Everything we know about A24’s new romantic thriller

A24 is one of the hottest (and busiest) film studios. Having only recently released the critically acclaimed X and Everything everywhere all at once, the indie entertainment company has even more treats for 2022; these include the horror starring Jessie Buckley Menwhich will be led by Ex-Machina visionary Alex Garland, and love is bleedingthe latest project from the studio recently announced by The Hollywood Reporter.

Since Sainte Maud director Rose Glass, love is bleeding will star Oscar-nominated Kristen Stewart and be set in the competitive world of bodybuilding. Described as “a romance fueled by ego, lust, and the American dream”, it’s unlike anything A24 has produced before, except (perhaps) their upcoming film Ari Aster, Boulevard of disappointment., a horror-comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix as a world-renowned entrepreneur. Little is known about love is bleeding beyond the essentials: its director, its lead and the studios behind it. Here, we compile that information and make predictions about what the movie might have in store.

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Rose Glass will direct and co-write love is bleeding with London screenwriter and director Weronika Tofilska. In 2019, Glass made his film debut with psychological horror Saint Maud, an A24 statement about a deeply religious and traumatized caregiver (Morfydd Clark) who seeks to reform his sinful patient. The film was a hit with audiences and received numerous accolades, including two Bafta nominations, two British Independent Film Awards wins (Best Debut Director, Best Cinematography) and three London Film Critics Circle Awards wins (British/Irish Film of the Year, British/Irish Actress of the Year, British/Irish Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year).

Before Sainte MaudGlass directed the short drama thriller Room 55, who follows a self-disciplined housewife as she spends a night alone at the mysterious Clove Hotel. To like Sainte Maudthe short film is erotic and full of suspense, and it is likely love is bleeding will follow in this tradition; with Tofilska on board, it’s also likely dark humor will play a role in the film. The creator of the short suicide is easyTofilska has a knack for balancing suspenseful storytelling with satire, and we’d be surprised if that didn’t translate to the big screen.

Kristen Stewart is set to co-direct Love is blind, playing the role of “a female bodybuilder’s protective lover”. The role of his girlfriend has yet to be filled, however, with the studio apparently wanting to cast the cast as authentically as possible, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they hired a real bodybuilder to play the role. Kristen Stewart is an actress in high demand right now. His recent work in spencerwhere she played Princess Diana with impressive precision, stunned audiences and even earned her her first Oscar nomination.

Stewart began her career with a non-speaking role in the Disney film The thirteenth yearand rose to fame playing Bella in the hugely successful (but often mocked)Dusk saga. Since then, she’s moved away from the YA genre and starred in numerous independent and mainstream films, including the 2016 feminist drama. Some womenthe 2019 reboot of charlie’s angelsand sci-fi horror 2020 Submarine. A sort of LGBTQ+ icon, Stewart’s Netflix appearance The happiest season, where she plays Abby, a lesbian who plans to propose to her girlfriend over the holidays, was well received; and its cast in both this film and Love is blind deserves praise, especially given the current debate over straight actors/actresses playing gay characters.

It won’t be the first time she’s worked with A24 either. In 2015, Stewart starred alongside Nicholas Hoult in the sci-fi romance Equals, where they play lovers living in a dystopian society. The movie wasn’t very well received, but we’re expecting big things from its next A24 adventure.

A24 will co-finance the film with Film4, the film production company owned by Channel Four in the UK. According to The Hollywood Reporter, A24 will also produce the film, alongside Andrea Cornwell of Lobo Films and Oliver Kassman of Escape Plan Productions. A24 and FIlm4 supported Sainte Maudand Cornwell and Kasmman were also producers of this film.

A24 has an impressive repertoire of thriller films (Enemy, green room, Lighthouse), just like Film4 (The beautiful bones,You were never really there, Last night in Soho). In fact, the two companies often overlap in their projects; for example, the two worked on Under the skin, Ex-Machinaand Room. With all of these films highly acclaimed by critics and moviegoers, it’s safe to say love is bleeding is in good hands.

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