Kevin Smith confirms that Clerks 3 will be released in 2022

Kevin Smith takes to social media to confirm that Clerks 3 will officially release in 2022 – more than 27 years after the original film arrived.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has revealed that his next Clerk 3 will be officially released in 2022. Fifteen years after its last sequel, the Clerk The franchise continues to be a favorite of many Smith fans, and the impact of the first film made in 1994 is still felt today. While times have changed when it comes to the way movies are made and the equipment available to budding young filmmakers, Smith’s work has inspired independent filmmaking all over the world.

The arrival of Clerk not only introduced a group of characters who played in the times of the day, but also gave the world Jay and Silent Bob, characters played by Smith and real-life best friend Jason Mewes . In the years that followed Clerk Released, the profile of the two stoner anti-heroes increased dramatically, resulting in many cameos, their own movies, and everything from action figures to video games. But while these things were awesome in their own way, what many Smith fans always wanted was more Clerk movie theater. After deciding to follow the film in 2006, Smith went through a long period of willpower to make a third installment, but was thwarted on several occasions. The biggest setback was the filmmaker’s heart attack in 2018, but in the years since, Smith not only completely changed his lifestyle, but also became even more dedicated to his job.

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At present, not only Clerk 3 finally a reality, filming having taken place over the summer, but Smith has finally revealed when fans can see him. Relaying the information recently via his official Twitter account, Black-smith refers to the premiere of the original Clerk, 27 years ago, on October 19, 1994, before declaring “And as I still cannot let go… CLERK III in 2022 !!!The announcement marks the first clear indication of when the new comedy will arrive. Check out Smith’s full tweet below:

Although it is not entirely surprising that Clerk 3 expected to arrive in 2022, it’s always good to hear that the long wait for the sequel is almost over. This time around, the movie promises some big changes – one of which involves Jay and Silent Bob going into business at the RST Video store – the store adjacent to the Quick Stop. Judging from the previous images and information about the duo’s new business venture, it appears they’ve also turned the VHS / video game rental store into a dispensary, highlighting the real-life state of New Jersey and the recently passed legalization of marijuana.

In addition to the activities of Jay and Silent Bob, Clerk 3 focuses on Randal, who uses the Quick Stop as a location for an independent film. The similarity between the plot and Smith’s own life is intentional, with the sequel reflecting his path to success after raising enough money to shoot the original. Clerk at a quick stop. At the time, Smith was an employee of the boutique, and his return this summer to shoot Clerk 3 seems to have been a truly memorable moment for the 51-year-old. Fans are hopeful that the new film will also provide them with fond memories and new highlights as 2022 approaches.

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