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Since its founding in 2008, GKIDS has been the leading North American distributor of animation worldwide. From the fantastical works of traditional Cartoon Saloon animation to the magical and awe-inspiring animated films of Studio Ghibli, they have released many of the greatest animated films ever made.

Almost all of their films have received “Fresh” ratings from review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, and a few have even earned perfect or near-perfect percentage scores. These are the best of the best, the films that made GKIDS the cinematic icon it is today.


ten My zucchini life – 98%

my zucchini life follows Icarus, a young boy sent to an orphanage after the death of his alcoholic mother. He befriends a nice policeman and finds camaraderie and friendship with the other children in the orphanage.

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Co-written by Portrait of a lady on fire director Céline Sciamma, my zucchini life received critical acclaim for its warmth, maturity and emotional depth. It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, one of the few stop motion films to get that honor.

9 Song of the Sea – 99%

The second film in Tomm Moore’s Irish folk trilogy, song of the sea follows a boy named Ben who discovers that his mute little sister Saoirse is a Selkie, a seal that can transform into a human. Immersed in a mystical world of adventure and danger, Ben and Saoirse must work together to find their way home.

song of the seaIts timeless story and unique animation made it a hit with critics and audiences alike. Many fans have (rightly) compared it to the fantastic works of Disney and Studio Ghibli.

8 Wolf Walkers – 99%


by Tom Moore wolf walkers follows Robyn, an aspiring young hunter whose father has been appointed to exterminate the pack of wolves living in the forest around an Irish town. But when Robyn meets Mebh, a free-spirited girl who turns into a wolf at night, she realizes that this forest is so much more than she thought.

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wolf walkers came six years later song of the sea and became the animation studio Cartoon Saloon’s most acclaimed film to date. Like all the other Cartoon Saloon films, it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

7 Approved for adoption – 100%

An anime drama based on the life of co-director Jung Henin, Approved for adoption follows a Korean boy adopted into a Belgian family after the Korean War. As he gets older, he begins to question his cultural identity and tries to rediscover his lost roots.

Approved for adoption interweaves animation with stock footage to create an experience like no other. Hailed by critics as an intelligent and poignant look at adoption and family, it’s one of many GKIDS films to receive a perfect critical rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

6 Mind game – 100%

An example of the weirdness of animation in Mind Game.

Renowned Japanese animator Masaaki Yuasa found success with his 2004 adaptation of the manga series Psychological game. Crossing between several different animation styles, Psychological game tells the story of 20-year-old Nishi and his increasingly bizarre journey to heaven and back.

An experimental masterpiece that quickly became a hit with international audiences, Psychological game bends the limits of what animation can do at every turn. Praised by prestigious animation directors such as Satoshi Kon and Bill Plympton, it is a must-see film for any lover of surrealism.

5 On-Gaku: Our sound – 100%

On-Gaku! Our sound tells the story of three directionless high school kids who find joy and fulfillment in the world of rock-and-roll and decide to start a band. The only problem is that none of them have musical talent, but that doesn’t matter to them anyway.

A thunderous comedy about the pleasure of doing something as a team, regardless of the limits, On-Gaku! Our sound was a hit with critics. His creative art style and unique sense of humor easily make him one of GKIDS’ most unique releases.

4 Okko Inn – 100%

Okko’s Inn is a light but heartbreaking animated film about a girl who moves into her grandmother’s inn in the countryside after the death of her parents. There, she meets a group of friendly spirits who train her to become an innkeeper.

Directed by Kitarō Kōsaka, an animator who worked on many early Studio Ghibli films, Okko’s Inn is another GKIDS title that didn’t deserve a single negative review. It’s the perfect family movie for Ghibli fans, with a charming, sentimental story and incredibly endearing characters.

3 Sita sings the blues – 100%

Rama and Sita stand in a forest

In Sita sings the blues, host Nina Paley gives an autobiographical account of her separation from her husband as they begin to go their separate ways after he takes a job in India. This story is accompanied by a parallel narrative taking elements from Ramayanaan ancient Indian epic, and focusing on the goddess Sita.

