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We are very pleased to present this year Seoul Experimental Film and Video FestivalEXiS again on the Festival Forum platform of e-flux Video & Film.

Last July, EXiS held its 19th edition in theaters in Seoul, South Korea. For this special report on Festival Forum, EXiS showcases five films from this year’s festival showcasing current aesthetic approaches to Korean motion pictures for e-flux audiences.

Movies of Jeung Yooreum, Go-Eun Im, Yelim Ki, Soyun Park, Inwoo Jung, eobchaeand I am Youngjoo will be, for two weeks, from Thursday August 18 to Thursday September 1, 2022, accompanied by a recorded conversation between the programmer EXiS Inhan Cho and e-flow Lukas Brasiskis.

Of the selection, Cho writes, “Clearly, in the wake of the pandemic, online streaming has gained popularity in the film festival scene and helped expose more works to global audiences than ever before. previously. Given the rapid changes in the forms of film production and presentation, it is possible that we will see the latest film festivals taking place in cinemas. Therefore, unlike the previous two editions, this year the Seoul Experimental Film Festival brought people back to the cinema and demonstrated a commitment to showcasing experimental films and moving images from artists reflecting some of today’s pressing issues. today. The most recent edition of the festival focused on collectives of moving image artists, providing another opportunity to ask why the core value of collective work should be addressed today. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic which has altered our understanding of collectives, this topic has also been fueled by serious concerns about the future.

The five films that I have selected to be screened this year on the Forum platform of the e-flux Festival reflect these same concerns about the future of our planet and the species that live on it. Some of these films draw on memories and events from the past to reconsider the present, while others look to the future through the prism of speculative fiction. These five films allow us to “travel” towards the future, interweaving the trajectories of objects, animals, images and texts. Is it exaggerated to consider these five films as possible futures? In Wunderkammer 10.0 (2021), directed by Yelim Ki, Soyun Park and Inwoo Jung, the Wunderkammer OS examines the state of images and their social aspects in the near future. While constructing its own fictional universe and raising a series of questions regarding gender and class dynamics, eobchae AMAEBCH (2022) constructs and reflects on agencies such as apps, anarchist organizations, and cryptocurrencies. Jeong Yeoreum, director of The long hole (2021), examines the link between space and memory. The base of the USFK (United States Forces Korea) Camp Long becomes a main element of the investigation in this film. Whereas I’m waiting for M. (2021) by Youngzoo Im reminiscent of famous Korean horror drama M of the mid-1990s, and focuses on other instances in the past where individuals had misconceptions. Finally, Go-Eun Im Three circles with (in) the whale (2022) weaves together several layers of different contexts, such as species, history and boundaries of representation, to get the audience to reconsider their place in the world. Of course, the works chosen above cover much more than this paragraph can indicate. There are various disparities in aesthetic concepts and production contexts across the featured works, but I think they all genuinely resonate with the current state of post-pandemic recovery.

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About Seoul Experimental Film and Video FestivalEXiS
The Seoul Experimental Film and Video Festival – EXiS was founded in 2004 by Moving Image Forum to screen experimental films and contemporary moving images that explore unknown forms and territories of cinema. The festival promotes films by artists made with an original vision who take on aesthetic challenges and adventures, and is one of the few places in South and East Asia that still screens works by artists who work with celluloid film.

About the festival forum
Festival Forum presents collaborations with film festivals around the world, fostering a dialogue between the fields of cinema and contemporary art. Collaborations to date have included the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Image Festival, Kurdish Film and Culture Festival New York, EXiS and CinemAfrica.

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