How Clockout DC’s Jade Womack Would Spend Her Dream Day in DC

“I was born in DC and grew up in Arlington, and I think that kind of setting has been really helpful in getting a lot of my followers to know and learn more about the city,” says Womack, who now lives in Adams. Morgan.

Womack is the founder of DC clocka nightlife blog that has become a popular Instagram account with over 24,000 subscribers. The DC-area native started her project in 2019 while moonlighting as a bartender looking for things to do after hours. After a long shift, the bar was the last place she wanted to be.

Womack typically scours dozens of sites before narrowing down her final listings, which she often turns into aesthetically pleasing graphics for her Instagram page. Between Clockout and his daily work as an energy economist, Womack also writes the weekly Washingtonian Things to do newsletter, further building his DC nightlife empire. Naturally, she has no shortage of places to go on her dream day.

I would wake up and take a shower, and since it’s my dream day, all my laundry would have been folded. I was then taking a very long walk with my dog ​​and escaping the area. On the way to Dumbarton Oaks i like to cross Rock Creek Park. What my dog ​​loves is watching the stream go by – [Dumbarton Oaks] has a beautiful creek path and has beautiful tall trees. They have these cute little benches where you can just sit and read a book all day and it’s not as cross as Rock Creek Park. We were walking there on our way to Georgetown.

Once out of Dumbarton Oaks we were walking down the hill past the International British School [of Washington] and go to Foxtrot and have a coffee. If I’m hungry for a quick lunch, I’d have the pig and fig – it’s their prosciutto and fig jam sandwich. It really is heaven on earth.

I love spending time with my dog ​​and window shopping, and one thing I don’t think people know is that there are a lot of dog-friendly stores in Georgetown. I would window shop at Anthropology and things would be like 90 percent on sale. We would also stop Lush and for some reason I would need soap, which would also be on sale.

On my way home, if I were to take P Street NW, I would stop at Emissary and have a cocktail, Kicking and Screaming. It’s an aguardiente infused with jalapeno, pineapple, and ginger. Everyone should order one. And if I’m still hungry, I’ll take the arugula salad and add the salmon fillet.

If I wasn’t going to Emissary, then I would be going to Tatte at Dupont Circle but it would be my dream day so no one would be there and I wouldn’t have to wait long and someone would watch my dog ​​while I went inside and ordered food . They have this shakshuka with potatoes, mushrooms and bacon. It’s like baked potato soup but better. It’s a garlicky potato and there’s a nice sourdough bread to dip them in.

I then walked home to lost city books. They have a great selection of books and I really appreciate how they highlight many unknown authors. It’s one of those places where you feel like a neighbor.

I would probably start my evening at an art vernissage. what i really like DC man is it amir [Browder] really picks the artists he chooses for his outlook. And DC Arts Center and Social Arts Arena, too. For someone who grew up here, you’ve kind of memorized the permanent collection of all the major museums by this point. So it’s always nice to see fresh new artwork.

I don’t think many people know this, but the MyTix program at Kennedy Center, if you’re under 30 you get super discounted tickets to the opera or whatever. And you can buy two tickets — the [other] no one needs to be under 30. On the day of my dreams, I would have gotten the best tickets to see “Carmen.”

the Mexican Cultural Institute usually has these awesome lectures and tastings. I always like to go there – it’s one of the nicest buildings in DC Or I’d go next to the Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain. They host interesting art events, exhibitions, performances and film festivals.

Somehow all my friends would come to town and we would magically come down on our night out. I would like to go to Tiki on the 18thwhich is run by this guy named Jo-Jo [Valenzuela]. I am Chinese Filipino and they have the best pancit I think in town.

I really like the food at Anju, so we would go have dinner or just have a drink there. Then we would go bar hopping. Last call is a bar where you can meet people. This is a bar where you wouldn’t feel weird going to people and meeting them. I would go to green zone. Green Zone has amazing cocktails, but don’t sleep on the za’atar pita chips.

So I would go the Gibson, Joan Joan Where the passenger. If my friends decide to disperse and there’s only one or two people, go to the Gibson and have a nice cocktail. Passager is more of a rowdy bar where if you have a large group you can definitely go. But the cocktails are great and the decor is wild. Besides, I have to go to Jane Jane’s for the Cheez-Its and the decor.

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