NOMA Partners with Distribution Platform CinemaAirLane Set to Launch in 2023 – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Arihiro Wada and director Taichi Ito have teamed up on CinemaAirLane, a new international distribution platform slated to launch in 2023, which will partner with international film studio NOMA.

The company’s primary focus will be to simplify global distribution and connect international filmmakers directly to US cinemas.

In its initial phase, CinemaAirLane will allow foreign language films (with English subtitles) or English language films from outside the United States to approach American cinemas. The service will then expand to its more advanced concept, a system that enables streamlined distribution between filmmakers and theaters.

The digital platform will also include functions that facilitate the marketing of films, including the distribution of press releases and the planning of advertising campaigns. To use the service, films must be available with English subtitles and have a poster, finished trailer and appropriate press footage.

The platform will release its beta version in 2023. Its website is now live and accepting waitlist registrations.

Arihiro Wada will act as CEO of CinemaAirLane. He is a producer and distributor best known for titles such as Opening Night, Laughing Lucky Cats and Two Komachis. He is also the general manager of the scenario presentation service Green-Light.

Taichi Ito (Lords of Chaos, Babel, USS Indianapolis) will serve as CinemaAirLane’s commercial partner. He is also CEO of EdLead, a Japanese film production company, and NOMA, a film studio currently producing a trilogy of films about the world of crypto.

Wada said, “I have produced and distributed many independent films in Japan, and I feel there is a problem. As it stands, the movies won’t be released in the US if you can’t find a distributor. CinemaAirLane changes that. It marks the digital transformation of global film distribution. We are grateful to partner with NOMA, whose support allows us to become one of the largest distribution platforms in the world while remaining an independent company. This is a whole new structure for the Web3 era. We look forward to discussing CinemaAirLane at AFM.

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