‘Kaali’ poster sparks fury on Twitter, demands to stop Leena Manimekalai’s trends

Bangalore, first published on July 4, 2022 at 8:41 a.m. IST

A poster for a documentary film is trending on social media with the hashtag #arrestleenamanimekalai. Several claimed the poster offended the religious sensibilities of Hindu followers on social media. We can notice that Leena Mainmekalai, the director, represented the Hindu goddess Maa Kaali smoking a cigarette on the poster.

Sharing the poster on social media, the director wrote: “Super excited to share the launch of my recent film today at the Aga Khan Museum. A 6-minute excerpt from the film ‘Kaali’ will be screened today as part of the Aga Khan Museum’s ‘Rhythms of Canada’, a week-long festival celebrating the diversity of Canadian culture. Admission to the event and the Museum’s Permanent Collection Gallery during the festival is free.

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Twitter user SanksP pleaded with the Aga Khan Museum to remove the film. “This is blasphemy and hurts Hindu religious sentiment,” the user wrote.

“Every day the Hindu religion is mocked, is the government testing our patience?” wrote Twitter user Chandra Prakash Sing.

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He further called on Home Minister Amit Shah and PMO India to act. “Please remember how we were questioned for hurting religious feelings and necessary action must be taken,” another user added.

“Shame on you…maa Kaali will punish you for your deed. You will not be forgiven for mocking the Goddess,” another user said in Hindi.

Who is Leena Manimekalai?
Leena Manimekalai, poet, actress and director, has also produced a dozen films in various genres, including documentary films, fiction and experimental poems, in addition to five published poetry anthologies. She has been recognized in several international and national film festivals thanks to her participation, mentions and best film awards. In her second collection of poetry, Ulagin Azhagiya Muthal Penn, Leena came out as bisexual (World’s Most Beautiful First Woman).

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