BRADMAN: The Movie hosts Chicago premiere ahead of December streaming release

“Ruth Diaz, Jenny Wardach, Delilah Hefner, Jim Schiefelbein and Bradley Laborman at the Chicago premiere” Photo by Chris D. McFarland

Bradley Laborman and Jenny Wardach at BRADMAN: The Movie Premiere – photo credit Ruth Diaz

Ruth Diaz and Jenny Wardach at the premiere of BRADMAN: The Movie photo by Chris D. McFarland

Chicago’s Rogers Park 400 Theater hosted the recent “Blue Carpet” premiere screening of BRADMAN: The Movie on Monday, November 7, 2022.

CHICAGO, Illinois, USA, Nov. 16, 2022 / — The historic 400 Theater at Rogers Park in Chicago, Illinois hosted the recent ‘Blue Carpet’ premiere screening of BRADMAN: The Movie. Several cast and crew members as well as Chicago notables came out to enjoy a night of fun and entertainment and had a chance to see an early screening of the film itself.

Among those present were:

Bradley Laborman, writer and lead actor of the film who plays the lead character Bradley/Bradman. Jenny Wardach, the film’s lead actress who plays Jeannie O’Brien. Ruth Diaz, the actress who plays one of the film’s two main villains, Disco Infuerno. Jeremy Applebaum, who was the cinematographer for the film and is also a producer on the project. Abby Specht, a local Chicago musician and composer of the song “Hero” from BRADMAN: The Movie Soundtrack was present along with Caitie Ramirez who sang on the song.

Also in attendance was Mike Leibrandt, who wrote and performed the song “Drive” from the soundtrack. Al Vittuci, Adam Huffman, Alen Rios, Angelica Trygar, Chantelly Johnson, Cynthia Ruberry, David Wolfgang von Ehrlicher, Delilah Hefner, Jamie Pritzker, Jarrell Johnson, Jeanne Scurek, Jeff Lasky, Jim Schiefelbein, Michelle Hefner were also present. , Riley Moloney, Shannon Shae Marie, Thomas Lozanovski and TJ McDonald.

Various members from Chicago and surrounding communities were also present for the event. Angelica Trygar, who plays the alien “Kyla,” said, “It was such an honor to be part of this project. Kyla was a pleasure to bring to life on screen. I couldn’t ask for a better stage partner than Dennis Hurley.

Dennis Hurley, who played ‘Professor Victor Nordic’ was unable to attend the event due to previous filming commitments, but said in a post: ‘An absolute joy to play Professor Nordic in the feature film. of goofy comedy, Bradman! Always a pleasure to work with Bradley Laborman”

The evening was sponsored by, a gaming, charity and crypto community and drinks were provided by Monaco.

After the film, several actors were enthusiastic about the film and were already wondering about a possible sequel.
“Such a funny and brilliant film! I laughed a lot ! I really hope Bradman gets a sequel! said Delilah Hefner, a rising young actress who has a central role in the film.

Chicago-based actor TJ McDonald said, “BRADMAN: The Movie was my first role in a fictional film. I had no idea how things would work out, but it was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

Jenny Wardach gushed about her filming experience: “The cast and crew definitely made the experience a comedy. I wouldn’t change anything.

When we caught up with Bradley Laborman, who was enjoying all the buzz from the premiere, he told us “I made this movie to pay homage to the first movie I ever wrote and created in college, the movie original was a stepping stone that provided me with over 20 years of experience in film, television and live theater. This film is the reason I am today and this reboot, this cast and this crew, provided the perfect chemistry to bring him back to the screen.

We also had the opportunity to contact Barry Keith Coe Jr., who served as one of the film’s producers but was unable to attend the Chicago premiere. “I wish I could have been there, being involved in independent film projects like BRADMAN is important to me as a comedian and an artist. Projects like these give a voice that we don’t always hear. However, I was visiting my little sister in Atlanta to support her by bringing a new edition to our family. I’m an uncle now and my nephew is a ball of light!

BRADMAN: The film has a few more possible screenings scheduled in Los Angeles and New York, as well as again in Chicago in December before hitting streaming platforms around December 15, 2022.
A plot summary of the film is:

Bradley is a middle-aged man who gave up a normal 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job to try his hand at acting. Now, he works as a rideshare driver while performing nights at the Chuck Hole Comedy Club in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood.

His love interest is Jeannie, a comedy club bartender who is studying for her master’s degree at a local university. After some back and forth, they finally agree to go on a date one night after Jeannie leaves work. The powers that be have other plans for Bradley, however.

Through a series of events, Bradley consumes an alien elixir that grants him superpowers. Now Bradley finds himself as superhero “Bradman” protecting the town he calls home and the woman he loves from two evil supervillains bent on destroying the world.

You can learn more about the film by visiting the website or by checking out the film’s IMDb page.

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