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Although he received a mixed response from Hindu organizations for his depiction of the Ramayana and several of his personalities, Sita sings the blues was ultimately a critical success. Paley’s blending of multiple artistic styles throughout the film’s 80-minute runtime was particularly praised.

2 Only yesterday – 100%

Taeko poses with her younger self in Only Yesterday

the Grave of the Fireflies director Isao Takahata further proved his status as one of animation’s most talented directors with Only yesterday. The film follows a woman whose journey to her hometown brings back childhood memories and makes her wonder if her life has turned out the way her younger self would have wanted.

One of the studio’s first forays into more adult-oriented stories, Only yesterday is an underrated Studio Ghibli film that is an incredibly important part of their illustrious filmography. Interestingly, it wasn’t available in the US until 2016, when GKIDS released the film theatrically for its 25th anniversary.

1 The Story of Princess Kaguya – 100%

Young girl searching for a cherry blossom tree in The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya (2014)

Isao Takahata’s latest film, the whimsically animated fantasy The Tale of Princess Kaguya, is based on a centuries-old story. A bamboo cutter discovers a baby inside a glowing bamboo stalk, and he and his wife raise it as their child. She quickly becomes a young woman whose wealth and beauty attract a variety of overconfident suitors.

Considered one of the finest achievements of Takahata and Studio Ghibli overall, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is an animated fable of heartbreaking beauty. It’s fitting that such a flawless work is also the most expensive Japanese film of all time, with a budget of nearly $50 million.

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A Canadian Guide to the 2022 Cannes Film Festival Fri, 20 May 2022 08:00:00 +0000

After cancellations in 2020 and significant reductions in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Cannes Film Festival rolled out the red carpet this week for an in-person festival.

Added to the long-awaited programming is a myriad of Canadian content presented from May 17 to 28 at the Cannes Film Festival and the Marché du Film, the event and the industry market that take place at the same time.

From futuristic dramas to interactive animations, here’s a rundown of Canadian films to watch this year at both.

Cronenberg returns

After an eight-year hiatus, David Cronenberg (Maps to the stars, Eastern promises) returns to Cannes with Crimes of the future.

The trailer, which dropped in April, has further sparked interest in the already highly anticipated film, which is in competition for the Palme d’Or, the festival’s top prize.

The dystopian drama/horror follows humanity as it adapts to a synthetic environment where people push beyond the natural state of their bodies. It bears the same title as a film directed by Cronenberg in 1970 but is not a remake.

This will be the Toronto director’s sixth film in competition at Cannes. It features an all-star cast, including recurring Cronenberg collaborator Viggo Mortensen (Eastern promises, A history of violence) alongside Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart and Scott Speedman.

Robert Lantos (Barney’s Version, Being Julia) produced it through its Serendipity Point Films and Argonauts Productions SA, in association with Telefilm Canada, Ingenious Media and Davis Films. It marks the fourth collaboration between Cronenberg and Lantos. The festival screening will be the film’s world premiere before its theatrical release on June 3.

The Virgin brings Brother

For the first time, Canada’s Black Screen Office (BSO) and Indigenous Screen Office (ISO) will be in Cannes. Both work to support people in their respective communities in the screen industries.

Six filmmakers will be present with the BSO, including Nyla Innuksuk (Slash/back) and producer Tamar Bird (black bodies).

Filmmaker and BSO founder Damon D’Oliveira will also be at the Marché du Film, which this year will present 34 Canadian films, including that of Clement Virgo. Brother.

From left, Damon D’Oliveira and Clement Virgo attend the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in May 2015. D’Oliveira, one of the founders of the Black Screen Office, is co-producer of Virgo’s feature film Brother. (Getty Images)

Brother follows two boys’ journey to manhood amid the hip-hop scene of 1990s Toronto. Virgin (poor boy game, Sleep with me) wrote, directed and co-produced alongside D’Oliveira, Aeschylus Poulos and Sonya Di Rienzo.

