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One of the most memorable scenes in “Pinocchio” is the confrontation with Monstro the Whale. After Pinocchio’s brief stint in the theater and a horrible time spent on Pleasure Island, the puppet realizes the error of his ways and returns to his father, Gepetto. However, he soon notices that Gepetto is nowhere to be found and is trapped inside Monstro.

Disney has provided us with many memorable talking animals over the years, and while Monstro may not be one of the most vocal characters, he has a recognized vocal artist. Providing the giant sea creature’s bellows is Thurl ravenscroft, whose booming voice made him the perfect choice. He has several other Disney credits to his name, including “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” and “The Aristocats”.

Outside of the film, Ravenscroft has also voiced characters for Disney theme park attractions including “The Haunted Mansion” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Beyond Disney, however, there is another surprising credit to his name, as he was the uncredited voice of Kellogs Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger. Known for his powerful voice, and of course, the slogan “They’re grrreat!” Tony the Tiger still figures prominently in the marketing of the cereal brand. Ravenscroft had previously joked that he had made his entire career out of one word, but that’s quite a legacy since Ravenscroft voiced the mascot from 1953 until his death in 2005, via the Los Angeles Times.

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iQiyi and ABS-CBN seal the partnership

GLOBAL streaming service iQiyi, a pan-Asian content provider beloved around the world, enters into a multi-title content deal with ABS-CBN to produce four original Philippine romantic series for its international subscribers worldwide. The partnership reinforces the two companies’ commitments to bring high-quality, relevant and inspiring Filipino content with universal themes while championing Filipino talents and stories on the global stage. Coupled with ABS-CBN’s unmatched creative capacity for content production and seasoned talent pool, the exclusive partnership enhances iQiyi’s extensive and growing library of Asian content from Japan, South Korea, Greater China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia available in 191 territories. . “We are excited to partner with iQiyi for its first local Filipino original series as we continue to tell meaningful stories and champion Filipino talent. With their technology and our expertise in content creation and production, we strive to bring great Filipino content to local and international audiences and to iQiyi subscribers, ”said Cory Vidanes, COO of ABS-CBN, in a press release. “This partnership reflects both the shared vision of iQiyi and ABS-CBN to showcase Filipino talent and bring it to the world stage. What the C and K dramas have taught us is that there is a global thirst to see more of this Asian talent, beauty and culture. And with this world-class multi-title partnership with ABS-CBN, iQiyi is proud to present amazing productions from the Philippines to audiences in iQiyi’s 191 territories around the world. There is a place for us in the global spotlight and it is time for the Philippines to shine, ”said Sherwin dela Cruz, national director of iQiyi. The partnership between iQiyi and ABS-CBN will produce the Filipino multi-title originals featuring actors from Kapamilya and streamed exclusively on the iQiyi app and

adobo Video Fest 2021 find videos on

THE ADOBO Video Fest 2021 officially opened registration for creators and publishers online on November 15th. Organized by adobo Magazine and presented by Facebook Watch, the inaugural dobo Video Fest 2021 is a festival that recognizes the best and most entertaining Pinoy content that has been uploaded. to Facebook. The Adobo Video Fest is open to all Filipino content creators, as well as creators and publishers based in the Philippines. The competition accepts video entries in two categories: the Creators category, for independent content creators; and the Publishers category, which covers professional entities, including production companies, media, movie studios and broadcast networks. The members of the competition jury are: Quark Henares, director of Globe Studios; director, producer and screenwriter Pepe Diokno; cinematographer Lee Meily-Briones; director Marius Talampas; Richard Reynante, vice president of ABS-CBN for publishing digital content for entertainment; Butch San Agustin, GMA Network Vice President for Digital Media; Raul Calalang, vice president of new media at Viva; Roselle Monteverde, vice president and COO of Regal Entertainment; Ace Gapuz, CEO of Blogapalooza; Madonna Tarrayo, President and CEO of Unitel Production; and Bea Alfar Everdone, Group COO and Creative Strategist at Republic of Company Group. The registration deadline is November 26. The registration form can be found here:

