“If I had had the choice, I would never have started my career as a horror film actress” – The New Indian Express

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The film industry is known for its shifting promises of dazzling fame and creaking reality TV shows. Mumbai-based actress Ananya Sengupta, who navigates this world of smoke and mirrors, who started out as a model, went on to star in a few movies unnoticed. But the end of 2021 promises to be a new beginning. She places her bets on two Telugu feature films — Madrasi Gang ‘and a production that has not yet been titled. Directed by Ajay Andrews, Madrasi Gang, which will also be directed in Tamil and Hindi, is the story of a bunch of petty thugs trying to establish their dominance in Mumbai. Sengupta is the gang leader, marking an exciting turning point for this young actor who for the first time will step away from the usual glamorous roles. In the untitled film, directed by Kannada director Srinivasa Raju, she will be seen facing Telugu actor Naveen Chandra.

Excited by her upcoming projects, Sengupta looks back on her journey that began with a horror film, Final Exit (2017), opposite Kunal Roy Kapoor. It was a supernatural thriller. “I will be very honest with you. Being a newcomer, I didn’t have too many options. If I had had the choice, I would never have started my career as a horror film actress. For a first film, I would have preferred light comedies, family films or films that do good, ”she admits. She believes Final Exit would have performed better on OTT, as it is the genre of experimental film best suited to current viewing trends. His second film Ghost, was also a supernatural thriller, directed by Vikram Bhatt in 2019.

Like all actors who seek fame and fortune in Bollywood, she has done dance, speech and debate competitions in school. In college it was acting and later modeling. She believed that becoming Miss India would hopefully ensure her successful debut in Bollywood. “But my height did not meet the eligibility criteria. Lost half an inch! she is depressed.

Although there is only uncertainty in the industry, Sengupta is not complaining. “The beauty of this industry is that no one knows what to expect. It all seems to depend on the following Friday, and you don’t know what movie might work and who might call you for their next project, ”she says. Ultimately, there’s more horror and dread in the box office that makes a difference for new actors than in a supernatural thriller.


“Getting up every day at 5 am for the shoots, which went on until 7 pm, was difficult but fulfilling. It made me productive as the whole process would be on time.

“I wonder how actresses like Tapsee Pannu made similar films (multilingual films), it’s tricky
deliver dialogues in different languages!

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