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UK-based specialty distribution and rights management company Magnify Media has unveiled a list of new formats that will launch during their live showcase of the new formats on Tuesday, October 5.

Is my country wronged (5 x 60 minutes) will be included in the slate. The title Joined Up Films for SBS in Australia – one of Real screen‘s MIPCOM Picks for This Year – examines different topics in each episode, ranging from ageism, racism, sexism, obesity and disability in a survey to take the nation’s temperature. The results of the anonymous survey reveal shocking truths. The series includes experiences captured on camera to reveal revealing behaviors and the courage of those who resist prejudice.

raft of love (10 x 28 minutes, pictured) from Story Productions for DR3 in Denmark is also one of the new formats. The Experimental Dating Format sees 10 singles paired into couples before spending 10 days rafting down a river and getting together for festivities around a campfire.

Two of a kind (8 x 30 minutes) is also included. The Bermuda Productions title for TV2 in Denmark is a guessing game in which three real estate experts face off on a road trip highlighting the differences in properties in different parts of the country.

“We pride ourselves on seeking distinctive formats that capture an idea or experience that resonates across cultures,” Andrea Jackson, CEO of Magnify Media, said in a statement. “Each of these formats has a recognizable truth at the heart of the idea that either makes sense of the format or makes it funny.”

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