Experimental films

Movies to watch if you love birds of prey

When a mission to establish an outpost on Earth goes haywire, an alien known as B-127 collapses from his wounds and transforms into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Years later, a young teenage girl named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) discovers the Beetle in a junkyard near a small Californian seaside town. In …

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Bollywood bets big on patriotic sagas

New Delhi: Bollywood is ready to bet bigger on the proven strategy of patriotic and nationalist films in the post-covid months to bring audiences back to the cinema. Filmmakers and trade experts have said that films like Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas where she plays a fighter pilot, the biopics on Sam …

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12 Minute Movie References Explained

12 minutes, an elegant thriller in a time loop, carries within it the love of cinema of the developer Luis Antonio through various allusions and tributes. The most obvious of these is of course the time loop mechanism itself, which is immediately reminiscent of the 1993 film. Groundhog day. References …

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