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The Seoul Experimental Film and Video Festival, a.k.a EXIS, was founded in 2004 by the Moving Image Forum to screen experimental films and contemporary moving images that explore the unknown forms and territories of cinema. The festival promotes films by artists made with an original vision that take on aesthetic challenges and adventures, and is one of the few places in Asia to still screen works by artists who work with celluloid film.

Last September, EXiS held its 18th edition in theaters in Seoul, South Korea, showing more than 120 films and featuring programs, retrospectives and performances held in addition to the main competition.

In this recoded interview, the EXiS 2021 programmer Inhan Cho discuss this year’s edition with e-flux’s Lukas Brasiskis, and the selection of films chosen for the e-flux audience.

The conversation is presented as part of the e-flux Video & Film special feature EXiS 2021, accompanying a two-week group screening of films by Kim boyong, Yun choi, Ellie Kyungran Heo, Jeon junehyuck, Eun Sol Kim, Roh youngmee, and Ji Hye Yeom, streaming on e-flux Video & Film for two weeks from Thursday October 28 to Thursday November 11, 2021.

Look at them here.

This program is part of the series Holiday Forum on e-flux Video & Film, featuring collaborations with established and emerging moving image festivals around the world.

Inhan Cho is an artist and researcher of moving images of artists. His works have been shown at international film festivals and exhibition venues including the New York Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Images Festival, EXiS, DMZ Docs, Arkipel and the National Museum of Modern Art and contemporary of Seoul. In addition to his personal work, he is the co-founder of Asian Artist Moving Image Platform (AAMP). Currently he is working as a programmer at the Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (EXiS).

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