Eva Lanska’s award-winning film “Little French Fish” premiered on ShortsTV in Europe on Amazon Prime and other platforms on September 19th.


London director Eva Lanska’s award-winning short Small french fish held its European premiere on the major shorts entertainment network ShortsTV on September 19, 2021. The film premiered on ShortsTV in North America on September 9, 2021 on DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber, Frontier Communications and Hotwire.

Small french fish draws attention to the global stigma against interracial marriages by exploring the relationship between an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim man. Starring British actors Jonas Khan and Devora Wilde, the film follows an intercultural couple falling in love while feeling the pressure of traditional conflicts and strict social orders.

The short film debuted on ShortsTV in the EMEA region in the Netherlands on Amazon Prime Video, Ziggo, T-Mobile and others, in the UK, Italy and Spain on Amazon Prime Video, in Belgium on Telenet, in Serbia on SBB and in Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina on Telemachus.

Trailer Small french fish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP338fTgdS8

“I am extremely honored that ShortsTV selected my film for its networks in North America and Europe,” comments Lanska. “The film explores the universal theme of love between people from two different worlds. Small french fish is the story of a Jewish woman and a Muslim man, and the conflict between their feelings, passions, traditions and social order. The film asks the question: “How does a person who finds himself in such a situation resolve this internal conflict?”

Small french fish was named an official selection of the Washington Jewish Film Festival, one of the oldest and largest Jewish festivals in the world, as well as Chelsea Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Hollywood Women’s Film Festival, MELECH Tel-Aviv International Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Prize, Cannes International Independent Film Festival, New York World Film Festival and Côte d’Azur Film Festival.

Lanska’s first short film Ok mom was also acquired for distribution in North America and EMEA and will soon air on the popular channel. The film won the Best Picture award at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was shortlisted for the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

Lanska recently made her first short documentary titled Abraham’s Accords Change History: Women in the Middle East. Currently in post-production, the film captures the importance of women’s contribution to creating a prosperous life in the region. The film draws attention to the achievements of women, who make up half of the UAE’s indigenous population, and their interaction with women’s professional associations in Israel.

Lanska’s remarkable success in the short film arena prompted the filmmaker to tackle her recently announced feature debut, I am not an actress, based on the philosophies of French cinema icon Brigitte Bardot.

About Eva Lanska – After graduating from the London Film Academy, Lanska focused on producing documentaries and feature films. She has made several award-winning films recognized across Europe and America. Art, literature, French cinematography and the Parisian atmosphere have been important influences and sources of inspiration throughout his work.

Throughout her films, Lanska studies the ideal notion of acceptance and love in conflicting circumstances. She asks pressing questions to get her audience to think about the choices and ultimately decide what the main characters should do. Lanska is dedicated to child protection movements and continues to raise awareness of alarming social issues through his films.

She is actively involved in the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation, Women for Women International, The British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel and Anatevka Jewish Refugee Community Foundation and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


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Photos courtesy of Eva Lanska.



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