CineMapua is on YFilms

THE YUCHENGCO Museum launched the launch of YFILMS, a hub of independent films that not only tell stories, but also have a cultural impact. These include Unveiled Archives and other cultural education materials available on a new updated pay-per-view website called YFilms ( YFilms was created with the aim of delivering and promoting independent Filipino filmmakers and cultural films with the click of a button or phone. YFilms’ first partnership is with CineMapúa, the film platform of the School of Media Studies at the University of Mapúa. CineMapúa is an annual event that showcases the talent of students from across the country. This will be CineMapúa’s 19th season with a new section added to the two traditional categories. In addition to the high school and college categories, a section for international film students has been added. Out of nearly a hundred films submitted, 25 short films selected will compete for the Cardinal awards for best film (gold, silver and bronze) by category; and for the Special Cardinal Individual Film Awards by category during the ongoing online film festival which runs until November 27 via YFilms. For more information, follow the CineMapúa FB page:

Globe Studios’ Midnight in a perfect world rewards bags

Actress of “Midnight in a Perfect World”
Glaiza de Castro personally accepts
the best film award at ToHorror
Fantastic Film Festival 2021

GLOBE Studios and Epicmedia Productions won numerous quotes from local and international organizations for their futuristic horror film Midnight in a perfect world. The film was nominated in 11 categories at the 44th Gawad Urian and won the award for best sound for Corinne De San Jose. It also won 10 grand prizes at the 28th Annual Philippine International Film Festival of Filipino Arts and Cinema (FACINE), including Best Picture Gold and Best Director Gold for Dodo Dayao. One of the oldest Italian festivals focused on fantasy and horror films, the TOHorror Fantastic Film Festival, named Midnight in a perfect world the best film in the feature film competition category, while the Fantasia International Film Festival, based in Canada, awarded him the AQCC prize – special mention from the Camera Lucida 2021 jury “for his progressive affirmation of a cinematographic identity”. Set in the utopian city of Manila, the film revolves around four friends who were caught in one of the mysterious blackouts where people disappear without a trace. Although they believe the stories are a hoax, they are about to find out what is lurking in the eerie darkness as they hide in one of the “safe places”. Filipinos can watch the film at where it is available through a subscription for P99 / month or P999 / year. To learn more about Globe Studios, visit

Timmy Albert releases single

Timmy albert

INDIE pop actor Timmy Albert has just released a new single, “Smile”, under Universal Records. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter opens the song with a calming falsetto and a simple yet brilliant guitar riff, turning into a kind of mind-blowing song under three minutes long. The song follows on from her previous single, “TOTGA”, released last month, which emphasizes the melancholy after a bad breakup. To promote his new song, Albert made a TikTok video of him performing “Smile” in his bedroom. “Smile” is also on this week’s New Music Friday Philippines playlist on Spotify.

Mizael sings of grief in her debut single

Mizael Tilos

MIZAEL Tilos, a journalism student with a knack for singing beautiful melodies, was discovered by Soupstar Entertainment (which runs popular local bands like Gracenote, Moonstar88, 6cyclemind, Imago, Sandwich and more) and quickly joined the roster of artists from Universal Philippines under the name Mizael. Her first single, a sentimental track called “Wag Naman”, has now been released. “Wag Naman” is now available on digital music platforms and major streaming sites under Universal Records.

Meta launches first # FB4Fans virtual event in Asia-Pacific

META has announced its very first # FB4Fans virtual event in Asia-Pacific, which is scheduled to take place on December 3. The one-hour event, exclusive to Facebook, will offer fans the opportunity to meet their favorite creators with performances, meet and greet, and an immersive virtual reality experience. The event will be hosted by Indonesian-German actress Cinta Laura and will feature performances by various popular creators from the Asia-Pacific region, such as K-pop group Fromis_9, T-pop group 4EVE, content creators and Filipino dancers Ranz and Niana, Indonesian content creator Atta Halilintar and Australian international star and singer-songwriter Delta Goodrum. The event will be free to fans and will take place via an immersive mobile platform. Facebook is also running a Super Fan Meet and Greet contest where fans will have the chance to virtually meet their favorite creator. The competition is open until December 2 for anyone aged 18 and over. Contest winners will be announced at the # FB4Fans event. For more information about the event, see the event page.

