Jim Carrey video of actor forcibly kissing Alicia Silverstone resurfaces after criticism from Will Smith

Jim Carrey is being called out for ‘hypocrisy’ after saying Will Smith ‘should have been’ arrested for punching Chris Rock at the Oscars.

The actor, 60, slammed Smith following the ceremony, during which Smith took the stage and punched Rock after he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. It is unknown if Rock was aware of Pinkett Smith’s alopecia diagnosis.

“I have nothing against Will Smith – he did great things, but it wasn’t a good time,” Carrey told CBS host Gayle King. “It cast a shadow over everyone’s brilliant moment last night… It was a selfish moment.”

He continued, “I would have announced this morning that I was suing Will for $200 million because this video is going to be here forever; it will be ubiquitous.

Since Carrey’s comments, a video of the actor accepting an award at the MTV Movie Awards in June 1997 has been circulating on Twitter.

It shows Carrey gracing the stage after winning for cable guy, and forcibly kissing an uneasy Alicia Silverstone, who was presenting the award, on the lips. Carrey was 35 at the time, while Silverstone was 20.

The actor is facing sentencing for his behavior in the videos and for being a “hypocrite” over his comments about the incident involving Smith. Since the video was posted online it has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, although it should be noted that most posts refer to the incorrect age of Silverstone.

Jim Carrey forcibly pulls Alicia Silverstone into a kiss while accepting the trophy at the 1997 awards show


The Independent contacted Carrey and Silverstone for comment. At the time, it was reported he had apologized to a “humiliated” Silverstone backstage.

One tweeter said: “Jim Carrey says Will Smith ‘should have been’ arrested for hitting Chris Rock. What about when Jim Carrey forcibly kissed Alicia Silverstone as he walked on stage to accept an award?”

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Meanwhile, another wrote: ‘Imagine being Jim Carrey made sick from a slap while being the same Jim Carrey who forcefully kissed Alicia Silverstone.’

“It literally had no impact on his career,” said one of the actor’s critics, another adding, “Look at his reaction after he did it, she looks so disgusted !”

Carrey isn’t the only actor to force a kiss on an awards presenter. In 2003, Adrien Brody kissed a surprised-looking Halle Berry after winning Best Actor for The pianist. Speaking about the moment in 2017, Berry told Andy Cohen his initial thought was, “What’s going on?”

Smith slapping Rock quickly became the most talked about moment at this year’s Oscars, with his behavior drawing widespread criticism from many Hollywood peers. However, moments after the altercation, Smith received a standing ovation before delivering a tearful Best Actor speech for King Richard.

Chris Rock was stunned after Will Smith punched him on the Oscars stage

(Getty Images)

The actor has since issued an apology to Rock, the comedian said on Wednesday (March 30) that he was “still processing” what happened during his first stand-up since the incident. Sources close to Rock said he had “no idea” about Pinkett Smith’s condition.

The Academy, in a statement on Wednesday, said it had initiated “disciplinary proceedings” against Smith for violating its standards of conduct “including inappropriate physical contact, abusive or threatening behavior and for compromising the integrity of the Academy”.

Following the incident, footage showing both Rock and Pinkett Smith dazed immediately afterwards surfaced online.

Carrey has since clarified the comments he made about it, while promoting his new film sonic the hedgehog 2.

Read The Independentthe verdict of sonic the hedgehog 2 here.

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