Netflix, Tribeca Studios and Gold House Unveil Three API Directors for First-Ever Future Gold Film Fellowship

Netflix, Tribeca Studios and Gold House have teamed up to launch the first promotion of the Future Gold Film Fellowship, featuring directors Lloyd Lee Choi, Erin Lau and Derek Nguyen.

The Gold Film Fellowship was designed with Asian and Pacific Islander (API) filmmakers in mind and will give all three filmmakers the opportunity to create scripted short films that dive deeply into love, perseverance and loss of family.

Choi, Lau and Nguyen will receive full funding, creative commentary and mentorship from Tribeca Studios and Netflix executives and the studio’s production expertise. All three directors will have access to the Gold House network and a seat in Gold House Futures. They will also have the chance to present their short films at the Tribeca Film Festival in June.

The directors were chosen based on their projects by a selection committee consisting of Daniel Dae Kim, Destin Daniel Cretton, Jon M. Chu, Janet Yang, Maurissa Tancharoen, Nina Yang Bongiovi, Abhijay Prakash, Albert Cheng, Alice Wu, Aneesh Chaganty, Bao Nguyen and Christopher Kahunahana.

“These projects demonstrate the wonderful breadth of stories that can come from the API community,” Chaganty said. “And as someone whose career was launched by a short film, I’m especially thrilled to see this generation of filmmakers bring these stories to life.”

Learn more about the directors and their projects below.

Lloyd Lee Choi (“Close the Dynasty”)

Connection: On a school day, a precocious, gossipy 8-year-old boy searches for ways to make money on the streets of New York.

Organic : Lloyd Lee Choi is a Toronto filmmaker who got his start in the world of advertising. Named 30 Under 30 by Marketing Mag, he has produced campaigns for brands such as Google, Playstation, Chevrolet and Nat Geo. With his eyes set on telling bigger stories, he is currently developing his feature debut based on his short “Same Old” about a bad night for a New York delivery driver. Passionate about performing in front of and behind the camera, he is driven to deepen the Asian American experience – rich with new and compelling stories to tell.

Erin Lau (“Legacy”)

Connection: While struggling to make ends meet as a photographer of Hawaii’s recent lava flow, Kelsey Akioka is forced to confront the rage his family has harbored for generations.

Organic : Raised in Kahaluʻu, Hawaiʻi, Hawaiian filmmaker Erin Lau has dedicated her life to creating stories of empathy for her community. After graduating from the University of Hawaii and Chapman University, Erin continued her growth through opportunities with the Sundance Institute, Film Independent’s Project Involve, Unlock Her Potential, Points North Institute, Nia Tero and Break The Room by Powderkeg. Most recently, Erin produced and directed work for three years at Jubilee Media, where her videos racked up over 130 million views.

Derek Nguyen (“The Resemblance”)

Connection: When a grieving elderly couple go to a “rental family” agency to hire an actor to play the role of their deceased son, they find their memorial night is more than they bargained for. .

Organic : Derek Nguyen wrote and directed “The Housemaid”, which was released theatrically by IFC Films. It is producing the American adaptation titled “Grave Hill”, co-written by Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Fletcher and directed by Deon Taylor, which is scheduled for production in 2022. Derek’s short film “The Potential Wives” by Norman Mao has screened at several film festivals around the world. and was narrated by George Takei. He is also a partner of Mynette Louie at The Population, which produced “Swallow, I Carry You With Me” and “Catch the Fair One”.

Pictures via Netflix

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