Binibining Pilipinas welcomes new international queens

WEEKS after the back-to-back competition wins, Binibining Pilipinas hosted a big homecoming party for Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cinderella Faye Obeñita and Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne on November 23 at the Novotel Manila Araneta City. The program was the queens’ first joint appearance since their virtual departure on October 8. “Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) is very proud of what our two new international queens have accomplished. Today we will see them wearing the international crowns that symbolize the fruit of their hard work and determination, ”said Irene Jose, BPCI Executive Committee member. Ms. Obeñita won the country’s second Miss Intercontinental crown in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt on October 30, while Ms. Montagne won the country’s second Miss Globe crown on November 6 in Tirana, Albania.

NYK releases first single from new project

MALAYSIAN alt-pop artist NYK shares his feelings with his new release “Anxious”, now available on all digital streaming platforms via Sequence / Ultra Records. Produced and written with friend and collaborator Bruises, the track marks a sonic shift from some of his more recent and upbeat work, and has more in common with earlier material from his early days. IMPOSSIBLE EP. Her current project is a darker and more mature take on relationships and life, both narratively and in terms of soundscape. Prominent contributors to his upcoming music include the Singapore brb. and Indonesian Dipha Barus, among others.

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Review: Houses – Cineuropa Thu, 25 Nov 2021 14:12:55 +0000

– Laila Pakalniņa’s latest film is an experimental documentary hybrid that poetically celebrates the family environment

For most people, there is no more private place in the world than their own home. People feel exposed when they let someone, let alone a film crew, come into their homes to discover the “truth” lurking in plain sight. The Latvian people and their homes are the subject of new film produced, written and directed by veteran Latvian director Laila Pakalniņa, which has worked in both the short and feature film format, and in different categories of documentary, experimental and fictional films. The experimental doc simply called Houses premiered at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, in the Baltic Film competition.

(The article continues below – Commercial information)

The rules of the “game” are simple: Pakalniņa and his director of photography, Gints Bērziņš, position their selected subjects and order them to stand still for a minute outside their home while they film them from inside, through windows (usually closed), but sometimes also through open windows or from outside. through glass doors. The aim of each of the tours is to achieve the appearance of a beautifully composed artistic photograph of times past, with an emphasis on aesthetic qualities like symmetry (or lack thereof) and the play between contrasts, such as light and shadow, rather than a quest for information or a deeper truth.

Yes, most of the shots seem staged because they are, in fact, staged. However, they do not exist in a vacuum, but rather in specific contexts that Pakalniņa casually shows. Individual and group portraits cannot be still lifes, as we see and most importantly hear things happening in the background, from street noise to COVID-19 related news on the radio. In addition, some of the elements in these ‘film photographs’ cannot be controlled, such as small children and pets, but it is also surprising how difficult some adults have to stand or sit. for a minute.

Finally, the subjects come from different backgrounds in terms of ethnic origin (we hear different languages ​​being spoken, Latvian, Russian and English), class (judging by the details found in the interior decoration, some places are more modest, while others are more sumptuous), the setting of their residence (urban, suburban or rural) and their way of life (we generally have nuclear families, but this is far from the rule). Pakalniņa and Bērziņš are not oblivious to these differences, but neither are they intended to show us an accurate representation of Latvian society. They create art, so, for example, an image of a nuclear family outside their apartment in a building while their black cat patiently waits for them on the windowsill is more meaningful than anything. what an attempt at social analysis, while the fact that all subjects let them film them from home says a lot about their trust in them.

