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Australian SWAT star Alex Russell shows off ripped abs as he covers the cover of Men’s Health magazine

Alex Russell is fast becoming one of Australia’s hardest-working Hollywood exports.

And the 34-year-old Rockhampton-born star is clearly putting a lot of effort into his physique too, according to his cover interview for the latest issue of Australian Men’s Health.

The SWAT actor flaunted his extremely chiseled abs for the photoshoot.

Explosion: Alex Russell (pictured) is emerging as one of Australia’s hardest-working Hollywood exports, as evidenced by his incredible Men’s Health cover shoot

Russell credits his work as Jim Street in the CBS crime action drama SWAT to helping maintain his figure.

“The physical side of what we do is very taxing,” he told the magazine.

“You’ll never see a plateau with so many massages going on, because we’re all trying to keep everything loose.”

Absolutely fabulous: SWAT actor flaunted his extremely chiseled abs for his Men's Health photoshoot

Absolutely fabulous: SWAT actor flaunted his extremely chiseled abs for his Men’s Health photoshoot

The Chronicle star also explained that she was the target of bullies while attending school in Queensland.

“I was an easy target because I was very sensitive so you could get a reaction from me, which is just gold for a bully,” the actor reflected.

Alex also revealed that some of his tormentors went out of their way to apologize to him when he visited his parents based in Rockhampton.

Getting to work: Russell credits his job playing Jim Street in CBS crime action drama SWAT for helping to maintain his figure

Getting to work: Russell credits his job playing Jim Street in CBS crime action drama SWAT for helping to maintain his figure

“Someone will come up to me and say, ‘Hey man, I’m so sorry about this. I said, “No, man. No worries.” Because it’s not them; [School is] an environment and it’s tough.

Russell first rose to prominence as the star of the 2010 Australian independent film, Wasted On The Young.

He has since appeared in films such as Unbroken, The Host, and the Carrie remake in 2013.

Humble beginnings: Russell first rose to prominence as the star of the 2010 Australian independent film Wasted On The Young

Humble beginnings: Russell first rose to prominence as the star of the 2010 Australian independent film Wasted On The Young

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Nicolas Cage says he was “marginalized” by Hollywood Fri, 31 Dec 2021 16:25:05 +0000

Nicolas Cage says he was

The moment Nicolas Cage became an internet sensation coincided, interestingly enough, with the lowest point in his career. It doesn’t matter that he comes from a family as famous as the Coppolas (his aunt and uncle are Talia Shire and Francis Ford Coppola), that he starred in undeniable Hollywood blockbusters and that he even won a Oscar: In the late 2000s, Cage’s Debts took him to more questionable roles, intended for low-budget productions with little critical appreciation in which the actor was playing at breakneck pace. Until rediscovery.

Thanks to titles like Mandy Where Color out of space, the Face / Off the star is currently living a second golden age, which is confirmed today with a film like Pork. This heartwarming drama in which Cage searches for his lost pig has received critical acclaim, with the lead performance being highly regarded. The same who brought Cage to the Variety podcast, where he then credits Michael Sarnoski (director of Pork) by saving his career. The actor thinks that Hollywood has marginalized him for years and he feels very comfortable making independent films.

“I knew after a few flops that I had been marginalized in the studio system; and I was not going to be invited by them, ”he explains during the interview. “I always knew that it would take a young filmmaker who would come back or remember certain films that I had made and know that I could be good for his screenplay and rediscover myself. And that’s why he’s not just Michael, he’s the Archangel Michael. This wouldn’t happen if he didn’t have an open mind to say, “Come with me.” And what does that mean? Well, according to Cage …

“You go into your heart, or you go into your imagination, or your memories or your dreams, and you bring something back to communicate with the audience. In this sense, Cage’s aunt, Talia Shire, who starred in the Rocky and The Godfather sagas, was very influential. “It was my Aunt Talia Shire who said to me for the first time: ‘Naturalism is a style.’ And I was also a big believer in the synchronicity of the arts, and that what you could do with one art form, you could do in another.

“You know, in painting, for example, you can become abstract, you can become photorealistic, you can become impressionist, why not try that with film performance? This style of play is the same that made it irresistible to meme culture, and therefore the one that led to the creation of such a wacky project as The unbearable weight of massive talents, where Cage plays himself. Directed by Tom Gormican and co-starring with Pedro Pascal and Tiffany Haddish, Cage refuses to see it as it might be “too crazy a trip”, but hopes audiences enjoy it.