Among the documentaries, Michael Toledano, Jennifer Wickham and Brenda Michell bring Yintah, which follows the story of Wet’suwet’en women and their families battling fossil fuel corporations.

Also, director Ziad Touma The passengers explores an emerging film genre – virtual reality mixed with animation. Viewers influence the story through their eyes, voice and gestures as they are immersed in the mind of a train passenger. The film received several nominations and awards including Best Immersive Experience in Fiction at the 2021 Canadian Screens Awards.

In addition, the French-Canadian artist and actress Charlotte Le Bon has already made her debut as a director with Falcon Lake — said to be a hybrid story of love and ghosts – which premiered in the festival’s non-competitive Directors’ Fortnight on Wednesday.

Telefilm Canada’s short film showcase, Not Short of Talent, also returns this year, alongside Cannes.

This year’s showcase will feature Undercoat. Written and produced by Anna Hopkins for Same Page Productions and GTE Productions, the short film pays tribute to her father, the late painter Tom Hopkins.

Crew members set up the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals ahead of the opening of the 75th Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. (Daniel Cole/Associated Press)
Red flags of toxic debt and how to avoid it Thu, 19 May 2022 15:10:03 +0000

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At the other end of the spectrum is what we call “toxic debt”. Unlike low-interest debt, toxic debt is a loan that is issued with a very high interest rate (usually a rate north of 30%). In other words, toxic debt is debt that is unlikely to be repaid with interest, a characteristic that can be particularly toxic for both lender and borrower.

“The loan will usually cost you significantly more than the value of the loan amount,” Trina Patel, financial advice manager for personal finance app Albert, told Select. Examples include payday loans or loans from predatory lenders that are characterized by unreasonable fees, rates and payments.

When you’re short on cash, payday loans seem like an easy solution because they can be a quick way to get the cash you need, but their interest rates are sky high. In some unregulated states, you could be paying over 500% interest for a short-term loan of a few hundred dollars, which quickly increases over time when you can’t pay off the balance.

Because toxic debt could wreak havoc on your finances without you even realizing it, we’re sharing signs below that you might already have it, along with tips for avoiding or getting out of toxic debt.

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Signs you may already have toxic debt

Tips for avoiding or getting out of toxic debt

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State Government. joins the OTT movement with CSpace Wed, 18 May 2022 12:49:00 +0000


The state government’s over-the-top (OTT) platform to be launched on November 1 this year will be known as “CSpace”.

Announcing the name at a ceremony held at the capital’s Kalabhavan Theater on Wednesday, Cultural Affairs Minister Saji Cherian said the platform aims to secure space as well as revenue sharing for independent films on a low budget that are struggling to see the light of day. of the day, will be the first initiative of its kind by a state government in the country.

The ‘C’ in the name stands for cinema as well as Chitranjali, the cinema complex of the Kerala State Film Development Corporation. Mr. Cherian said that the OTT platform will contribute to the growth of the Malayalam film industry, helping it to reach the widest corners of the world.

“Right now we have a situation where artistically brilliant films and works that have won awards are not able to get a decent run in theaters. Moviegoers in the state also don’t have the opportunity to watch them. The OTT platform will prioritize these films as well as documentaries, shorts and curated content. This will pave the way for enjoying cinema at home with full technical quality,” he said. he declares.

theater first

The minister said the new platform would not affect the theater industry in the state in any way as the movies would be released in theaters first and then transferred to the OTT platform.

The platform will have a revenue-sharing model unlike that offered by the big players, whose producers only receive the agreed amount at the time of purchase. In “CSpace”, the producer will receive a share of the revenue each time someone watches the film.

Filmmaker and KSFDC Chairman Shaji N. Karun said the government is coming up with such a platform at a time when Malayalam cinema is gaining market across the country and abroad.

“We had to face several challenges during the implementation. Many rounds of discussions were held with all stakeholders. The delay in its launch was due to these efforts to make it better than all existing platforms. CSpace will also be a model for other Indian states,” he said.