All in Houses is subordinate to art, which is clear from the instructions Bērziņš gives to the subjects, the graduated black and white cinematography, in which light and shadow seem even more poetic and lyrical, and the precise and crisp editing of Ieva Veiveryte. The only problem with, as is also the case with other films of this type, is that it seems a bit arbitrary, since it would serve as well in a short as well as a medium format, as well as a work. extended video suitable for a gallery or museum. However, one thing is clear: with Houses, Pakalniņa celebrates the family environment and does it totally justice.

Houses is a Latvian production of Hargla Company.

(The article continues below – Commercial information)
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A chaos program inspired by Sabrina the teenage witch, John Hughes Thu, 25 Nov 2021 01:21:50 +0000

The latest Dungeons & Dragons book features characters like Sabrina coming to terms with magic in a setting straight out of an 80s movie.

The next Dungeons & Dragons campaign book Strixhaven: a program of chaos not only provides rules for playing in the Strixhaven school setting Magic: The Gathering, but also draws inspiration from unexpected sources – Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the John Hughes films of the 80s.

“When it comes to adventures, my story-building influences included classic coming-of-age films, particularly the John Hughes canon, and romantic teenage comedies from the 90s and early years. from the 2000s, which really capture dramatic young adult stories in a fun, and often meaningful way, ”said lead designer Amanda Hamon Dice breaker. “You will see this particularly expressed in the rules of relationships, which allow these tales of enemies to lovers and best friends to unfold and affect the greatest adventures. These adventures are also full of good-natured fun and fun. detours in the way these movies portray too. “

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Hamon added that one of the main themes of the book is about students “finding themselves steeped in magic, and the funny and weird things that happen when these people get clumsy and creative, just like the original. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. “The Musical Franchise Perfect Also had an influence, as one of the book’s second year adventures features a song just before a competitive game of Mage Tower, a sport played by students at Strixhaven.

“And finally, although it may come as a surprise, mainstream D&D has deeply influenced this book,” added Hamon. “If you look past the flavor and the setting, there are several sections of the adventures where you move through a building or wilderness area, navigate traps and opponents, and try to reach an objective – these are dungeon explorations, but with a much different layer of flavor than you would expect. “

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Ultimately, Strixhaven: a program of chaos has a relatively light tone compared to the end of the world storylines found in others Dungeons & Dragons adventures, says Hamon. The stakes for the adventure rise dramatically in its finale, however, due to an enemy with a long-standing grudge against the school.

“Eventually, the characters have to take action and the tone of the adventures quickly changes from wacky to terrible,” Hamon explained. “If the characters fail, there are catastrophic consequences, perhaps to the greatest extent of any other D&D book.”

Strixhaven: a program of chaos is the last cross between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, following the release of Guild Masters Guide to Ravnica in 2018 and Mythical Odyssey of Theros in 2020. Along with the wizarding school hijinks, the book will also feature the new breed of the owl, over 40 non-player creatures and characters, and a plethora of new designed spells, magical items, backgrounds and exploits. to help players bring their Strixhaven characters from freshmen to graduates. The book will be released on December 7.

KEEP READING: Dungeons and Dragons Themed Restaurant Suggested for RPG Birthplace

Source: Dice breaker

Dungeons and Dragons themed restaurant proposed for the birthplace of the RPG

About the Author

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Singapore Media Festival opens local content to global possibilities Wed, 24 Nov 2021 22:00:00 +0000

Even through tumultuous times marked by interrupted filming schedules and travel restrictions, the tenacity and drive to create authentic stories continues to propel Asian media far beyond all barriers.

Now, after not meeting in person for a year – in some cases two years – press conferences and festivals are coming back to life, including the Asia TV Forum & Market and ScreenSingapore (ATF | SS), the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), VidCon Asia Summit and Singapore Comic Con. Attendees will find a lot of content on the market and lots of new developments to talk about, including what it’s like to experience in-person events together again, such as SGIFF.

“If 2020 was the year we stepped out of our comfort zones to make SGIFF a hybrid format, I’m proud to say we’ve come full circle, emerging stronger than ever and bringing the rally back to the cinema, where we let’s experience the real magic of the movie, ”says Emily J. Hoe, Executive Director of SGIFF. This year’s festival returns as an on-site event, an achievement made possible through collaborative efforts to keep attendees safe.

