Pixar’s new experimental short is directed by the FX team

The short does not have a narrative, but it is visually stunning.

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Pixar has done it again. The computer animation studio has just released a new experimental short titled Automaton, which lives up to the nickname of Experimental because the short is without a traditional narrative, but instead chooses to explore the beauty of today’s computer animation and what it can accomplish.

The word automaton is defined as “a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being”. Anyone who has been to a theme park with working animatronics has seen an automaton in action, with either a laughable or astonishing effect. In this latest short film, a group of Pixar animators led by Krzysztof Rost is credited as the director of the short film. Pixar describes the short as:

Pixar Animation Studios is proud to present “Automaton”. A poetic interlude between reality and abstraction, this experimental short was produced by artists from Pixar’s Effects team, working together to create a surprisingly original cinematic work.


Image via Pixar

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While Pixar is known to take his audiences’ breath away, from 1982 with the sequence “Genisis Effect” in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, there was no such thing. The court begins to look up and down over a section of land. The uneven surface makes it look like someone took a photo and inserted it into the timeline. The image then advances and we come across a field of tall grass swaying in the wind. This is one of the most amazing effects ever on a movie because it looks absolutely photorealistic.


Rost a gave an interview to SideFx last year where he attributed the inspiration to Automaton to directors like Terence malick and Michelangelo Antonioni. He mentioned that what we found fascinating about their directing styles was “the poetry of how they show a story to the audience. In their films, shots of landscapes of natural phenomena create this transcendent juxtaposition with protagonists. humans, an almost spiritual experience “. Speaking of Automaton Rost said:

“For my short story, I wanted the main character to be a reality, pure nature and seek out the mystery behind his power of endless process of destruction and creation, therefore Automaton.”

Automaton is really a wonderful piece of animation and represents a signal from Pixar that there is a lot more where this is coming from. You can look Automaton below:


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