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Kolkata filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri’s next film, “The Story of a Santa Claus and His Moth”, is set to premiere in the Marché section of the Cannes Film Festival on May 19. The screening schedule has already been released with updated movie titles.

According to Aneek, this film is important and close to his heart for various reasons. “He talks about the war scenario and how reindeer can end the war. The film also deals with the Third World perspective on the war. In addition, it talks about the fate of homosexuals during the war, ”explains the filmmaker.

“The Story of a Santa Claus and his Moth” is the story of a bisexual widower and his sick daughter who asks for almond cake at Christmas. Father ‘Pedro’ played by Bollywood actor Pawan Chopra, was once a fancy character at popular parties and now has no choice but to stay home and take care of his daughter played by Usha Banerjee. The film also comments on Rudolph’s reindeer personification (associated with Christmas) and his journey into a world that is peaceful and sufficient for introspection.

Sharing his thoughts on the Cannes Market screening, Aneek adds, “Of course we are waiting for good news and Organic Cinema.Inc is representing us at the Festival and finally, I think we have the chance to collaborate with a team with an equivalent. In addition, Cannes is a place that allows useful networking between stakeholders; this year we expect the same and look forward to an international partner.”

The experimental film has already been reviewed by critics in India and abroad, and a few rave reviews have already graced it.

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