These and other events are the responsibility of the Singapore Media Festival (SMF). Dedicated to building Singapore as a media hub, SMF has facilitated more than $ 1.89 billion in deals between local and international media companies since its inception in 2014.

“We believe there is a wealth of talent, creativity and incredible stories in Asia, and we are grateful that we have been able to shine a light on them through SMF over the years,” said Justin Ang, Director Deputy General of Media, Innovation, Communications and Marketing at the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), a government agency in Singapore.

Singapore Media Festival 2021 – Bringing Asian Storytelling to the World

The 2021 edition of SMF will feature dynamic programming that gives Asian creators the opportunity to make waves regionally and globally. With Singapore as the gateway that connects Asia and global audiences, SMF is uniquely placed for industry insiders to meet and learn about the latest trends, talent and content in Asian film, television and digital media.

To cultivate local media talent, several SMF events should include mentoring and development programs. For example, ScreenSingapore, organized in tandem with the Asia TV Forum (ATF) December 1-3, will host the SEAScreen project market and conference. The event aims to connect promising screenwriters, directors and producers from around the world with various stakeholders in the film and television field of Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), which runs from November 25 to December 5, will feature mentorship programs, master classes and dialogues like the Southeast Asian Film Lab – a collaborative space for budding Southeast Asian filmmakers to receive feedback mentors and hearing from other artists. The Jury and Youth Critics Program, held at the same event, aims to educate new film critics who can contribute to the culture and discourse of cinema in Southeast Asia. Over 100 films will be shown at this year’s SGIFF, with works from over 40 countries, including strong representation from Southeast Asia.

After two years of absence, Asia’s largest celebration of online video and digital creators, the VidCon Asia Summit, will return to Singapore on November 25, with informative workshops focused on growing audiences and revenues in the fast-paced Asian online video market. On the theme of “The Future of Online Video,” the seven-hour multi-genre conference will feature lectures and panels from industry experts and market leaders to help creators hone their technical and design skills. management. Participants will also learn how to use their social channels to best present their vision and seize new market opportunities.

Comic book fans can rejoice too Singapore Comic Con returns after a one-year hiatus, with the colorful conference fully online and free from December 3 to January 2, 2022. In keeping with the overall SMF theme, the 2021 edition of Comic Con will showcase local talent and help them build the connections needed to monetize their ideas.

Paving the way for creatives

This year’s SMF will also focus on connecting leading multimedia players, such as showrunners, to Singapore’s creative talent. Over the years, award-winning local showrunners like Eric Khoo of Zhao Wei Films and Fran Borgia of Akanga Film Asia have propelled Singapore and Asia into international limelight.

For this iteration, SMF will work with these showrunners to promote the creation of new intellectual property (IP) and high quality co-productions. Showrunners attending the event can also package and monetize their intellectual property by securing funding and selling the intellectual property to major distribution platforms. By working hand in hand, local showrunners and talent can bring Asian stories to an international market.

“There are a number of inspiring stories, creators and opportunities here in Asia, and many of them have emerged through showrunners who have led the way in connecting the myriad of factors that make possible quality productions, ”said Borgia. “With SMF as a meeting platform for content, talent and companies, we will be able to discover even more gems that we can share with a global audience. “

Take the Hollywood hit “Crazy Rich Asians”, which was sparked by a conversation between a Singapore Film Commission executive and John Penotti, a producer who attended previous editions of SMF. The distinctively Singaporean film featured 12 local actors acting alongside Asian American stars, as well as nearly 300 local media talent in production team roles. The film grossed US $ 238 million – proudly showcasing Singapore and its talents on the world stage.

Another recent example of such a collaboration enhanced by SMF is the co-production between Indonesian director Edwin, producers Meiske Taurisia and Muhammad Zaidy of Palari Films, Singaporean producers Natalie Balakrishnan and Nathaniel P. Gunawan of Phoenix Films, and Lai Weijie of E&W Films. Their partnership led to the film “Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash”, which won the Golden Leopard at the 2021 Locarno Film Festival and will be this year’s SGIFF opening film.

