Morgan Kohan, Drew Nelson and More UP TV Movie Stars

Coming to UP tv on June 19, 2022 is A romantic wedding, directed by Danny J. Boyle and starring Morgan Kohan and Drew Nelson. They respectively play the lead roles of Zoe and Will, who are childhood sweethearts turned exes. The film was released in Canada on February 5, 2021 and will only premiere in the United States this weekend.

Set in Romance, Oregon, the film revolves around former lovers who, despite being civilians, are at odds when they meet after years. Zoe, a wedding planner, returns to the small town and tries to expand her business there, much to Will’s objection. look A romantic wedding on UP tv on June 19, 2022 at 7 p.m. ET to find out if Zoey and Will will be able to work through their differences and find true love.

A romantic wedding plot summary: romantic film starring Kohan and Nelson

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First released in Canada on February 5, 2021, A romantic wedding is set to air in the United States on June 19, 2022 on UP tv. The film’s plot revolves around former lovers and childhood sweethearts-turned-ex Zoe Davis (Kohan) and Will Mason (Nelson).

Zoe is a successful wedding planner and owner of Belle Weddings in Portland, Oregon. Realizing she’s turned herself into a babysitter for wealthy bridezillas rather than a planner of loving, memorable weddings, an exhausted Zoe decides to take a break. She returns to her hometown of Romance, Oregon to help out her parents at their family cafe.

As shown in the preview posted by UP tv on their YouTube channel, upon meeting her mother at the cafe, Zoe learns that her parents had already hired Will as a short-term helper. Although initially civil to each other, Will and Zoe begin to experience differences as they remain together in Romance.

Confused by latent feelings for each other while struggling with their differences, will the two be able to rekindle the spark between them? Will Zoe get the chance to plan her own loving and memorable wedding? look A romantic wedding discover. While waiting for the release of the film, discover the cast of the romantic film.

Who are all the stars of UPtv A romantic wedding?

Besides the film’s protagonists Morgan Kohan and Drew Nelson, other cast members include Carey Feehan, Cory Hawkes, Raylene Harewood, Georgia Bradner, and Janet Walmsley.

1) Morgan Kohan as Zoe Davis

Canadian actress Morgan Kohan starred as Zoe Davis, the female protagonist of Danny J. Boyle’s romance film A romantic wedding. She was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and was a competitive dancer as a child. She transitioned to acting after being accepted into the Triple Threat program at Randolph Academy in Toronto.

Kohan is best known for her role as Lillian Walsh in the Hallmark Original Series. When hope calls. In 2019, she starred in three feature films – The Marijuana Chronicles, Jade Asylumand Kitty Mammas. She also appeared in Netflix Scared, Star Trek: Discovery, The fat guy, Kim’s Convenienceand CBS Ransom.

2) Drew Nelson as Will Mason

Drew Nelson is a Canadian voice, stage, film and television actor who played the role of Will Mason, the male protagonist of A romantic wedding. He is best known for voicing Duncan in the Canadian cartoon series Total drama and for playing Matt Styles in Strain. He has appeared on various TV shows and has been an extra on Friends.

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