Beginning of the filming of “My haunted story”

GRANITE CITY — Filming has begun on a new docuseries, ‘My Haunted History,’ which begins in the Metro East.

Granite City resident Colton Crawford, 32, began filming the show last week at Granite City Hall, followed by the Granite City Public Library, gathering more information about Granite’s history City from its founding to the present day for the first episode of the reality show. with a paranormal touch. The streaming debut date for “My Haunted History” will be announced later this year. Next month, Crawford and his team will shoot in Alton.

Crawford enlisted the help of cinematographer Shawn DaWain Holt, of Granite City, who was involved in the film “Steel City GC”, shot in Granite City. Crawford’s ingenuity led them to find Holt.

“I did some research online with different news and media sites and he was in an article on ‘Steel City GC’,” Crawford, 32, recalled.

“There are a few different storylines for Granite City, involving not only its history, but also the haunting history that each episode will consist of,” Crawford explained. “We have uncovered more information about the city’s past which is humbling as it gives an idea of ​​how the city came to be and how it has become more secure over time which is essential to the education of this city.”

The documentary series will travel to different cities, getting a sense of the region and the history of the places, as well as the people, businesses and those with whom they are affiliated.

“That’s what makes reality TV and the lifestyle more realistic,” Crawford said, “and from my experiences, also the various business owners and who help this town, knowing what’s going on there. grew in. It was really fun filming at City Hall, which has a lot of features that we can use.

Crawford and Holt have several friends in common.

“I not only enjoy making new friends in the same industry, but also working with local people,” Crawford said.

Holt brought in Nathan Storm for the projects as a second assistant director. The executive producer is Bryan Kerr.

Crawford’s “My Haunted History” will explore the haunted histories of Granite City, Alton, and St. Louis, as well as cities across America, while exploring the small businesses and people that make up the region in a format of interview.

“I bring out areas that aren’t so well known,” Crawford explained. “Anyone who lives in small town America grows up to hear haunted stories about their town, or wherever we are and wherever we go.”

“We’ll do a few days here and there,” they said. “Once shot and finished, I hope it will be distributed a few months later on video on demand.”

Crawford has been acting for about seven years in independent films, with a few opportunities on television and on Netflix.

Visit the “My Haunted History” IMDb page for more information.

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