The unbearable weight of massive talents is scheduled for April 22.


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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – YEAR REVIEW 2021: Park Theater opens after years of hard work Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:06:40 +0000

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Posted: 12/29/2021 17:01:50 PM

Modified: 12/29/2021 17:01:25 PM

After more than a decade of fundraising and planning, Jaffrey’s Park Theater opened in August as a movie theater and performance venue.

In the five months since its opening, it has welcomed over 5,000 visitors]to see films and artists.

“I couldn’t be happier personally, and I know there are so many people who have worked there tirelessly for 20 years. I’m so happy for these people. That’s a hackneyed understatement, but it’s absolutely true in this case that it’s a dream come true, ”Park Theater CEO and General Manager Steve Jackson said.

The theater, a reconstructed creation of the once-on-Main Street building that originally opened in 1922, has faced the realities of operation and openness amid a pandemic, Jackson said, but despite this, still managed to find success, especially drawing crowds for his live shows.

The theater was fully booked when it hosted the group from Lanconia Recycled Percussion, and has had several shows with over 200 guests, and even more with over 100 since it opened in August, Jackson said.

“It’s clear the weather with the pandemic has hit us as well as any theater or business, but people still have a desire to get together safely and have fun together,” Jackson said.

The theater has hosted a handful of new Hollywood releases, including “In the Heights”, “Space Jam 2” and the latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die”. It is preparing to open the new Steven Spielberg-directed remake of the classic musical “West Side Story” this week, but has also hosted smaller independent films and documentaries, interspersed with live musical acts. Jackson said balance seems to work for the theater and that he will continue to push his model forward.

Several of this year’s successful artists have already booked return shows for 2022, Jackson said, and the venue plans to continue hosting local and national performers.

“The good news, if the question asked of nonprofits is, ‘Did you cover your costs? “And I can say that with our live shows we did that and were able to raise money for future programs and shows,” Jackson said. “We are very fortunate for our volunteers and staff. If we didn’t have more than 50 volunteers and a very dedicated part-time staff, we would never be able to do this.

In 2022, the theater hopes to continue building its presence in the community, including launching a new program, ParkARTS, which will include educational programs for children and adults in a variety of artistic mediums, including film and theater, Jackson said.

In May, the theater plans to host several events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the original theater, including special events, films, concerts and historical events. This year, the theater, as a non-profit organization, is also taking the helm in planning the Jaffrey’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and surrounding festivities, with a week of films or shows from or about of Ireland, and produced the annual parade on March 12.

You can reach Ashley Saari at 924-7172 ext. 244 or She’s on Twitter @AshleySaariMLT.

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A Bright Future: TV and Film Opportunities for Louth Creatives Tue, 28 Dec 2021 00:08:00 +0000

While various blockages have allowed your creativity to flow over the past few years, 2022 could bring new horizons as talent is sought in Co Louth for new TV and film initiatives across Ireland.

Three new free opportunities have been launched for writers, directors and producers in regions by the National Talent Academy for Film & Television (Academy) who wish to develop a career in television or feature film.

All three initiatives are free and aimed at newcomers to the sector as well as those with emerging and established careers in the industry. They will be practical, immersive and highly interactive and will focus on scriptwriting, directing and production.

The Academy, which was established earlier this year, aims to roll out a series of experiential and exciting programs and opportunities – with a focus on diverse and regional creative talent – throughout 2022.

Its new website provides a range of information and skills development as well as the launch of its first three programs. They are:

Paths. This is intended for opportunities for new talent; for those who do not work in the industry and want to know more.

Script mentoring. This is a program for new writers and script editors. Ideally, for those who have gained a foothold in the industry but need to develop their profession in order to progress further.

Shady. This program allows screenwriters, directors and producers to gain experience on the set of high-end television and film productions. It’s for established talent who want to take their careers to the next level.

The Academy is an initiative of Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland and is managed by the Galway Film Center. The network was established to develop a base of highly skilled and diverse talent and crew across the country.

