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Manalapan Police The ministry has reported the following incidents that have recently occurred in the community:

On November 2, between 12:45 a.m. and 12:58 a.m., unidentified persons allegedly attempted to gain access to five vehicles in the Pheasant Way area of ​​a residential development near Kinney Road. One vehicle was seized, but no items were reported stolen. Four other vehicles were locked and not entered. Officer Jeannie Letts took the report.

At 1:08 a.m. on November 2, a Manalapan resident reported that an unknown person entered an unlocked vehicle that was parked in the driveway of a Dana Court home in a residential development near Gravel Hill Road. No items were reported missing from the vehicle. Patrolman Dennis O’Brien took the report.

On November 3 at 7:58 p.m., a Manalapan resident reported that a stranger was posing as an Amazon employee online and defrauded the victim of approximately $34,000 worth of
multiple bank accounts. Patroller Douglas Zike handled the report.

At 6:19 a.m. on November 5, a Manalapan resident reported that three men traveling in the dark
colored sedan removed the catalytic converter from a vehicle that was parked on Winged Foot Drive. The men wore gray sweatshirts, face masks and white gloves. The estimated cost of damage and value of stolen property is approximately $1,000. Patrolman Christopher Capuzzo handled the report.

On November 5 at 3:39 p.m., employees of PC Richard, 55 Route 9, reported that a customer was attempting to commit fraud. A 42-year-old man from Manchester was later arrested for possession of fraudulent government documents and identity theft. It was discovered that the man had a warrant issued for his arrest in Pennsylvania. He was transported to police headquarters, processed and transported to Monmouth County Jail in Freehold Township. Patrolman Everett McNulty was the arresting officer.

At 4 a.m. on November 6, unidentified individuals broke into the RX Express Pharmacy, 365 Route 9, and removed various items from the store. The value of the stolen items was not immediately known. Patroller Matthew Mattia took the report.

On November 6 at 1:20 p.m., a Brooklyn, NY resident reported that on November 5 at 2:50 p.m., an unknown person broke the window of a vehicle that was parked at the Englishtown Auction Sales, Wilson Avenue, and removed jewelry and cash worth approximately $65,000. Patroller Joseph DeFilippis took the report.

At 4 p.m. Nov. 8, a Colts Neck resident reported that between 7 p.m. Nov. 7 and 7 a.m. Nov. 8, an unknown person removed catalytic converters from vehicles that were parked at a business on Woodward Road. The stolen items are valued at approximately $6,600. Patrolman Cristopher Schou took the report.

Two students from the Freehold Township High School’s Animal and Botanical Science magnet program Georgia Silver and Jaden Bulkley have been selected as New Jersey delegates for the World Food Prize Foundation’s Global Youth Institute (GYI), according to a news article. on the Freehold Regional High School District website.

The event took place virtually from October 16-21. More than 240 high school students and their teachers from 10 countries were selected to attend the GYI, which was held in conjunction with the Norman E. Borlaug International Symposium.

To be considered for participation, students identify a country of interest and research a topic affecting the global food system, then propose an evidence-based solution to improve the lives of families in that country.

Students are selected to attend the conference by presenting their solutions at a regional youth institute or through a general selection process. During the symposium, high school students had the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of World Food Prize winners and internationally renowned leaders in the fields of nutrition, agriculture, technology and international development.

Students presented their original research papers and participated in discussions with leading experts in agricultural industries, technological innovation and international politics. For the first time in GYI’s history, student delegates have been allowed to share insights from their research in a collaborative report to be submitted to advisors at the UN Food Systems Summit, according to the GYI website. the FRHSD.

The New Jersey School The Public Relations Association (NJSPRA) has named Freehold Regional High School District the winner in three categories of the 2022 School Communications Award competition.

The Freehold Regional High School District received first place in the photography category, first place in the social media category and second place in the special interest posting category, according to a news article on the district’s website. .

The winning works were all created by Rebecca Policastro, District Communications and Projects Coordinator for the district.

The NJSPRA School Communication Awards were created to recognize New Jersey school communication professionals and the products they develop that go beyond delivering important messages to their various stakeholders.

The 2022 competition was the most competitive on record with 87 submissions from 40 school districts.

Submissions for the 2022 School Communication Awards were judged by a panel of 14 judges from nine states, including Rowan University professors and other industry experts across the country, according to the FRHSD website.

Center players will present several special events at the Center Playhouse, 35 South St., Freehold Borough, in December.

Center Players Cinema: Short Films Showcase and Filmmaker Q&A will premiere at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Dec. 3, according to a press release.

This special event will include a screening of 15 award-winning local film shorts
filmmakers Anthony Marinelli, Keith Armonaitis, Jeff Musillo, Michael Tota and Dave
McGrath, most of whom also did productions for Center Players.

