Megan Fox fans react claiming she and Machine Gun Kelly ‘drank each other’s blood’ after getting engaged

Megan Fox fans are reacting to the actor saying she and Machine Gun Kelly “drank each other’s blood” after getting engaged.

Fox shared a video in which the rapper, real name Colson Baker, proposed to the actor under the banyan tree where they started their relationship two years ago.

“We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short and frenetic time,” she wrote on Instagram, adding, “Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would demand of us, but intoxicated by the love. And karma.

She continued, “Somehow, a year and a half later, after going through hell together and laughing more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry.

“And as in all lifetimes before this, and as in all lifetimes after, I said yes. …and then we drank each other’s blood.

Fox fans wondered if the actor meant what she wrote, with one writing on Twitter: “I was like ‘aww congratulations to them….. WAIT F***ING WHAT.’ “”

Megan Fox Says She and Machine Gun Kelly ‘Drank Each Other’s Blood’ After Getting Engaged

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Another asked: “Now did she really need to put that in there?” with a fan wondering, “What are we supposed to do with this information?”

One fan joked, “Who said romance was dead?” while others have drawn comparisons to her character in the 2009 filmJennifer’s body, a cheerleader who begins drinking blood after becoming possessed.

Jennifer’s body wasn’t supposed to become a reality,” one of Fox’s supporters wrote.

Fox’s engagement to Machine Gun Kelly comes less than two years after her split from actor Brian Austin Green, with whom she has three children.

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