confidant, one of Daredevil’s greatest assets, and an important figure on the town’s political landscape. It all also made him one of the biggest threats to Fisk’s regime, leading to his apparent death at the hands of two of Kingpin’s former thugs. The idea that Foggy was murdered in cold blood is chilling enough, but the fallout from this ruthless crime could very well end up being even worse.

There may be a glimmer of hope that Foggy survived this brutal attack, but the odds aren’t good. Then again, that won’t really matter as far as Matt Murdock is concerned. Daredevil is sure to be bloodthirsty once he finds out what happened to his best friend. Rage has always been a powerful motivator in Matt’s life, and there’s no doubt he’ll direct that rage directly at the mayor. As understandable as that reaction might be, it would also make Daredevil a clear villain in the public eye that Fisk manipulated. On top of all that, there’s the fear that if Matt fell entirely into his anger, his fellow heroes would be the ones left to subdue him.

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Putting Daredevil at odds with the rest of the town’s heroes wouldn’t just hurt his own reputation, it would be a blow to Luke Cage’s efforts to replace Wilson Fisk as mayor. Attacking Foggy wasn’t just a way to send a message or set the competition back, it was both the best and the worst decision Wilson Fisk could have made. Assuming he survives the coming storm, the ancient Kingpin may have just solved almost all of his overpowered problems with one devastating move.

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