A question-and-answer session will follow the screenings. All seats are $10 plus general admission. Tickets are available at or by calling 732-462-9093.

“It’s A Wonderful Life,” a live radio play, premieres at 2 p.m. on December 10.

The Classic Radio Road Show Company will present this staged radio play based on
the beloved film directed by Frank Capra. The show will be decorated with costumes,
sound effects, music and specially trained voice actors.

The special event will include a “It’s a Wonderful Life” quiz after the performance. All tickets are $20 and are available by calling 732-513-8234.

A Photographic History of the American Thanksgiving Day Parade Fri, 18 Nov 2022 09:50:27 +0000

Tom Turkey (pictured above) is the most famous float in the parade and always opens the event, sponsored by the Macy’s department store. Here is a brief history of the parade in pictures:

Live or pretend?

(© Bettmann/Getty Images)

The first parade was held in 1924, and in the early years it featured live animals from the Central Park Zoo. In 1927, civil servants replaced large animal shaped helium balloonsa change that must have made things a little easier.

Today the parade attracts 3.5 million people along the 4 kilometer route and millions more who watch the spectacle unfold on screens. A menagerie of floats, helium balloons, clowns, marching bands, entertainers and celebrities roll, float or descend the city streets.

Above, trainers guide Andy the alligator along the New York City Parade route in 1933.

Call for children

Left photo: People riding an allegorical float.  Right photo: Manipulators surround the Mickey Mouse balloon (both photos courtesy of Macy's)
(Both photos courtesy of Macy’s)

Early years parade floats mirrored Macy’s Christmas window displays containing popular nursery rhymes, such as Little Miss Muffet, shown at left. In 1934, Walt Disney and Tony Sarg, a German-American puppeteer and creative director of the parade, helped Mickey Mouse debut as one of the inflatable balloons in the parade. Twenty-five trainers – dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, of course – escorted the 12-meter ball during the parade.

Part clerk, part clown

Person dressed as a clown waving to children along the parade (© George Torrie/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images)
(© George Torrie/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images)

Store officials originally decided to hold the parade to attract shoppers to Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street. Macy’s employees, many of whom were first-generation European immigrants, suggested it, recalling the festivals they knew and loved in Europe. In the first parade in 1924, store workers participated as clowns, cowboys, knights, and other characters.

Clowns, like this one from the 1949 parade, have always engaged with the audience, adding to the excitement of onlookers.

65 years of kicking

Dancers kicking in unison (© MIchael Stewart/Getty Images)
(© Michael Stewart/Getty Images)

Members of the all-female precision dance company The Radio City Rockettes have performed in the parade since 1957. Over the years, New York-based dancers have also kicked their heels for soldiers overseas in times of war and presidential inaugurations. Here they perform a dance routine during the 2014 parade.

Rows and rows of virtuosos

Members of a marching band during a parade (© Andres Kudacki/AP Images)
(© Andrés Kudacki/AP Images)

Marching bands from high schools and universities from across the United States perform in the parade. Each year, the Macy’s Band Selection Committee decides which bands can perform. The entry package includes video footage of the band in action at a halftime show or competitive event. This year, the parade will feature 12 high school and college marching bands.

Here, the West Virginia University Marching Band marches down Sixth Avenue in the 2016 parade.

Technique Mixte

Character balloons float above the parade (© Seth Wenig/AP Images)
(© Seth Wenig/AP Images)

Giant floats and balloons – including Grogu, popularly known as Baby Yoda, a character from The Mandalorian television series and Peanuts Snoopy from the comics, the oldest giant character balloon in the parade – head to Central Park West in 2021.

Star Observations

Musician Jon Batiste on a float during a parade (© Jeenah Moon/AP Images)
(© Jeenah Moon/AP Images)

The parade was held annually on Thanksgiving Day, except for three years during World War II, when the U.S. military needed helium (used in large balloons floating above the parade) and rubber (used in the tires of parade vehicles) for the war effort. . In 2020, the parade took place but, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, without spectators along the route.

The parade regularly features famous performers, from 96-year-old singer Tony Bennett to 26-year-old actress/singer Zendaya. Above, in 2021, as parade participants were once again able to interact with viewers along the route, Jon Batiste, Grammy and Oscar-winning musician waves from a float that honors the state of Louisiana.

Festive finish

Santa Claus waves from the top of the float (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP Images)
(© Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP Images)

Since the 1860s, Macy’s has hired Santa Claus actors to welcome children to its flagship store. And Macy’s even figures prominently in Miracle on 34th Streetthe 1947 film about a girl who finds the real Santa Claus – known as Kris Kringle – working in the store.

In the early years, the parade was called the Macy’s Christmas Parade. And although there has been a greater emphasis on Thanksgiving Day in recent years, tradition still holds that Santa Claus closes the parade to usher in the holiday season. Many children know that you have to watch the whole parade to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus, and the New York crowd gives Santa Claus a hearty applause.

