Andromeda Puts DC’s King In High Seas Sci-Fi Horror

After his solo movie made some pretty big waves in 2018, DC built Aquaman’s corner of the DC Universe with various event books and miniseries framed around his supporting cast. For Arthur Curry’s latest title, DC is bringing the King of Atlantis to their prestigious Black Label in a miniseries that looks and sounds pretty impressive.

The three numbers Aquaman: Andromeda — of the writer Ram V (Venom, Catwoman, Swamp Thing), and artist Christian Ward (Black bolt, blood stained teeth) – will see Arthur Curry in the real world of Point Nemo. Nemo is notable for being the farthest point in the planet’s oceans, and he’ll have to venture there to rescue a group of scientists who traveled there in the titular submarine Andromeda. But the Andromeda isn’t just any normal submarine: it runs on an experimental black hole engine, and the crew just found “a spaceship graveyard.” Naturally, this piques Black Manta’s interest, and Aquaman isn’t far behind – but something threatens to stir, and it seems quite alien.

Image: Christian Ward/DC Comics

Andromeda is a “sci-fi horror human character drama,” according to Ram V, and new territory for the superhero. Much of the character’s plots and backstory over the decades has leaned into (underwater) swords and sorcery, leaving the sci-fi and horror wells particularly untapped. Both of these genres are areas in which Ram V excels, and he’s certainly thrilled to lend his expertise to Arthur Curry. Talk to RBChe explained how important it was to make sure he and Ward “presented a concept and an idea that felt really fresh and new…I wanted to see if we could drop it into a different genre and make it work.”

Going into such uncharted waters means a new outfit, and that’s where the Coral Suit comes in. On Twitter, Ward talked about the process of creating the new threads. Although he always knew he wanted the costume to incorporate coral, it was Ram describing the book’s view of Arthur as “mythical and ancient” that helped sharpen the focus. Watching movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and David Lynch Dunes for inspiration, Ward found a look he’s very proud of, and he thanked DC for letting him “go bananas” for the new look, which you can see in the cover below.

All in all, this book sounds like a real blast. V is a really good writer, Ward is a hell of an artist, and DC Black Label has had a solid book production lately. Combined with the fact that there’s sure to be some scary shit at the bottom of the ocean, and Aquaman: Andromeda sounds like a worth checking out title when it debuts on June 7th.

Image: Christian Ward/DC Comics Image: Christian Ward/DC Comics

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