Latest Marvel Movie Kicks Off Summer Blockbuster Season With Massive Debut

It’s the kind of comeback story that Hollywood loves. The big, heavy villain has suffered an unexpected blow (that would be Netflix, which is destroying the paradigm of the film industry and its recent disastrous results). Now an old-school hero – the traditional movie business – has a chance to prove there’s still gas in the tank.

This weekend, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madnessthe latest installment in Disney and Marvel’s long-running and highly successful costumes avengers franchise, marked one of the biggest domestic box office debuts of all time. This could be the start of a lively summer movie season fueled by sequels and superheroes.

Dr. Strange Love (or how I learned to stop worrying and go back to the movies)

the strange doctor sequel is the 28th installment of Disney’s dizzying universe of superheroes on the big screen. The House of Mouse knows how to keep fans coming back for more, forcing mainstream moviegoers to leave the comfort of their streaming-filled living rooms in droves to buy tickets at their local theaters.

The film earned $185 million domestically and $450 million worldwide. It’s good for the biggest opening of the year (ahead of Warner and DC’s Batman’s $135 million domestic debut), the second-biggest pandemic-era opening (behind the Marvel superhero movie Spider-Man: No Coming Home), and the eleventh biggest launch in Hollywood history (six of the other top spots are also owned by Marvel properties).

The huge success could point to a strong summer movie season ahead, with blockbuster releases like Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World: Dominionand Thor: love and thunder (yet another Marvel sequel) on the record. While Doctor Strange may signal a return to form for major Hollywood studios, non-franchise and independent films have struggled to gain a foothold on the big screen:

  • The man from the northa well-received Vikings-themed revenge tale with a budget of $90 million, has grossed just $50 million worldwide since its April 22 release. The unbearable weight of massive talenta Nicholas Cage vehicle that launched the same day to equally positive reviews, has so far only grossed $20 million worldwide.
  • Doctor Strange 2 opened in 4,545 theaters, the highest number in the post-pandemic era and fifth highest ever. In an extreme example, AMC’s Times Square location hosted 70 screenings on its opening day – taking up valuable screen space from other films.

Hollywood may be celebrating, but moviegoers and moviegoers who are fed up with spandex-clad celebrities might be happier sticking to their streaming services at home.

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