“The formation of the new National Talent Academy network is an important opportunity to ensure the growth of the industry in Ireland and to reach and empower new talent and diverse teams,” said Andrew Byrne, TV Drama Project Manager for Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland. “Ireland has a real opportunity to become a world leader in storytelling and production, building on an incredible year of audiovisual production to date. “

You can find more details about the initiatives and how to apply at

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Diana’s Help: “Fatiguing” Flop Spencer Was “Uncomfortable Watching” | Movies | Entertainment Sun, 26 Dec 2021 10:32:21 +0000

Diana’s private voice and presence coach Stewart Pearce said the portrayal of the princess in the film was “boring” and failed to capture the true spirit of her royal friend.

Pearce admitted that the breathy and stressed way of the dialogue often meant he couldn’t understand parts of the film.

Although a fan of Stewart’s talent, he was not impressed with Spencer.

Its main criticism was that the film did not portray the mother of princes Harry and William as having “flow and grace”.

The respected author adds that the film, directed by Pablo Larrain, fails to “communicate his inner strength”.

While Hollywood insiders see Stewart as a candidate for an Oscar nomination, Pearce feels very differently. The 68-year-old said he was not shocked the two-hour feature cost just over £ 1.5million ($ 2.1million) in the past few days, despite opening on 996 screens across the country.

He had expected some viewers to come out of cinemas before the end of the “immensely gray” drama.

Speaking exclusively on camera, Pearce admitted, “I was challenged in a really interesting way. It was not comfortable to watch.

“Kristen’s rhythms were very jerky and very breathy. It seemed that many actors had been encouraged to speak in a conspiratorial manner.

“They were all using these very, very low voices and moving so fast that it was often very hard to hear what was going on.

“My work is about how we don’t judge the characters we play, but we find points of empathy so that we really care about what is happening on screen. If the actors don’t care who they’re playing, it’s automatically communicated to the audience.

“Now the audience won’t necessarily get the subtlety of that, but what they’ll do is turn off their screens or leave the movie theater because the vibration won’t delight them.”

Pearce observed that Diana was “all about flow and grace”, but claimed that Stewart gave a “very choppy and choppy performance.”

The independent film is said to have cost more than £ 13.3million ($ 18million) to make, including marketing costs.

Pearce spoke exclusively as he prepares to tour the United States to promote his bestselling book Diana: The Voice Of Change.

Diana met Pearce in 1995, in the strictest confidence, to perfect her voice, balance and expression.

The veteran vocal coach, who also worked with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, helped the princess technically refine her voice, using mental exercises to improve her confidence, independence and resolve.

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Nicole Kidman in Being the Ricardos Shows Biography Actors Don’t Have to Be Lookalikes Wed, 22 Dec 2021 14:51:24 +0000

Llong before anyone saw a minute of Aaron Sorkin’s new movie Being the Ricardos, the knives were already being sharpened for her star Nicole Kidman. In April, tabloid photos of Kidman on set sparked an immediate reaction. Fans on social media didn’t think she could convincingly play Lucille Ball, the ’50s Queen’s TV who did as much as anyone to shape the modern idea of ​​a sitcom with her breakthrough hit show. I love lucy. “Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball literally looks like Nicole Kidman …” launched a typical tweet. “Very skeptical of this casting decision.”

To what the only reasonable answer seems to be: well, yes, Nicole Kidman still looks like Nicole Kidman, but maybe it’s better to reserve judgment on her performance until she actually gives it? Nonetheless, the negative response was so harsh that Kidman considered throwing everything away.

“When the reality of playing it hit me, I was like, ‘What did I say yes to? “” the actor said during a recent appearance on Living with Kelly and Ryan. “So I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m not right. Everyone thinks I’m wrong, so I’ll try to avoid that. ‘ It’s been left to writer-director Sorkin and film producer Todd Black to belittle her. Like Sorkin said Hollywood journalist, he took care to reassure Kidman and his co-star Javier Bardem that he was not “looking for a physical or vocal impersonation of these people”.

Bardem’s casting as Ball’s on-screen and off-screen husband Desi Arnaz has sparked just as much anger, with the additional question of whether it is acceptable in 2021 for a Spaniard to play a Cuban. Bardem, who had already played Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas with great success in the 2000s Before night falls, rebuffed this criticism and asked why this particular question seems to be disproportionately asked of actors for whom English is a second language.

“I’m an actor, and that’s what I do for a living: trying to be people that I’m not,” Bardem said. Hollywood journalist. “What are we doing with Marlon Brando playing Vito Corleone?” What do we do with Margaret Thatcher played by Meryl Streep? Daniel Day-Lewis playing Lincoln? Why does this conversation happen with people with accents?… What I’m saying is if we want to open the box of worms, let’s open it for everyone.

