Movies to watch if you love birds of prey

When a mission to establish an outpost on Earth goes haywire, an alien known as B-127 collapses from his wounds and transforms into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Years later, a young teenage girl named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) discovers the Beetle in a junkyard near a small Californian seaside town. In the process of befriending B-127, whom she nicknames Bumblebee, Charlie accidentally activates a signal alerting enemy aliens to B-127’s whereabouts.

While the similarities between “Bumblebee” and “Birds of Prey” aren’t immediately obvious, on closer inspection, the couple have a lot in common. Both films are late entries in successful franchises that historically have been marketed to young men. Both films focus on female lead roles and enjoy a distinctly different tone than their predecessors. Oh that’s right, and they were both written by screenwriter Christina Hodson.

“Bumblebee” and “Birds of Prey” offer refreshing, somewhat cynical, and smaller scale to bombastic (and often misogynist) franchisees. In other words, these are the movies that people who “don’t watch the DC / Transformers movies” might actually enjoy. If “Birds of Prey” sounded like a palette cleaner, we highly recommend you try the ridiculously charming “Bumblebee”.

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