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The organizers of the 25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival announced the opening film for this year’s event, along with details of the event’s masterclasses and juries.

Ji.hlava 2021 will open with film When the flowers are not silent by Belarusian director Andrei Kutsila, on his homeland after last year’s presidential election, which saw more than 80% of the votes won by current President Alexander Lukashenko, a result disputed by the European Union and a large part of the population, and the peaceful climate that followed the protests, were violently suppressed. The film will also be included in the festival’s international Opus Bonum competition.

“The documentary is courageous testimony to the state’s violent crackdown on peaceful protests. It shows how this latest European dictatorship brutally resists the transformation of Belarus into a freer society. With this special screening, we want to support the Belarusian opposition and all the citizens of the country who want to live in a free world, just as various initiatives in the countries of Western Europe supported the Czechoslovak opposition in the 1980s ”, a said festival director Ji.hlava. Marek Hovorka from the film.

The World Cinema Contribution Award will go to Czech director Jana Ševčíková, who is currently finishing her eighth film. His films have been screened at festivals in Berlin, Rotterdam, Paris, Nyon and Leipzig, among others, as well as at MOMA and Harvard University. She has always been present in Ji.hlava, winning the Audience Award for The Rite of Spring (2002). His 2001 film Old Believers will be presented at Ji.hlava this year.

A masterclass from Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone will also be presented to Ji.hlava this year, who presented his new film. JFK revisited at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

He will talk among other things about his new film, in which he looks not only on the assassination of President Kennedy but also on his feature film JFK (1991). “The Kennedy murder was motivated by change: Kennedy was making a difference. If he had been successful, we would have been in a very different place today, ”Stone said in Cannes.

Russian documentary maker Vitaly Mansky will also host a masterclass. His new film Gorbachev. paradise will be featured by Ji.hlava in the Testimonials contest section.

Other masterclasses presented during the event include the artist collective Flatform, whose works can be seen at the Center Pompidou in Paris; Czech documentary maker and screenwriter Jan Gogola Jr.; and the creative duo Ivo Bystřičan (Czech Republic) and Sara Pinheiro (Portugal), who will discuss their new project Landscapes of the future: expedition in sound.

Organizers also revealed details of Ji.lhava’s juries, with the Opus Bonum winner being selected by a six-member jury made up of Syrian writer and filmmaker Orwa Al Mokdad, Romanian producer Anamaria Antoci, of the Czech-Japanese documentary filmmaker Haruna Honcoop, Dutch film critic Sofie. Cato Maas, Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu and Mexican festival programmer and distributor Pedro Emilio Segura Bernal.

The Czech Joy Prizes will be presented by last year’s winner, documentary filmmaker JindÅ™ich AndrÅ¡, together with director and cinematographer Tomáš Klein, film and theater music composer Jakub Kudláč, Slovak editor and musician Monika Omerzu Midriaková, Czech art theorist Tomáš Pospiszyl and native and collaborator of Jihlava. of the Czech Center in Paris Marie Sýkorová.

The winners of the best experimental film awards in the Facinations and sections will be determined by a family jury made up of Daria Kashcheeva, a filmmaker who won a student Oscar for her short film, and screenwriter and editor Alexander Kashcheev.

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