After the interview, Bardem obviously gave more thought to the question of representation, later adding in an email: more Latin American stories and storytellers.

Good acting is not only to make an impression of another person, but to reveal through performance the shared humanity that binds all of us together.

Bardem, it must be said, bears little resemblance to Desi Arnaz. His craggy distinctive features and deep, sonorous voice don’t naturally suit the handsome boy Arnaz, but his compelling and entertaining performance in Being the Ricardos don’t suffer for it. In fact, he manages to capture an essence of the character in a way that a lookalike might have struggled with, as a reviewer of Uproxx noted, “Bardem’s expressive face is oddly suited to exteriorize Desi’s feelings… Bardem shows what Desi stories would likely have to say: that he was this incredibly charismatic male sex symbol.

Capturing that essence is exactly what an actor’s job is meant to be, whether or not you can choose them from a list of imitators. Take, for example, one of the best and boldest casting decisions of the year: Jodie Turner-Smith playing the titular Cursed Queen in Anne Boleyn.

During an appearance on The daily show This month, Turner-Smith discussed the backlash she received as a black actor taking on the role. “It’s intense, but the hope is that there are people who are uncomfortable with it who will watch it anyway, and watch it for the human story we were trying to tell, and see this. which resonates differently to them, “she explained, adding that viewers of the show” look at her outside the frame of reference of race, and more or less, like, she’s a human female. We all share these life experiences. As human beings, there is no division between emotions. We have all known pain, fear, loss, pain, ambition, desire and love. It’s really just trying to tell a story about it.

Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30 day free trial


Turner-Smith’s point should remind us why the drama’s watermark isn’t mimicry or impersonation. Good acting is not only to make an impression of another person, but to reveal through performance the shared humanity that binds all of us together.

A similar point of view was expressed by Sarah Paulson, who was criticized earlier this year for playing former White House worker Linda Tripp in Impeachment: American Crime Story while wearing prosthetics and padding commonly referred to as “fat suit”. Many online commentators have argued that the role should have been played by an actor who looks more physically like Tripp, which seems to cavalierly despise any other attributes Paulson might bring to his performance.

“I think to imagine that the only thing an actor called to play this role would have to offer is their physical self is a real reduction in the offer the actor has to make,” Paulson told the Los Angeles Times. “I would like to believe that there is something in my being that makes me right to play this role.”

Critics of Accused tend to agree. Gold Derby felt that “Sarah Paulson’s performance as Linda Tripp is more than just makeup”, while a Guardian the reviewer wrote that Paulson’s “never better” performance as Tripp is “so much more elaborate than the collection of tics studied than it could have been.”

An obsession with biopics featuring only direct look-alikes suggests a troubling road ahead. Given that we’ve all seen those spooky deepfake videos of Tom Cruise making the rounds on social media, it’s already possible to imagine biopics of future actors featuring actors effectively wearing the skin of whoever they’re supposed to play. . It might make trolls happy, but it’s hard to believe that watching a bunch of digital Ed Geins dance through the Uncanny Valley would actually result in movies that come close to one person’s core truth. Until then, if you really want to see Ball’s inimitable facial contortions light up the screen, there’s always I love lucy.

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James Velissaris of Finch Fortress Films has been named Associate Producer of upcoming independent film “The Dropout” Mon, 20 Dec 2021 18:20:00 +0000

Upcoming Independent Feature “The Dropout” Takes the Head of Finch Fortress Films James Velissaris as associate producer.

Ex-Files Productions, the feature film production company behind the upcoming independent film “The Dropout”, has announced that Finch Fortress Films founder and CEO James Velissaris will serve as associate producer on the film.

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2021 / As Ex-Files puts it, “The Dropout” is “a sexually positive, R-rated comedy influenced by the famous 1967 film” The Graduate “, but told from the perspective of a protagonist inspired by the character of The Graduate, Mrs. Robinson. [whom musicians Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel named their classic number-one hit song after on the film’s bestselling soundtrack]. “

“The Dropout” is the fourth credits of James Velissaris

Producer James Velissaris says he’s looking forward to at the start of production, has three film credits to his credit. He is associate producer of the romantic youth comedy “Escaping Ohio”, as executive producer of the sci-fi film “The Fearway” – both are currently filming – and is executive producer of the horror comedy ” Forever Home, now in post-production.

