Glamor everywhere as stars walk the red carpet for the 2021 Bifa Awards

Actor Stephen Graham, Irish star Niamh Algar, Kate Beckinsale and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are among the stars on the red carpet at this year’s British Independent Film Awards (Bifa).

This year’s ceremony, to be held in London and hosted by Asim Chaudhry, will see Sir Kenneth Branagh’s film Belfast – based on his childhood in Northern Ireland – leading the nominations.

Boiling Point, which also has 11 nominations, sees This Is England star Graham take on the role of a chef under pressure.

Niamh Algar arriving at the 24th British Independent Film Awards (Ian West / PA)

Nominations from Belfast include Caitriona Balfe nominated for Best Actress, Dame Judi Dench nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Ciaran Hinds nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Star Jude Hill nominated for Groundbreaking Performance.

Boiling Point, which was shot in one take, is nominated for Best British Independent Film, as well as Best Actor for Graham, Best Supporting Actor for Ray Panthaki and Best Supporting Actress for Vinette Robinson, while Lauryn Ajufo is nominated in Groundbreaking Performance. Category.

British Independent Film Awards 2021 - London
Arrival of Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Ian West / PA)

Films After Love, Censor and The Souvenir Part II all received nine nominations each.

Actress Joanna Scanlan is nominated for Best Actress alongside Carrie Coon for The Nest, Claire Rushbrook for Ali & Ava, Ruth Wilson for True Things.

She told the PA After Love news agency: “It’s such an original movie, it tells a story that is really, I don’t think we’ve ever seen or heard before, it’s very beautiful and it comes out of a kind of spirit of ingenuity, authenticity and passion and telling a story about modern Britain that I am very proud to be a part of.

British Independent Film Awards 2021 - London
Stephen Graham arriving at the 24th British Independent Film Awards (Ian West / PA)

Asked about the return to real-life events, Scanlan said, “I just haven’t gotten used to it. I went to an event on Friday and it was the first I attended, donning my Spanx, after two years. I think it’s a little scary because we’re not used to being in human contact again.

“At the same time, there is no substitute, so this is the right place, let’s hope it’s the right time.”

British Independent Film Awards 2021 - London
Arrival of Kate Beckinsale (Ian West / PA)

Night Of and Sound Of Metal star Riz Ahmed received the Richard Harris Award at the ceremony, it was previously announced.

The award, which honors an actor or actress for their significant contribution to British cinema throughout their career, has previously been presented to Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Julie Walters, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jim Broadbent and more .

British Independent Film Awards 2021 - London
Alesha Dixon (Ian West / PA)

Ahmed said: “I am grateful to the UK independent film community for their immense support throughout these years. Receiving the Richard Harris Award at the Bifas this year is a true honor, I hope I can continue to learn from those who came before me while encouraging the rising generation to pursue their creative dreams.

In the Best Actor category, Graham will face Ahmed for Encounter, Adeel Akhtar for Ali & Ava, Jude Law for The Nest and James Norton for Nowhere Special.

British Independent Film Awards 2021 - London
Arrival of James Norton (Ian West / PA)

Norton spoke about the importance of independent films, telling the PA News Agency on the red carpet, “For me, it’s the most exciting, at least in terms of performance, it’s the most space. exciting because there is nowhere to hide as there are no big toys. , and flourishes and stunts … to hide behind … it’s pure storytelling with no frills, no distractions.

“A movie like ours would never have worked on a big budget, it was a calm, quiet, pure and sweet story.”

Asked about his win at the event, he said, “I’m up against some pretty heavy hitters, some pretty talented guys, so if I don’t win it’s okay. I am happy to defer to Jude Law and others.

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