102 Boards Jordanian Music Doc ‘Independent Scene’ Tue, 15 Nov 2022 08:56:00 +0000

italy 102 Distribution (“A School in Cerro Hueso”) boarded Egyptian filmmaker Shaimaa Elgawady’s feature-length documentary debut “Independent Scene.” He joins the film’s first producer and cinematographer, Amr Nazeer, as a producing partner and will handle the project’s worldwide distribution.

The pickup comes as 102 Distribution prepares to premiere Carlos Kaiser Eichelmann’s redemption drama “Red Shoes” in main competition in Marrakech after a successful run in Venice’s Horizons Extra strand.

Billed as an in-depth look at Jordan’s indie music scene, the story follows “four talented artists who helped create a unique sound that began to quietly simmer before eventually taking over the wider musical world, leaving a lasting mark”, says the synopsis, dissecting each musician’s personal journey as they struggle to find a balance between living their dreams and juggling the mounting pressures of a modern world.

“We try to look beyond the seriousness of internal conflicts,” Elgawady said in a statement. “In a way, the arc of our story is the composite of their own collective formation and reformation. from the real value of his art to mastering the unshakeable demands of everyday life.

Pioneering musicians Muhammad Abdullah, Tarek Abu Kwaik, Mahmoud Radaideh and Aziz Maraka share a deep love for their craft. Yet their passions are stifled by various obstacles. The film finds that indie music requires tremendous effort for diminishing rewards. A rough version of the scene, the documentary strikes a familiar chord, with economic and geographic barriers preventing talent from taking their music further overseas.

“This particular cast of musicians and filmmakers, who have collaborated on screen and behind the scenes to meaningfully fill this empty canvas, inspect the gravity of the forces we are subjected to, at least in retrospect,” Elgawady explained.

The film Anyadin in competition at the French festival Sat, 12 Nov 2022 05:05:00 +0000

The Harrell Prize-winning film ‘Anyadin’ (The Day After…), directed by Kamar Ahmad Simon, was invited to the Festival des 3 Continents as part of France’s international feature film competition, which takes place will take place in Nantes, France, from November 18-27.

The festival featuring critically acclaimed films of the year from Africa, Latin America and Asia has been held every November in France since 1979.

The festival chooses fiction and non-fiction feature films from three continents that tell the story of a world without Western hegemony. Only ten films were chosen for this year’s event.

Besides Kamar’s “Anyadin” from Bangladesh, the competition includes films from Iran, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Japan.

After receiving a nomination for the international competition IDFA, one of the ten best film festivals in the world according to London Film Week, Anyadin had its world premiere in one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, the Pathe Tuschinski in Amsterdam .

‘Anyadin…’ was also invited to the International Competition section of RIDM (Montreal International Documentary Meetings), one of the top non-fiction film festivals in North America.

Anyadin is a hybrid film that incorporates reality. “In Bangladesh, the idea of ​​hybrid film is relatively new. It is a complex artistic expression rather than just a technical challenge. ‘Anyadin’ was jointly produced by Bangladesh, France and Norway,” said Simon .

‘Anyadin’ is the second part of Kamar Ahmad Simon’s first ‘Water Trilogy’. Following the success of this project in Locarno, where he received the Open Doors Prize and the Arte International Prize, he became the first Bangladeshi filmmaker to be presented as director of the red carpet on the Piazza Grande.

‘Shunte Ki Pao!’, the first installment of the water trilogy, received a lot of attention after winning the Grand Prix du Cinéma du Réel at the Center Pompidou in Paris and the Conque d’or at the International Film Festival of Mumbai (MIFF).

The Cairo International Film Festival revs its engines Wed, 09 Nov 2022 12:59:48 +0000

– The presence of European films will once again be particularly strong during the 44th edition of the Egyptian A-list meeting, which will start on November 13

The astronaut by Nicolas Giraud

The only premier film event in Africa and the MENA region, the Cairo International Film Festival will take place from November 13 to 22 and will present 97 films from 52 countries, 29 of which will be world or international premieres. While the Honorary Golden Pyramids for Lifetime Achievement will be awarded to the Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr and Egyptian actress Leblebaknown for her work in the 1970s (which also partly influenced the films featured in the Cairo Classics retrospective section), and the Faten Hamama Excellence Award will be given to the Egyptian filmmaker Kamla Abou Zekrythe seven-member jury chaired by the Japanese director Naomi Kawase will have to decide which of the new titles and contemporary filmmakers will win their gold, silver and bronze pyramids, as well as other awards.

