Pzaz TV takes the world to the Raindance Film Festival

The Raindance Film Festival is the UK’s largest independent film festival, showcasing world, international and English premieres of independent films and shorts from directors around the world.

Pzaz TV has partnered with Raindance to promote the Raindance 2022 festival lineup, which runs from October 26 to November 5, 2022, at select venues across London.

Maarten Dungen, who leads AI research at Pzaz, said: “Building bridges, connecting artists with audiences, helping to express visions and empowering different social groups to preserve their identity is what we are all here at Pzaz TV”.

Adding “It makes sense that we work with a prestigious organization like Raindance to enable people to share, discover and celebrate cultural diversity, while realizing shared values. What could be cooler than being a part of this…”

Pzaz TV has a bold plan to deliver a digital transformation gateway to film festivals. The gateway will include a promotional portal and a landing page where festivals can sell tickets. Dedicated to making things even better, Pzaz aims to make film festival content available on demand so that more people can enjoy the latest indie moves and shorts from the comfort of their armchair, and festivals can interact with new audiences and monetize.

Pzaz TV believes this service will boost the film festival industry by making it easier for audiences to find and buy tickets to film festivals around the world. This move is part of Pzaz TV’s goal to become the world’s leading pay-per-view provider. By offering this gateway, Pzaz TV hopes to attract more film festivals and expand its audience. A win-win for industry players and those looking for an authentic cinematic experience. This year’s Raindance Film Festival will also feature popular films that have made independent film history, including The Blair Witch Project, Oldboy, Memento and Pulp Fiction. Raindance will also focus on celebrating Black History Month in the UK by showing Black Girl, Daughters of the Dust, Nanny and Father’s Day.

Offering a wide range of free and paid entertainment, Pzaz TV champions independent content producers, delivering a culturally diverse television experience to audiences around the world. The platform offers users a new way to personalize their entertainment choices while removing the captive product pricing favored by other TV providers. Pzaz TV connects content publishers with passionate TV and music consumers anywhere, on any device. It is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Learn more about Pzaz at https://pzaz.tv/

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