For more details on the Singapore Media Festival and its partner events, visit

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What happened to the original voice cast? Wed, 24 Nov 2021 01:02:00 +0000

In 1993, Alison Sealy-Smith replaced Iona Morris, who played Storm for the first season of “X-Men: The Animated Series”. Like everyone who auditioned to reprise the role, he was asked to listen to Morris’ performance. Sealy-Smith, although she grew up in Barbados, easily identified that Morris’s reference did not fit Ororo Munroe’s description at all as being from North Africa. Shakespearean “below who would become closely associated with the character.

Storm was her first dubbing job, and she now feels that having no expectations of what a “comic book” performance should look like helped her deliver the performance the show needed. Sealy-Smith would reprise the role of Storm in the “X-Men: Mutant Academy” video games. She was also the voice of Gamora, Guardian of the Galaxy in “Silver Surfer”.

Sealy-Smith continued to work as a camera and voice actress throughout the 2000s, but she had a long theatrical career as an actress and director. She is a founding member and former artistic director of the Obsidian Theater Company in Toronto and Diasporic Arts Productions in Barbados, which she founded in 2009. Alison Sealy-Smith will return as Storm for ‘X-Men’ 97 “.

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Nike and Patta have another great Air Max 1 sneaker in the works Tue, 23 Nov 2021 22:03:21 +0000

Nike and Patta can’t get enough of the Air Max 1. Patta has quietly gained ground in the United States, thanks to collaborations with New Balance and Vans over the past year. Now, the Dutch brand is filling up with four presentations of the Nike Air Max 1 in a collection called “The Wave”, including a black and white version that we had not seen until now.

This isn’t the first time Nike and Patta have crossed paths in a creative way. The genesis of their partnership dates back to 2008 when the two presented a remix of the Air Max 1. “The Wave” is their seventh collaboration and the fifth reinvention of the classic Nike silhouette, ahead of its 35th anniversary in 2022.

Patta – As an independent Amsterdam-based business owned by black people, Patta has been fully successful in sustaining herself over her 17-year career. Perhaps the partnership of more than ten years allowed Patta to have more experimental power with Nike. Nonetheless, Nike’s recent drive to allow collaborators to explore creative freedom could also be a catalyst for the Air Max 1 to be the shoe of choice in the collection.

Surf the wave – Available in “Monarch”, “Aqua Noise”, “Night Maroon” and “Black” colourways, each reorganizes the classic Nike. The fourth and final iteration was unveiled courtesy of Chris Union, the founder of iconic streetwear label Union Los Angeles. While the original Air Max 1 claims colinear and cohesive makeup, the new offering keeps things loose with a wavy fender, its resistance detail.

The uppers receive a leather and nylon treatment with an embroidered Baby Swoosh on the fender and its full-size counterpart sitting comfortably on the quarter. Patta also serves the branding on the tongue and sock lining through her script logo. Each pair is securely packaged in a collector’s box, complete with a silver-plated charm bracelet to embrace Patta’s Surinamese heritage.

The sneakers also run parallel to the clothing, a capsule that currently includes t-shirts, a matching tracksuit, and designer socks. As each sneaker colourway comes to fruition, we can expect Patta and Nike to have more pieces under their sleeve.

Movies – Along with the sneaker iterations, Patta and Nike launched a four-chapter film series commemorating the philosophy behind “The Wave”. Each chapter is named chronologically “Waves not cycles, “Loud and clear,” and “Cheeky”, With chapter four still unpublished.

Directed by Mahaneela and produced by Steve McQueen’s production house, Lammas Park, each episode envelops different elements of Patta’s ethics and community values. Freedom, creativity and honesty are pillars throughout the shorts, following the protagonists through the landscapes of music, fashion and athletics.

The Nike x Patta collection chapters one, two and three are available now. It’s still unclear if the Chapter Four black colourway will be exclusive to Patta’s store or if it will see a larger release.