(The article continues below – Commercial information)

This year’s international competition features a total of 14 film titles, five of which will have their world premieres. The European presence in the large competitive category is once again strong: nine of the films in competition are European productions or co-productions, and two of them will have their world premiere in Cairo. These world-first European titles are Nicolas Giraudit is The astronaut (France) and Eleonora Veninovait is things left unsaid (North Macedonia/Serbia), while three others come from other regions, such as Ahmad Abdallahit is 19B (Egypt), I don’t want to be dust (Mexico/Argentina) by Ivan Lowenbergand Ridha Behiit is The Island of Forgiveness (Tunisia/Lebanon/USA). Other European majority productions include Damien Kocurit is bread and salt [+see also:
film review
interview: Damian Kocur
film profile
(Poland), Maksym Nakonechnyiit is Butterfly Vision [+see also:
film review
interview: Maksym Nakonechnyi
film profile
(Ukraine/Czech Republic/Croatia/Sweden), Pierre Foldes‘ animated feature film Blind willow, sleeping woman [+see also:
film review
film profile
(France/Canada/Netherlands/Luxembourg), Ali DearrIit is The dam [+see also:
film review
interview: Ali Cherri
film profile
(France/Lebanon/Sudan/Qatar/Germany/Serbia), Firas Khouryit is alam [+see also:
film review
film profile
(France/Palestine/Tunisia/Saudi Arabia/Qatar) and Emmanuelle Nicotit is Love according to Dalva [+see also:
film review
interview: Emmanuelle Nicot
interview: Emmanuelle Nicot, Julie Esp…
film profile
(Belgium/France). There is also a minority co-production, Something you said last night [+see also:
film review
interview: Luis De Filippis
film profile
(Canada/Switzerland) by Luis DeFilippis.

European productions and co-productions will also be represented in two other parallel sections of the competition. Franco-Lebanese co-production Mother Valley will have its world premiere as part of the Horizons of Arab Cinema competition, while Mounia MeDaustereThe Franco-Belgian copro of Houria [+see also:
film review
film profile
will have its first MENA in the same section. In the Critics’ Week competition, European-backed titles will dominate the list. The Oasis of Frozen Waters (Morocco/France) by Mohamed Raouf Sebbahi will celebrate its world premiere, christian suhrthe documentary light on light (Egypt/Denmark) will have its international film, while the list of European films is completed by Valentina Maurelit is Tengo sueños eléctricos [+see also:
film review
interview: Valentina Maurel
film profile
, Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchukit is Pamfir [+see also:
film review
interview: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk
film profile
and Michal Blaskoit is Victim [+see also:
film review
interview: Michal Blaško
film profile

The Main Selection – Out of Competition will also feature some well-known European titles from the festival circuit, such as carla simonit is Alcarras [+see also:
film review
interview: Carla Simón
interview: Giovanni Pompili
film profile
, Lucas Dhontit is close [+see also:
film review
interview: Lukas Dhont
film profile
, Maryna Er Gorbachit is Klondike [+see also:
film review
interview: Maryna Er Gorbach
film profile
, Jerzy Skolimowskiit is eo [+see also:
film review
film profile
, mario martoneit is Nostalgia [+see also:
film review
interview: Mario Martone
film profile
, Florian Zellerit is The son [+see also:
film review
film profile
and Christian Mungiuit is NMR [+see also:
film review
interview: Cristian Mungiu
film profile
. The same goes for the Special Sessions program, the non-competitive International Panorama and the gender-focused Midnight Sessions.

As for the industry aspect of the festival, the fifth edition of the Cairo Industry Days will take place from November 17 to 22, with a selection of master classes (given by, among others, the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award Béla Tarr and the president of the jury Naomi Kawase), workshops (again, Béla Tarr and the director american photography Irvin Liu, to name a few), and a number of panels and discussions with two other honorary award winners, Kamla Abu Zekry and Lebleba. In addition, 15 film projects in various stages, from development to post-production, from ten countries in the Middle East-North Africa region will be pitched at the ninth Cairo Film Connection.

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The Pan American Cyclo-Cross Championships begin tomorrow in Massachusetts Fri, 04 Nov 2022 01:40:33 +0000 Don’t miss a moment of Paris-Roubaix and Unbound Gravel, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España, and everything in between when you >”,”name”:”in-content-cta”, “type “:”link”}}”>join Outside+. Despite being canceled by its original race venue in Costa Rica just a few weeks ago, the …]]>

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Don’t miss a moment of Paris-Roubaix and Unbound Gravel, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España, and everything in between when you >”,”name”:”in-content-cta”, “type “:”link”}}”>join Outside+.

Despite being canceled by its original race venue in Costa Rica just a few weeks ago, the 2022 Pan American Cyclo-Cross Championships will take place as scheduled tomorrow, November 4, opening the Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross weekend in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The continental championships will offer titles not only for elite men and women, but also for the junior, U23 and Masters categories 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60- 64 and 65+. also be competing for their chance at glory. The competition, to be held at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds, will run concurrently with the final leg of the US Cyclocross Series (USCX), a four-race series held in the Northeast.

