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The Fantasia Film Festival had already announced an impressive line-up before the announcement of its latest wave. Films screened will include the North American premiere of Takashi Miike’s latest film, JK Simmons making a return to cinema gerne, and a slew of anime. John Woo and Kier-La Janisse will also be honored with individual awards.

The third wave of films is just as impressive as the previous two. Some of the highlights include director Hisashi Kimura’s return to the world of Ringu with Sadako DX, Final Cut, the french remake of the incredible A cup of the dead, and Portugal’s first stop motion feature film, My grandfather’s demons. Dario Argento’s first feature film in a decade will also be screened at Fantasia.

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Fantasia will present this year the Prix Denis-Héroux, an award recognizing an exceptional contribution to the development of genre and independent cinema in Quebec, to producer Pierre David, known for his close collaboration with directors David Cronenberg and Jean-Claude Lord, among others. . Fantasia will present two of its collaborations with Lord, who passed away earlier this year: bingo (1974) and Visiting hours. (1982).

The Fantasia International Film Festival runs from July 14 to August 3. The full program is available HERE

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