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AMSTERDAM – Glenn kurtz found the film reel in the corner of her parents’ closet in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 2009. It was in a dented aluminum box.

The Florida heat and humidity had almost solidified the celluloid into a mass “like a hockey puck,” Kurtz said. But someone had transferred some of it to a VHS tape in the 1980s, so Kurtz could see what it contained: a family film called “Our Trip to Holland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, France and England, 1938 “.

The 16-millimeter film, made by his grandfather, David Kurtz, on the eve of World War II, showed the Alps, quaint Dutch villages and three minutes of footage of a vibrant Jewish community in a Polish town.

Old men in kippahs, skinny boys in caps, girls with long braids. Smile and joke. People flock through the great doors of a synagogue. There is a hustle and bustle in a cafe and then that’s it. The sequence ends abruptly.