Read also : Scott McGill signs with Human Powered Health

“We are thrilled to announce that the Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross is the host organization for our 2022 Pan American Cyclo-Cross Championships,” said Josh Peacock, Interim Chair of the Pan American Cycling Confederation Cross Commission.

On the men’s side, defending champion Eric Brunner (Blue Competition Cycles p/b Build) will battle 27 entered riders to score a double against Lance Haidet (L39ION of Los Angeles), winner of the 2018 Pan-Ams Curtis White (Steve Tilford Foundation Racing), Brannan Fix (Fix Racing) and the Canadian multi-champion, Michael van den Ham.

The women’s elite competition will also see American runner and defending champion Raylyn Nuss return to attempt a second Pan American title. It won’t be an easy task, however, as Maghalie Rochette, two-time Pan American cyclocross champion and three-time Canadian cyclocross champion, is back from illness to challenge for the top step.

The 3.5 km course for the championships features a variety of terrain: asphalt, grass, sandbox and wooded areas with bumpy roots. Not only that, there is a short set of steps and a set of three logs/mini-steps and many corners. The course will likely be fast and dry throughout the day as the forecast calls for partly sunny skies and very mild temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C).

The elite women’s event will begin at 1:15 p.m. EST, with the elite men following at 2:30 p.m.

The 27th European Film Festival in Lebanon will take place in Beirut and 9 other locations Tue, 01 Nov 2022 14:22:36 +0000

Organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, in partnership with Metropolis Cinema Association and in cooperation with the Member States of the European Union, the European Film Festival will be held from November 4 to 16 in Beirut.

The European Film Festival will open on Friday 4 November with the French film Anette by Leos Carax, with Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. Anette kicked off the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, where it won Best Director and Best Soundtrack. He then won multiple awards, including five French Césars in 2022, including Best Director, Best Original Music and Best Editing.

The opening night of the European Film Festival will be organized by ESA Business School and is by invitation only.

This 27th edition of the European Film Festival will take place in various venues in Beirut, including Cinema Montaigne, the Lebanese University – Faculty of Fine Arts and Galaxy Grand Cinemas. In order to promote and present European culture to the widest possible audience, the Festival is scheduled to recur in Jounieh (November 7-9), Saida (November 10-12), Tripoli (November 10-12), Kobayat (November 11 – November 12), Byblos (November 11-12), Hermel (November 11), Zahlé (November 14), Deir El Qamar (November 18) and Ayta Al Fokhar (November 18-20).

The program includes a wide variety of screenings and events:

  • 24 recent feature films from Europe, allowing the public to discover award-winning films, which have been screened at major international film festivals, as well as first or second productions from promising emerging directions;
  • 2 recent feature films broadcast exclusively in the regions;
  • 1 Cine-concert with live music played in 3 cities;
  • 1 classic feature film The conformist (directed by Bernardo Bertolucci) in tribute to the French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant;
  • 1 classic feature film The Splint (directed by Michelangelo Antonioni) in tribute to the Italian actress Monica Vitti;
  • 1 classic feature film Beauty and the Giants / Hasnaa’ wa Amalika (directed by Samir El Ghoussayni) in tribute to Lebanese actor and producer Chawki Matta;
  • 1 recent feature film See you Friday, Robinson (directed by Mitra Farahani) in tribute to Jean-Luc Godard to close the Festival;
  • 6 short films from the European Film Academy Short Film Tour, including the winner of the European Short Film Award 2021;
  • 12 short films produced by young emerging Lebanese filmmakers and competing to win prizes offered by Member States;
  • 10 animated shorts from Lebanon and Denmark in the special program “YAP x ANIMOK – Beirut Meets Viborg”;
  • 1 Cinematographic expression workshop: “Taabir”.

Among the feature films, the European Film Festival offers four films aimed at young audiences. The Festival will invite children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to these screenings.

At Lotte Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Ahmed, released in 1926, is considered the oldest animated feature film in cinema history. The Ciné-concert will be one of this year’s special events organized by the Festival, in collaboration with Metropolis Cinema and Irtijal. It will be presented in Beirut, and in the cities of Saida and Tripoli. The original music is composed and will be performed live by Lebanese musicians and electronic artists, including Anthony Sahyoun, Jad Atoui, Pascal Semerdjian and Fadi Tabbal.

True to its mission of supporting young Lebanese talent, the Festival will award three prizes to films participating in the Short Film Competition. The Festival will offer the winners the opportunity to attend a leading international film festival in Europe in 2023, thanks to the Goethe Institut Lebanon, the French Institute in Lebanon and the Polish Embassy in Lebanon.