Velissaris made this statement to Ex-Files:

“I’m really excited to help you support your vision for this project. I loved ‘The Graduate,’ but I always believed that Ms. Robinson’s character was unexplored, despite being the most interesting character. of the film. I also felt that Elaine [Robinson]The character of fulfilled stereotypical gender roles throughout the entire movie until the end, and even at the end, he’s only able to assert his strength with the help of a man. I am very happy that you are revisiting this story from a feminine perspective, given the complexity and nuance of these characters. “

Finch Fortress Movies

In early 2020, Velissaris formed Finch Fortress Films of Atlanta to offer support to visionary film artists and storytellers who wanted to create projects that would challenge societal norms and provoke strong emotions. James Velissaris is himself half African-American. As he explains, “I felt [the film industry] portrayals across race, gender and sexual orientation can sometimes be stereotypical portrayals that do not allow a diverse set of viewers to see themselves in a movie. One of [Finch Fortess’] The main mission is to help produce movies and TV shows that challenge these conventional representations. “

With a strong entrepreneurial streak, Velissaris brings tax sensitivity and business acumen to the world of cinema. The producer was born in Chicago and earned degrees in economics and finance from Harvard and Columbia universities, respectively. In his teens he was a star athlete, achieving success on the grill as a football player.

James Velissaris can’t wait to produce on “The Dropout” to begin now that the film is fully funded. The film’s co-writer, Meryl Branch-McTiernan, is the producer, another co-writer Tyrrell Shaffner is the director and the director of the film Marginal MediaWorks, Milan Chakraborty, will be the executive producer of the film.


James velissaris
Finch Fortress Movies
(941) 879-9371

THE SOURCE: James velissaris

See the source version on

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Obituary of Andre BENNETT (1936 – 2021) – Toronto, ON Sun, 19 Dec 2021 01:13:57 +0000

ANDRÉ BENNETT January 24, 1936 – December 14, 2021 After a recent diagnosis of cancer, and surrounded by the love of his family, André passed away peacefully in Toronto at Bridgepoint Hospital. André lived his life with passion and found great joy in solitary and social activities. Under the eyes of his family, he often conducted his favorite pieces of classical and choral music, sang verses from La Marseillaise or recited verses from his prodigious memory of the cinema. His delight in sharing a delicious meal with good friends (especially soup and dumplings) was legendary. He liked to laugh. Growing up in Pasadena, California in the 1940s and 1950s, in a family that experienced upheaval, he was surrounded by a vast natural world to explore. His innate curiosity, his sense of adventure and his love of fishing have never wavered (despite a certain family resistance). Neither did his lifelong passion for cinema. Moved to Canada in 1968 to teach sociology at Erindale College, he changed course in the early 1980s when he became an independent distributor and producer of art films through his companies Cinéphile and Cinema Esperanza. He was an avid promoter of independent filmmaking and considered his great fortune to be a supporter of gifted Canadian filmmakers in the ’80s and’ 90s. Unpretentious and enthusiastic, André was infinitely proud of his wife, Joanne, and his children, André, Sean (Ali, Cooper and Emma), Claire (Brenden), Jake and Patrick (Jessica). He is survived by his sister Frances, his brother Robert, his extended family and dear friends in Toronto and across Canada, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. A commemorative rally will be held in the spring. There will be dumplings!

Published by The Globe and Mail December 18-22, 2021.

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Vale Jane Alsobrook, Film Director and Distributor Fri, 17 Dec 2021 01:17:16 +0000

Jane Alsobrook, film director, distributor and marketing ace, died this week at her home in Sedona, Arizona, at the age of 78. She was part of the film distribution scene in Australia for a while and captured the hearts of many with her dazzling smile and keen intelligence.

She came to Australia from the United States in 1995 and lived here for six years. She replaced Richard Sheffield as President of REP Film Distribution, then part of the Becker group of companies. Sheffield was leaving to run Polygram Filmed Entertainment’s new Australian / New Zealand office – which meant REP was losing the Polygram product which made it a major distributor at the time.

