Exclusive: Kannada Film Industry’s First Film About Lesbians Wins Hearts | Kannada Movie News

Bengaluru-based queer filmmaker Shailaja Padindala’s film Naanu Ladies is making all the right noises. After winning accolades at film festivals across India, it recently won Best Narrative Feature at the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.

Considered Kannada’s first lesbian love story, the 2020 film focuses on how a middle class family, their culture and their thought process can affect a queer member and vice versa. It also sheds light on the reproductive rights of gay people and how to use existing reproductive technologies such as IVF. The film deals with parenthood and global culture through a queer story. Earlier last year, the film won Best LGBTQI+ Film at the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival in Seattle.

“The film touched a lot of queer members,” Shailaja says. “Many of those who attended these festivals and saw the film said it was a whole new perspective on the queer way of life and not just a love story. also to understand the classism and the economics structured around queer couples. It touched a lot of people and I’m really happy that I made this film,” says Shailaja, adding that the team plans to release it towards the end of This year.

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