OPEC 2022 returns to Munich

After missing the OPEC 2020 and 2021 in-person conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LOPEC 2022 returns from March 22 to 24, 2022 at Messe Munich.

Organized in partnership with the OE-A and Messe Munich, LOPEC 2022 provides a forum for leading industry researchers, with scientific papers and keynote speakers. This year’s show will showcase the latest products and services for the production of printed and flexible electronics.

Klaus Hecker, chief executive of OE-A, said attendees and exhibitors were excited to meet again, adding that LOPEC was at pre=pandemic level in terms of presentations and exhibitors.

“We’re looking forward to the live event,” Hecker said. “Meeting people, networking, chatting, seeing, touching and experiencing the latest technologies and products – that’s what we look forward to. We currently have around 150 exhibitors on site and 200 conference presentations. at a pre-pandemic level and as we continue to grow as an event and community – all set!”

Hecker noted that the OE-A is getting a lot of positive feedback from the community.

“Since so much of our industry is made up primarily of small and medium-sized businesses, networking with them is more important than ever,” he added. “If your business continues to grow, your need to meet potential partners and contacts is high. And of course, established businesses look forward to direct feedback from customers and the community. »

The industry shows growth

Since the last meeting in 2019, a lot has changed and Hecker sees the printed and flexible electronics industry growing strongly.

“The flexible, organic and printed electronics the industry has matured,” Hecker said. “Currently, companies around the world are looking to integrate the technical advantages of printed and organic electronics into their product with the aim of making it even better and gaining competitive advantages.

“Automotive, consumer electronics, and medical applications passed significant milestones, entering mass production during this time,” Hecker added. “Touch sensors are now widely used in cars and consumer products. The first monitor based on printed OLEDs has entered the market.

“Another proof is the ever-increasing OE-A competition,” Hecker pointed out. “We received over 20 submissions from 11 countries. Close-to-the-market automotive and healthcare competition projects are increasing year after year. There is certainly a lot going on in industry and in research. Be sure to stop by the OE-A booth for an update.

Among those of this year key the topics are Smart Living and Mobility, with the cross-cutting theme of sustainability also featured.

“There are good reasons for these priority topics: in many smart living applications, printed electronics are included,” observed Hecker. “Thin electronic components can have key functions that provide greater comfort, well-being and safety in all kinds of circumstances and environments.

“And printed electronics have had their place in mobility for a long time, flexible, organic and printed components are already mass-produced and defining trends and concepts for the mobility of the future,” he added. “Sustainability is an overarching topic that connects priority topics and is a feature and essence of PE being thin and light. All of these topics will be a common thread throughout the exhibition, conference agenda, the Innovation Showcase and the Start-up Forum.

OPEC 2022 Highlights

Wolfgang Mildner, General President of LOPEC, foresees many highlights for LOPEC 2022.

“As far as exhibits go, it’s the sheer number of industry heavyweights,” Mildner said. “Alongside Coatema, DuPont Teijin Films, Eastman Kodak, ELANTAS, Evonik Operations, Hamamatsu Photonics and Heidelberg Printed Electronics, other companies such as Henkel, Heraeus, Kroenert, NovaCentrix, OES, Panasonic, TNO/Holst and Varta Microbattery will be also present at LOPEC 2022. And don’t miss the Innovation Showcase, the new start-up space and its forum, where the latest products and developments will be presented.

LOPEC 2022 will have three conference modules: Business Conference, Technical Conference, Scientific Conference and Plenary.

“In their plenary speeches, Professor Ronald Dekker, Principal Investigator at Philips, and Dr. Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek, will present impressive application examples,” said Mildner. “They will be looking at smart medical technology and organic sunscreen films. In addition, Rainer Hundsdörfer, President of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, and Dr. Michael Heckmeier, Executive Vice President of Merck, will speak at the plenary session.

The LOPEC business conference will also focus on industry-relevant aspects. Mildner noted that PolyIC’s Dr. Wolfgang Clemens will describe the market opportunities offered by printed touch sensors that companies such as Volkswagen and home appliance maker BSH are integrating into their products.

“The presentations at the technical conference will also have a practical focus,” added Mildner. “There will be plenty of ideas for innovations, such as when E Ink’s Pete Valianatos explains how a technique found in e-book readers can allow car bodies to change color at the press of a button. Visit the exhibition to discover the BMW E Ink live!

Scientific highlights will include plenary speeches by Professor Luisa Torsi, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Bari, Italy, and Professor Elizabeth von Hauff, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Beams of electrons and plasma technology.

“Luisa Torsi, expert in organic electronics and winner of the Wilhelm Exner Medal in 2021, will present ultra-sensitive biosensors which, among other things, can be used for the early detection of cancer,” Mildner reported. “Elizabeth von Hauff will focus on flexible electronics. His presentation will provide an overview of the processes for depositing functional layers on flexible substrates.

OPEC 2022 program

Tuesday 22 March opens with the plenary session, DIRECTED by President Wolfgang Mildner, followed by “Decimating the CO2 Footprint of Solar Power with Organic Solar Films”, presented by Heliatek CEO Dr. Guido van Tartwijk.

It is then broken down into two sessions: Business Conference and Short Courses. The Business Conference offers sessions on business and product development; Markets and business environment; and End User Applications and Requirements.

Short courses include solvent-based and bio-based inks; control of the printing process; Substrates (Paper/Plastic/Stretch); Barrier properties (stability); E-textiles and smart patches; attach ; and sustainability.

The March 23 plenary session will include:
• Wolfgang Mildner, General President of LOPEC, Founder and CEO of MSW;
• Rainer Hundsdörfer of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG – “Leveraging 170 years of Heidelberg heritage to create a Digital A future based on printing and electronics.
• Michael Heckmeier, Merck – ” OLED at Merck: Changing Display Paradigms »
• Teacher. Luisa Torsi, University of Bari – “Detection at the zeptomolar concentration level with large-area bioelectronic interfaces”.

Day 2 includes two technical conference tracks and one scientific conference track. Tech conference tracks include Wearable Electronics; User interfaces; Intelligent and hybrid systems; Substrates and encapsulation; Functional materials; and scaling up production and manufacturing processes.

The Day 2 Science Conference includes sessions on Advanced Materials for Energy Applications; circuit design, simulations and systems; and advanced materials for flexible and printed applications. There will be a poster session afterwards.

The March 24 plenary session will include:
• Wolfgang Mildner, General President of LOPEC, Founder and CEO of MSW;
• Dr. Henri Rajbenbach, European Commission – “Eco-designed flexible and printed electronics are gaining popularity at Horizon Europe”.

• Teacher. Ronald Dekker, Philips – “Accelerating innovation for smart medical devices”.

• Teacher. Elizabeth von Hauff, Fraunhofer FEP – “Future Directions in Flexible Electronics – Fraunhofer FEP”

• Christof Ernst, Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG, and Christian Ruhe, GE-T GmbH – “3D IML Touchscreens Made with Functional Foil Bonding (FFB)”.

Day 3 includes two technical conference tracks and one scientific conference track. Tech conference tracks include flexible, large-area displays; Biomedical and healthcare applications; Lighting; 3D structural electronics; circular economy and green electronics; smart textiles; and Energy.

The day 3 scientific conference includes sessions on strategic devices; Smart sensors for quality control; and smart sensors for wearable applications.

For more information on LOPEC 2022, visit www.lopec.com.

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