Becker acquired Dendy Film Distribution from Lyn McCarthy and Graeme Tubbenhauer while Alsobrook was on the payroll, and his role expanded to that of head of distribution. Troy Lum and Mark Gooder were among those she worked with during her time in Australia. Successful acquisitions she was involved in included Emma, Scream, and The Blair Witch Project.

Alsobrook had a lot more to do with Australia than these facts indicate, as her husband was Australian actor and writer Gerard Maguire, in whose arms she died. They met while she was working as senior vice president of marketing and creative advertising at Columbia Pictures. After leaving Columbia, she worked as president of distribution and marketing for Island Pictures, along with fellow Australian Greg Coote.

Astrobrook’s first film work took place in the 1970s at various festivals. This led her to work in distribution and marketing for an independent film giant, filmmaker Roger Corman. She played a big role in the Oscars campaign which saw Frederico Fellini Amarcord win the best foreign language film in 1973.

She entered the big studio world when she co-founded and directed Twentieth Century Fox Classics in the 1980s. Columbia came later and while she was there she was an advisor and board member. from the Sundance Institute.

She has been a key player in the acquisition, distribution and commercialization – and success – of numerous films, both arthouse, including Paris, Texas, The Man from Snowy River, Eat Raoul, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Last Emperor, Baghdad Café, Mr. Holland’s Opus, The Gods Must Be Crazy, All About My Mother, Amelie, Walking Ned Devine , Brewed and Buena Vista Social Club.

For a short time, she worked at ABC Records, promoting the work of Steely Dan, Pointer Sisters, Crosby and Nash, and many other legends from this period.

Alsobrook was diagnosed with cancer decades ago. At the start of treatment, she helped start the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance and was successful in raising research money from the Clinton administration.

In social media posts, she has been described by friends and colleagues as “a precious”, “a positive force of love and kindness” and “a smiling, radiant and beautiful woman”.

Alsobrook is survived by her husband Maguire, her brother Allen Alsobrook and her niece Isabella and her nephew Forrest.

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The filming of the Beatles Manager movie Midas Man postponed until next year Wed, 15 Dec 2021 15:43:00 +0000

The film, based on the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, will not resume filming until January.

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 10.32.53 AM

man from midas, the next film based on the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, was set to resume filming last month. The film tells the story of Epstein’s role in the creative ecosystem of the 1960s and his influence in the pop music industry at the time. However, filming has been rescheduled to resume from January 2022 instead. The delay is meant to keep new director Sara Sugarman up to date with the production process so far.

It seems man from midas encounters a series of hiccups, as the film’s original director Jonas Akerlund left the project in November. Additionally, much of the original cast also split from the film. Filming began in October. By the time filming resumes in January, the project has reportedly already been on a three-month hiatus. As a result, many have expressed concerns about the funding for this independent film.


However, the production team assures that there are no problems with funding or planning.

There is no delay. man from midas the shooting remains well on schedule to complete the film. The new production team is now on board. American filming begins in LA at the end of January. Filming in the UK resumes after that. Nothing to see here.

Despite all the delays, ‘Midas Man’ remains a movie to look forward to

Although the project encountered quite a few obstacles, those at the helm seem quite optimistic about the project. Especially the current cast of the film, which has been talked about for some time now. Along with a diverse roster of talent, it was recently revealed that comedian / Late Night Show host Jay Leno will star as iconic American TV personality Ed Sullivan.

The actors playing The Beatles are an amazing bunch, they give off that very visceral ’60s feeling, are charming, playful and so authentic and I have no doubt that Jay Leno will capture the essence of Ed Sullivan perfectly. His own experience as an American TV host will bring a natural and accurate portrayal and add an incredible element of modern showbiz to the story. – Sara Sugarman, director

Brian Epstein’s main character will be played by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, whose last notable performance was in the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit. Jonah Lees will play John Lennon, musician Blake Richardson will be Paul McCartney, Leo Harvey Elledge will be George Harrison and Campbell Wallace will play Ringo Starr.

man from midas will be produced by StudioPow and Trevor Beattie Films. Twickenham Studios chairman Sunny Vohra and former Lionsgate UK chairman Nicola Pearcey will chair as executive producers.

The Beatles: Get Back Trailer Reveals Peter Jackson's New Disney + Docuseries
The Beatles: Get Back Trailer Reveals Peter Jackson’s New Disney + Docuseries

The original Disney + The Beatles: Get Back docuseries were made from previously unreleased recorded and restored footage.

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