Captain Marvel writers rewrote scenes the day before they were filmed

A new book reveals that Captain Marvel underwent rewrites throughout production, with scenes often being worked on the day before they were filmed.

The new book, The History of Marvel Studios: The Creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has brought to light a number of compelling behind-the-scenes stories about Marvel Studios’ many blockbuster films, and one of those behind-the-scenes secrets involves how Captain Marvel was written. Ultimately, the film was constantly rewritten throughout production, with scenes sometimes being shot the day after they were rewritten.

The directors of the film, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who also co-wrote the film, had come to Marvel from the independent film world and the rewrites were a sign of the different approaches to making a great studio film. “So the script is constantly changing because the movie is constantly changing and growing, throughout development, throughout production and throughout release. And there’s a real desire to be responsive to that. the movie becomes anytime, Boden said in the book.

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This act of being “responsive” was a big change for Boden, who had previously planned his films in great detail. But she explained that this new need to be flexible was actually only possible because of her planning, as she noted, “I’m a great planner. I love knowing what I’m doing, having lots of private time to meditate on it, to really think about it and to find the best way to do it. perform And then come to the set the same day with a plan that I understand so well that when something happens and changes I can be very flexible in the moment – because of all the preparation I have done at the ahead. is my style. “

This flexibility led to the film’s constant rewriting, and the book even notes that this included them “very often rewriting the day before (they) were shooting a scene.” However, Boden pointed out that all rewrites “always make that scene better.”

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Fleck also gave his take on the approach, explaining in the book: “This is always the reason why Anna and I make a great team, because she is such a die-hard planner and I’m a little more flexible and adaptable by day. So we were able to navigate the Marvel process. I think we were made for that. “

The end result was a movie that grossed over $ 1 billion at the box office, so it looks like Boden and Fleck were successful in this new way of making movies for them.

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Source: Le Direct, Going through The History of Marvel Studios: The Creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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