Parallel mothers: Instagram apologizes after removing lactating nipple poster

Instagram has apologized for Pedro Almodóvar’s removal Parallel mothers movie poster, which features a lactating nipple, from its platform.

The social media site had removed the image on the grounds that it was breaking its “nudity rules.” However, the decision has now been overturned and the posters restored.

In a statement to Associated press, Instagram said, “We do, however, make exceptions to allow nudity in certain circumstances, including where there is a clear artistic context.

“We have therefore restored the posts sharing the Almodóvar movie poster on Instagram, and we are very sorry for any confusion caused.”

Poster designer Javier Jaén said PA that he and Almodóvar knew the footage could break social media rules, but decided to stick with it. “[Almodóvar] told me that he had made movies with posters his whole life, long before Instagram, and that he would continue to do so after Instagram too, ”Jaén said.

Parallel mothers will open the Venice Film Festival on September 1. Shot during the pandemic, the film explores the relationship between two pregnant women who meet in a hospital room before giving birth.

It stars Penelope Cruz, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Milena Smit, Israel Elejalde, Julieta Serrano and Rossy de Palma.

Almodóvar has a long history with the oldest film festival in the world and in 2019 received his Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

Speaking about his festival opening film, he said: “I cannot explain the joy and honor, and how much it means to me without falling into complacency. I am very grateful to the festival for this recognition and j hope to be up to it.

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