District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp is working on AAA video game

Director Neill Blomkamp, ​​who picked up his canceled Halo film project deliver a dead blow District 9, turns to the video game industry. As reported by IGN, he joined Gunzilla Games studio as Chief Visionary Officer. The Hollywood director will help the studio create an AAA multiplayer shooter.

Founded by Vlad Korolev and Alex Zoll, Gunzilla games has a team of experienced developers who have previously worked at Ubisoft, Crytek, EA, THQ and Black Box Games. Together with this team, Blomkamp will be responsible for the design, audio and storytelling of the upcoming game. He told IGN: “It comes from a place where you bring in directorial skills that would resemble movies I’ve done before to the aesthetics of the game.”

Sounds interesting knowing that Neill Blomkamp started his career as a 3D animator for the sci-fi TV series. Stargate SG-1. He is known for his photo-realistic CGIs for achieving a grounded aesthetic. His cinema District 9 was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Visual Effects.

District 9 scene

Asked about his favorite games, Neill Blomkamp praised Finnish developer Remedy Control calling it “very fascinating”. With today’s announcement, Neill Blomkamp joins the ranks of Steven Spielberg who was involved in the production of the Medal of honor franchise, and Guillermo del Toro who worked on Silent hills before it is canned.

It looks like he’s been exploring other mediums since his next big budget Hollywood project Hell is delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the collaboration between Gunzilla and Neill Blomkamp could last longer if the first game turns out to be a success.

Those new to Neill Blomkamp’s work can check out his experimental shorts on the Oats Studio YouTube channel. Mostly Fire base in the context of the Vietnam War, and The thing-inspired Zygote worth a visit.

Source: IGN

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