Six participants aged 16 to 18 will also take part in the “Taabir” Cinematic Expression Workshop from November 4 to 6, to make short video diaries. Filmed in the immediate vicinity of the workshop and at home, the exercises will be led by filmmaker Corine Shawi and university professor Yara Nashawaty, who will encourage participants to identify and develop their own cinematic language.

The poster for this edition was designed by Lebanese illustrator and cartoonist Marilyn Mokbel, following a contest launched online. The artist pays a modest tribute to iconic Franco-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, through the use of the eye of his muse, Danish actress Anna Karina of the classic film Alphaville. The typography subtly references the credits of another classic Godard film, Pierrot le fou.

The Festival is delighted to present during its Closing Evening See you Friday, Robinson; a film by Mitra Farahani, bringing together two legends of the same generation, French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and Iranian filmmaker and writer Ebrahim Golestan. The film premiered at the prestigious 2022 Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Special Jury Prize in the Encounters section, and is co-produced by acclaimed Lebanese producer Georges Schoucair.

The European Film Festival is organized with the contribution of LBCI.

All festival screenings are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. To book tickets, go to

Block party with Spin Doctors, Grateful Dead Meet Up this week Tue, 25 Oct 2022 23:45:35 +0000

The Spin Doctors perform at a block party ahead of Reading Royals hockey team’s opening home game at Santander Arena, Reading on Saturday. The block party begins at 4 p.m. along Penn Street. The Spin Doctors are an alternative rock band best known for the early 1990s hits “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”, which topped the Billboard Top 100 list at #7. and #7. 17, respectively. The concert is free. The hockey game will follow at 7 p.m. For more information, see

Bob Weir, foreground, and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead perform in Copenhagen in 1972.

The Grateful Dead Meet Up, a fan event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking Grateful Dead concert at the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 17, 1972, will take place on Tuesday and Saturday, November 5. , in some cinemas. This event was the first major live Dead concert broadcast anywhere, and a first in Danish television history. Now fully restored and color-corrected in high definition with audio mixing from the 16-track analog master tapes, Tivoli 4/17/72 presents nearly 90 minutes of the Grateful at the height of their performing career. Numerous highlights include versions of “China Cat Sunflower”, “I Know You Rider”, “Big Railroad Blues”, “Truckin”, “He’s Gone”, “Ramble on Rose”, “Jack Straw”, “One More Saturday “Night” and “It Hurts Me Too”. For show times, participating theaters and tickets, see

The Theater Organ Society of Delaware is celebrating the 100th anniversary of FW Murnau’s haunting film “Nosferatu” with a Sunday screening at 2 p.m. at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, complete with live organ accompaniment. Organist Brett Miller will perform musical pieces based on Hans Erdmann’s original 1922 score, which has since been lost; however, portions of it can be found in old German music books from the 1920s. After the film, Miller, a finalist in the American Theater Organ Society’s Young Organist Competition who has been performing for 10 years and specializes in the art of silent film accompaniment, will stay for a question and answer session. For tickets and more information, visit

SoulJoel’s Comedy Club at Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, presents the Jessimae Peluso and Carly Aquilino Gyrl Tour for two nights Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. The comedians are best friends who appeared on MTV’s hit show “Girl Code.” Since then, they’ve been seen and heard on Comedy Central, Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network, and numerous hit podcasts. Together they host the “GYRL” podcast. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $30 for VIP at

The Ardmore Music Hall presents two funk nights featuring Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe on Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m. Fresh off the road as a Rolling Stones saxophonist, Denson, aka “Diesel”, is back on the road to celebrate his 65th birthday. In addition to touring with the Stones, Denson is a Lenny Kravitz alum and co-founder of founding boogaloo revivalists The Greyboy Allstars. Saturday’s special guest will be Stones singer Bernard Fowler, and GA20 will open. Sunday’s special guest is famed pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph, and John “Papa” Gros will open. Tickets are $29 per night or $55 for a two-night pass at

The Miller Center for the Arts at Reading Area Community College presents Capitol Comedy Friday at 7:30 p.m. Washington-based writer-director-producer Nicholas Zill has assembled this cast of sketch performers, singers and impressionists for fill a void of political comedy created by the retirement of the group Capitol Steps. In this new show, Capitol Comedy sends the first 18 months of the Biden administration and more with comedy skits, song parodies, fake ads and fake news. Figures from all political stripes – left, right and center – are ripe for comedic dissection. Tickets are $30 at

The Santander Performing Arts Centre, Reading presents Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and Beatles tribute band The Fab Four on Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Caputo, known as the Long Island Medium, has been practicing for over 20 years as a reality television host, author and podcast host. “The Experience” brings her face to face with her fans, as she lets the spirits guide her through the audience. “Experience is not about believing in psychics. It’s about witnessing something life-changing,” she said. “It’s like Long Island Medium live, witnessing spiritual communication first hand.” The Fab Four are a California-based tribute band founded in 1997 and fronted by John Lennon impersonator Ron McNeil. For tickets and more information, visit

MercyMe perform Friday night at Santander Arena, Reading.
MercyMe perform Friday night at Santander Arena, Reading.