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Film explores the experience of Chinese immigrants Tue, 23 Nov 2021 21:00:00 +0000

Film explores the experience of Chinese immigrants

A scene from the meditation park. photo courtesy of Colin Bentley

The RCB Film Club is screening Meditation Park, a heartwarming film from Canada, at the RCB Forum, 2nd Floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, on Saturday, November 27 at 4 p.m.

This film is one more addition to four notable films previously made by independent Canadian director Mina Shum – which have won awards at top festivals around the world like Berlin, Sundance and Toronto – on the prospect of immigrants in East Vancouver. .

Set in Canada’s Chinese community, the film is about Maria, a loving and devoted wife whose life is turned upside down when she discovers a lady’s panties in her husband’s pant pocket. He’s a smart extrovert husband who commands the shots at home.

With her limited English skills and closed lifestyle, Maria learns how dependent she is on her husband and realizes that she needs to improve. She soon joins a gang of bustling Chinese housewives in the neighborhood, who earn money by (illegally) selling cheap parking tickets.

With the money she earns, she tracks down her husband and quickly learns his secret. She also befriends a neighbor, Gabriel, and realizes that he is just as vulnerable as she is.

Meanwhile, their daughter Ava and her husband visit them. The couple have their own stress as they try to balance career and parenthood. Maria also hears of their estranged son’s upcoming marriage.

The canvas is full of interesting characters, and the immigrant storyline is fascinating and thought-provoking. Most unique, however, is Maria’s change from a nervous immigrant woman who barely speaks English, to a woman of confidence and power.

The film had its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the Center for Asian-American Media Festival (CAAM).

Tickets cost 100 baht and can be purchased at

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South Buffalo’s New Film Studio Nears $ 2 Million Completion Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:56:00 +0000

More than $ 81 million has been awarded to support 97 priority projects in New York State under the eleventh cycle of the Regional Economic Development Council initiative.

This year, $ 150 million in Empire State Development grants were made available on an ongoing and competitive basis to meet the immediate needs of applicants. In addition, projects in each region are eligible for a share of $ 75 million in Excelsior Jobs program tax credits to help attract and develop businesses in their region.

Here in western New York State, a $ 2 million grant from Empire State Development will go to Buffalo Studios, which is building an $ 80 million Hollywood-quality movie studio in South Buffalo. The facilities will support the film, television and games industries, enabling the production of feature films and television series as well as post-production, animation, games and technological development of the industry.

This includes plans for a partnership with the University of Buffalo to provide educational opportunities for college students and residents of western New York State. The project will also include the construction of an on-site daycare center and is expected to create 22 new jobs.

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Explore the rise of the Punjabi UK garage in this new film Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:02:30 +0000

Published on

22 November 2021



Based on archival footage and interviews.

A new documentary – titled The birth of Punjabi Garage – tells the story of the rise of the Punjabi garage in the UK.

Co-produced by Yung Singh and Cameron Barnfield of Ministry of Sound, The birth of Punjabi Garage explores the rise of the genre in the late 90s, focusing on its development to the present day.

The short brings together archival footage from the late 90s and early 2000s, as well as a variety of interviews with key figures, produced in tandem with Yung Singh.

“The documentary contains a plethora of never-before-seen archive footage showing exactly what it was like in the garages and studios of the young guys in Bradford and Manchester from the start, to the events, weddings and festivals that marked their success.” , share the filmmakers.

The birth of Punjabi Garage is “reserved by Yung Singh and his iconic Boiler Room, paying homage to the alumni who paved the way for the continued South Asian presence in British dance culture.”

It is the “first documentary to explore the genre. Documentaries have covered Bhangra, the ’80s Daytimers and the Asian Underground, but the involvement of the South Asian diaspora in the Garage scene of the early 2000s was never covered and so we are proud of you there. ‘to bring !

Singh himself notes that The birth of Punjabi Garage is not “a definitive story”, but rather aims to “give a glimpse of how things started”.

To concern The birth of Punjabi Garage in full above.

Photo by: Yushy


The best releases of Record Store Day “Black Friday” 2021

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