KSFDC now produces two films by female directors each year. These will first arrive in theaters and then appear on the OTT platform. We will also have a lot of curated content, Mr. Karun said.

Registration of new films with the platform will begin on June 1. Facilities will be provided at Chitranjali’s studio and KSFDC head office for this purpose.

Dig IN Magazine celebrates the 75th anniversary of the French festival with a continued presence at Cannes Croisette Wed, 18 May 2022 11:17:00 +0000

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — walking sticks 2022 Film Festival, which kicked off May 17 and will end on May 28 in Cannes, France returns presenting an exceptional line-up. Dig IN Magazine, with the founder and editor-in-chief, Cindy Maramat the helm, will once again (since 2016) provide film reviews and coverage of red carpet events from Cannes Croisette.

Last years walking sticks brought us outstanding films such as Conduct My car, Anette, blue bayouand The French Dispatch.

Official poster of the Cannes <a class=Film Festival 2022″ src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQyMw–/–~B/aD0yNDA7dz00MDA7YXBwaWQ9eXRhY2h5b24-/″/>

Official poster of the Cannes Film Festival 2022

by Baz Luhrmann Elvis featuring Austin Butler, Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise, Kelly Reichard and Michelle Williams’, To show up, Claire Denis’ The stars at noon and by David Cronenberg Future Crimes, are among the films to look forward to. Celebrities and other special guests will once again walk the red carpet at the Grand Lumière Theater during this year’s prestigious festival.

Maram attended the French event this past July 2021 as many people from various destinations took a break and “sat down” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it was travel bans or health passes that made last year’s festival out of reach, the film industry‘s desire to return has not been deterred.

To walking sticks 2022, Dig IN Magazine features a new contributing writer to the team, veteran film critic Robert Davis. Davis brings over fifteen years (since 2006) of experience covering the festival for a variety of publications, including American cinematographer magazine and, more recently, Bioscope (Thailand). He is a teacher at California State University and has published scholarly articles on contemporary Asian cinema and written for mainstream press such as SPIN review, the Los Angeles Times, Voice of the villageand the THE weeklyas well as appeared as a film critic on MSNBC and other media.

Additionally, IN Close Entertainment, the creative and production agency founded and led by Founder and CEO Maram, will also participate in the Online Film Market and attend virtual meetings with potential collaborators for films in development. .

Follow the Dig IN Magazine Celebrity Interviews YouTube channel and on Instagram @diginmag and @incloseent.

About Dig IN Magazine

IN Close Entertainment, creation and production agency founded by Cindy Maramis the parent company of Dig IN Magazine.

Dig into the magazine |  Spotlight on Various Artists (PRNewsfoto/Dig IN Magazine)

Dig into the magazine | Spotlight on Various Artists (PRNewsfoto/Dig IN Magazine)



See original content to download multimedia: -at-cannes-croissette-301549756.html

SOURCE IN Close Entertainment

A $100 million film studio will emerge from the rubble of a former public housing site Tue, 17 May 2022 09:00:31 +0000

NEWARK – In a made-for-TV flourish, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka rode in an excavator earlier this year and drilled the machine’s metal claw through a crumbling brick wall at the first public housing site from the city. The long-abandoned apartment complex would be replaced, he promised, with something better.

On Tuesday afternoon, officials are expected to announce the big new vision for the 15-acre lot: By March 2024, mounds of rubble at the center of a devastated neighborhood less than two miles from Newark Liberty Airport are expected to be replaced by a $100 million Television and Film Production Center with six large sound stages and space for set construction, post-production editing, crew trucks and catering services.

The project was presented primarily as an economic catalyst for Newark, a poor but growing city about 13 miles west of Midtown Manhattan. But it also offers perhaps the most visible sign yet of New Jersey’s emerging relevance in the film and television industry.

In recent years, companies struggling to meet the growing demand for streaming content have been increasingly drawn to the New York and surrounding area, an area teeming with players and unions. New facilities that opened last year in Hudson County, NJ, and Westchester County, NY, are frequently booked, officials said, and more studios are in the works.