Christian pop band MercyMe bring their tour to Santander Arena, Reading on Friday at 7pm, with support from Rend Collective and Andrew Ripp. MercyMe performs a mix of rock and worship music, with hits like “I Can Only Imagine” and “Even If.” The six-time Dove Award-winning band are on tour in support of their 11th studio album, ‘Always Only Jesus’, released last Friday and featuring lead single ‘Then Christ Came’, which is climbing the Christian Airplay charts. Billboard. “The message of this song is simple in that it’s about who I was before, then Jesus appeared, and now everything has changed,” frontman Bart Millard said. Tickets start at $25 at

The eighth Reading FilmFest, featuring more than 70 films from independent filmmakers around the world, including student films, shorts, documentaries and feature films, will be held Thursday through Sunday at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts. and at R/C Reading Movies 11 downtown. While reading. Highlights include LUNAFEST (a traveling festival featuring films by and about women supported by Reading AAUW), a presentation of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with a live shadow cast and the return of the Pulitzer Prize winner and Tony Lynn Nottage nominee and Emmy winner Tony Gerber at the RACC’s Miller Center with a screening of the documentary ‘This Is Reading’ and a discussion of the impact of the arts on community development. For the full schedule and ticket options, visit

The 72nd Annual Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsmen Fine Arts and Crafts Festival will be held Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at O’Pake Fieldhouse on the university’s South Campus of Kutztown. More than 80 artisans and jured artists from Pennsylvania and beyond will exhibit their work, including traditional and contemporary handcrafted pottery, jewelry, baskets, photography, furniture, carving and woodturning, handicrafts, calligraphy, handmade clothing, fiber art, paper art, hexagonal signs, metalwork, folk art, glass, mops, carpets, block printing and feather trees. The Acoustic Road Show will feature live music. Admission is $6, with children 12 and under free. For more information, see

ABLE to return to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater with RECONNECT Thu, 20 Oct 2022 21:39:01 +0000

ABLE (Artists Exceeding Boundaries and Expectations)a Chicago-based nonprofit that creates theater and film for, with, and by people with Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), is returning to live performances after a nearly hiatus 3 years due to COVID-19.

To celebrate this occasion, ABLE is producing its very first festival. On Saturday November 19, 2022, ABLE will produce a full day of events in partnership with Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier. The festival, aptly named RECONNECT-will showcase the work of 58 members of the ABLE community through 3 different events. ABLE’s ensembles will present two original performances at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. In between, ABLE’s team of creative associates will provide workshops for audience members to experience the games and activities ABLE uses to bring their ideas to life.

During a 10-week rehearsal process, all three ABLE ensembles collaborated to develop original monologues, scenes, movement pieces and songs inspired by their own lives. The performances will share stories that reflect the ways we connect with ourselves, with our loved ones, and with our community. Pieces range from touching letters to loved ones we’ve lost, to celebrations of our closest friends, to humorous dream dates, to meditations on the good and evil of social media, and poignant reflections on the fears and misunderstandings that occur in the path of true connection.

The pandemic has taken a particularly harsh toll on the disability community. ABLE has remained committed to providing a source of normalcy and routine for its cast with I/DD, and has produced a range of digital projects including Romeo and Juliet Remix and the interactive ABLE Anthology series. As the rest of the world strives to “get back to normal”, people with intellectual disabilities continue to face an increased risk of serious complications from COVID-19. Although ABLE has adopted strict policies to protect its immunocompromised cast and staff, many still choose to participate virtually. In another first for the company, ABLE’s virtual set will film monologues and scenes that will be woven throughout the performances of RECONNECT.

“So much has changed since the last time we were on stage in December 2019.” says ABLE Founder and Executive Artistic Director Katie Yohe. “It’s really special to come back in a way that honors everything we’ve learned over the past 3 years and allows our cast to share their hearts and minds with the audience.”

During the afternoon workshop, the public can play some of the games and activities that are part of ABLE’s distinctive design process. They will be guided by some of ABLE’s Creative Associates. Through the Creative Associates initiative, ABLE employs 6 long-time ensemble members with Down syndrome to support their workshops and outreach programs. ABLE Creative Associates earn a competitive salary while working in a supportive environment that is inclusive and allows them to learn transferable professional skills. This is a unique opportunity for the public to personally connect with the work of ABLE.

It is also an opportunity for ABLE to reconnect with a long-time collaborator, Chicago Shakespeare Theater. The companies have previously co-produced Twelfth Night (2016), Cyrano de Bergerac (2018), Thereby Hangs a Tale (2018) and As You Like It (2019).

