New Netflix Horror Series “Oats Studios” Is Called “Nightmare Fuel”

A new Neill Blomkamp anthology project has just been added to Netflix, a project that is bursting with the director’s unique dystopian aesthetic and has drawn comparisons to other Netflix series like Love, death and robots. The new addition is Oats Studios, a 10-episode series that is essentially a collection of experimental shorts. All according to the official synopsis of Netflix, “Imagine post-apocalyptic worlds and nightmarish scenarios”.

Oats Studios, now streaming on Netflix

Were you a fan of Blomkamp’s art in District 9? So you’ll definitely want to check out this series from him now that it’s on Netflix.

Some of the standalone “episodes” have been available on social media even before. Oats Studios started streaming on Netflix on October 1 (like the one you can check out at the bottom of this article). Blomkamp actually set up the freelance Oats Studios company in 2017, and the plan was originally to distribute the shorts through YouTube and Steam.

This collection includes short films lasting from five minutes to almost half an hour.

October 2021 releases

The Oats Studios The series release is part of another busy month for Netflix, which includes tons of new movies and shows to check out. Some of the other big releases this month include Lock & Key season 2, The babysitters club season 2, and You season 3. Cinema side, Army of thieves premieres October 29. This is the prequel to Zack Snyder’s hit Army of the dead that people can’t wait to see.

Meanwhile, in terms of the most popular content on Netflix so far this month? The top three releases on the streamer’s top 10 combo movies and TV shows list are all fairly recent releases. They include, in first place, the South Korean series that everyone is still talking about (Squid game). Followed by Housemaid and Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up special The closest, in places # 2 and # 3, respectively.

Regarding Oats Studios, social media is full of user comments praising the series. They understand tweets like this of a user, who raved: “Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios short films are available on Netflix – by far the most interesting work he has ever done; very experimental both in the visuals and in the storytelling.

And another: “Iif you liked Love, death and robots, you will enjoy Oats Studios on Netflix – post-apocalyptic shorts produced by Oscar-nominated South African director District 9, Neil Blomkamp. The value of the production is so impressive.

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