’s 2021 Golden Issue Awards nominees for the anime

The Golden Issue Awards are here for 2021! While the COVID pandemic has eased somewhat in many regions, there has been an overall improvement in the quantity and quality of new anime and manga releases that fans have been able to experience in 2021. That That’s not to say that everything that was released in 2020 pales in comparison, but a look at the nominees this year shows how much things have changed from year to year. It also means that it has been one of the most competitive years in recent memory, which is in fact the best.

2021 has been a “rebounding” year in many ways. There has been double the number of new anime projects releasing both on TV screens and in theaters, double the number of new manga at their own pace, and double the number of fans this time around- this. There have also been major returns from classic franchises for new reboots, new seasons of long-running series, major feature film sequels, anniversary plans and, of course, new debuts that have really wowed the fans. fans instantly.

To help put the arc on the year, we’ve decided to pick up on some of this year’s best and brightest anime for our Golden Issues Award nominations for Anime in 2021. Read on. more to see our full list of nominees!

Best animated film

While we are still in the midst of the COVID pandemic, there have been a number of big movie releases that have hit theaters. Some older films have even had a chance to revive with new screenings making up for lost time from the pandemic, which means that this has been a pretty competitive category once you started factoring in all of those films over the course of the year. of the last two years or so. Major debut ending long-awaited franchises, anniversary celebration, return of a classic, action hit and more. It has been a great year for animated films.

The nominees are:

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Best Animated Television Series


The volume of new animated series debuting has almost doubled from the complications of the COVID pandemic last year, and as a result, the overall quality of these releases has also increased. Fans who follow each new season may have noticed how the weeks have been filled with tons of outstanding new shows vying for your attention, and this has arguably been one of the best anime years in quite some time. time. Major franchise returns, new adaptation debuts, older anime reboots and a host of strong originals! It has been a great year.

The nominees are:

  • Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 1
  • Demon Slayer: Mugen’s Train Bow
  • Strange taxi
  • Shaman king
  • Tokyo Avengers

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Best manga


2021 has been a rebound year not only for anime offerings, but manga offerings as well. It has been one of the most competitive years as many series are reaching huge new audiences through the sheer strength of manga. This includes long-running series that are reaching their peak, new series that are catching fire with cult followers, all-new releases that strike a chord with fans, and some series that have reached new heights thanks to an accompanying anime. . It’s a stacked category.

The nominees are:

  • Jujutsu kaisen
  • Komi can’t communicate
  • My hero university
  • Spy x Family
  • Tokyo Avengers


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