Is the cadastral appraisal necessary for the purchase of a mortgage portfolio?



When they are doing the particular paperwork for a mortgage profile purchase, many clients would like to prevent the appraisal and save the cash of an evaluator. Is a cadastral appraisal necessary for the buy of mortgage portfolio?

One of the requirements for that transfer of a mortgage loan from bank to another is to carry out the cadastral appraisal from the property, that is, to hire confer with a professional evaluator to establish the cost of the property.

Preparing even in relatively new qualities!

It seems simpler to set the price by looking on what goes on around the property. For instance , the builder is still offering real estate, just ask your pet. There are new projects in the region and we could find out the way the square meter is. Or use the price in the deed might suffice. After all, it has been a short while.

Why do you want a new cadastral appraisal?


What business do you want to perform with the property? A buy of mortgage portfolio. Which is, you are going to request that a financial institution lend you money and provide your home as a guarantee associated with payment.

The financial institution requires cadastral valuation

The bank requires cadastral valuation

The question asked by the financial institution is: in what state will be the guarantee offered by this customer in exchange for the money borrowed? Will it comply?

It may look obvious that if your house can be new (less than 5 years old) it is within good condition. But not all proprietors are always as careful while you.

  • Earning reforms that alter the unique design, eliminating, for example , organic lighting or air flow in certain spaces. Sometimes, they impact the comfort of spaces.
  • They quickly figure out floors, windows, doors, bath rooms, kitchen and closets.
  • They change the first finishes, modifying the initial cost.
  • They make modifications that add areas, like a study, a terrace or perhaps a room.

In addition , situations in the atmosphere can also affect the price so you don’t know it:

  • Track construction
  • Construction of recreational areas or shopping centers
  • New neighbors who worth or devalue the area.
  • Change of use of the neighbor as a warehouse or even an old school.
  • Change of municipal rules.
  • Fee for that maintenance of urbanization.

The insurer demands the cadastral appraisal


The insurer needs to set up the exact value to determine the stability of the insurance and its price.

Do you keep in mind that other requirements for the move of your mortgage loan are all danger insurance and debtor life insurance coverage?

The insurance provider must have the fair associated with the asset to solution for the correct value in case of an accident. The price of the cartographique appraisal should reflect the particular renovations of floors, woodwork and improvements in the kitchen!

Of course , it makes simply no sense to invest in a property using a mortgage loan and not have great life insurance debtors. Why guarantee for less value? It could be causal for not paying insurance simply when it is most required.

As you can see, the ideal for any parties is to know the reasonable price, make the cadastral evaluation for the purchase of home loan portfolio.

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