Event details:

Saturday, November 19, 2022
Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare Theater
800 East Grand Avenue on Navy Pier
Chicago IL, 60611

Scheduled event:

11:00 a.m. Sunday ensemble performance with members of the Virtual Ensemble
2:00 p.m. Public workshops
7:00 p.m. Monday ensemble performance with members of the Virtual Ensemble

Tickets: All tickets are Pay-what-you-can, general admission

Access: The performances will be subtitled and performed in ASL.

COVID Policies: To ensure immunocompromised ABLE performers and members of the community feel safe and welcome, all audience members must remain masked for the duration of their stay in the theater complex.

Learn more about ABLE:

ABLE – Artists Breaking Limits & Expectations – celebrates its 6th anniversary of creating theater and film projects for, with and by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ABLE engages actors ages 13 and up through performance ensembles, specialized workshops, and outreach programs. Whether in person or online, all ABLE programs strive to foster agency and develop lifelong skills like communication, collaboration, and creativity. ABLE ensembles have produced more than 25 projects for stage and screen, ranging from adaptations of theatrical classics by Shakespeare, Dickens and Gilbert & Sullivan to original plays. ABLE’s feature films have been recognized by several local and international festivals. By putting people with disabilities in the spotlight, ABLE’s work strives to change societal misconceptions and create more inclusive and caring communities. For more information on ABLE, please visit and find them on Facebook, instagram and Youtube.

Regional Tony Award Recipient Chicago Shakespeare Theater produces a bold and innovative season throughout the year – plays, musicals, world premieres, family productions and theatrical presentations from around the world – alongside nationally recognized educational programming serving tens of thousands of students, teachers and lifelong learners each year. Founded in 1986, the Theatre’s stage work has expanded to twenty productions and 650 performances a year. Chicago Shakespeare is dedicated to welcoming the next generation of theatergoers; one in four spectators is under the age of eighteen. As a non-profit organization, the Theater strives to embrace diversity, prioritize inclusion, provide equitable opportunity, and provide an experience that is accessible to all. On the theater’s three stages at its home on Navy Pier, in classrooms and city neighborhoods, and in venues around the world, Chicago Shakespeare is a multi-faceted cultural center inviting audiences, performers and community members to share powerful stories that connect and inspire.

The 2022-2023 season of Reconnect and ABLE is partially funded by grants from: The Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development, The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, The Illinois Arts Council, Innovation 80, The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation and The National Foundation for the Arts.

]]> Subreddit group Dune bans AI-generated art because it requires little effort | Dunes Sun, 16 Oct 2022 17:20:00 +0000

In the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune, the “Butlerian Jihad” has led to the destruction of “thinking machines” across the known universe and the birth of a civilization focused on improving the human intellect.

In the online community on the r/Dune subreddit, the birth of AI art has led to a similar, albeit smaller, war on technology.

There, users who have nearly a quarter of a million fans of the new series, as well as its two film adaptations, decided to ban AI-generated art this week, after a wave of Auto-generated content flooded the boards.

The ban “applies to images created using services such as DALL-E, Midjourney, StarryAI, WOMBO Dream and others,” the moderators wrote. in a message announcing the decision. “Our team has been removing said content for several months on a post-by-post basis, but given its continued popularity on Reddit, we felt a public announcement was warranted.

“We recognize that many of these pieces are pleasing to the eye and the technology is certainly fascinating, but it technically qualifies as low effort content – especially when compared to the original ‘man-made’ art that we would like to prioritize in the future.

In the Dune series, the destruction of thinking machines led to the rise of “Navigators”, humans specifically bred and bred to perform the complex calculations required for interstellar travel. In the r/Dune community, the ban has led to similar proposals. “We just need to do some weird genetics that creates an animal whose sole purpose and sole characteristic is to make Dune fan art,” one user offered.

The growth of AI-generated art has also disrupted other communities. In August, a painting created by the artificial intelligence tool Midjourney, titled Space Opera Theater, won first prize in the digital art category at the Colorado State Fair. In a post announcing the win, Midjourney user Jason Allen said, “I’ve created hundreds of images using it, and after several weeks of tweaking and curating my [generations]I picked my top 3 and had them printed on canvas after scaling with Gigapixel AI… I decided to make a statement by using Midjourney competitively and wow!

In a follow-up interview with Vice Magazine, Allen defended his decision to enter without explicitly labeling the artwork as AI-generated. “What if we looked at it from the other extreme, and if an artist did a series of extremely difficult and complicated constraints in order to create a piece, say, they did their art while hanging upside down and being whipped painting”, he said. “Should this artist’s work be evaluated differently than another artist who created the same piece ‘normally’?

“I know what will happen to that in the end, they’re just going to create an ‘art of artificial intelligence’ category I imagine for things like that.”