Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far

In March 2022, audiences were gifted by horror gods A24 when Ti West (The Innkeepers, House of the Devil) has launched its latest creation, X.

X follows a young woman named Maxine “Max” Minx (mia goth) as she aspires to become a famous adult video actress. In 1979, Max travels through Texas with her boyfriend and producer Wayne (Martin Henderson), porn stars Bobby-Lynn (Brittany snow) and Jackson Hole (Scott Mescudi/Kid Cudi), the director, RJ (Owen Campbell), and RJ’s girlfriend, Lorraine (Jenna Ortega).

They find a farm that matches what they are looking for and ask Howard (Stephen Ure), the old owner, to rent out his guest house. Shortly after beginning filming, they notice strange and unpredictable behavior from Howard’s wife, Pearl. Howard explains that Pearl suffers from dementia and therefore struggles with sunset syndrome.


The film shares many similarities with the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacreboth set in rural Texas in the ’70s. The farms in both films look eerily similar, and they certainly both have their fair share of gory murder scenes. X even opens the same way as Chainsaw Massacre fact, with the police monitoring the bloody aftermath of the unfolding events.

The main theme of the film X, however, focuses more on the beauty of youth, sexuality, and longing for the past. As Pearl grew older, her self-esteem declined, and she became resentful and violent towards the young guests at her estate. Mia Goth actually plays both roles in this film, as young and handsome Max, as well as old and decrepit Pearl.

After the credits, there was a preview of West’s next film, pearlwhich is supposed to be a prequel to X. We didn’t know at the time that pearl was secretly filmed back to back with X, allowing for a shorter period of time between releases. This article will tell you everything you need to know before pearl spell !

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What will Pearl talk about?

“A X– traordinary origin story”, is the best way to put it. As a prequel to X, pearl will focus on Pearl’s life when she was still young and beautiful in 1918, during the First World War. He will delve into the motivation behind his murderous actions in X. The farm where X massacre took place, will also be featured in the new film, as it was turned into a boarding house during the war.

pearl wants nothing more than to leave his small town and become a famous movie star, loved by everyone, and no one will stand in his way.

Yes; with the post-credits teaser that accompanied the release of X, West has finally released a full trailer for his upcoming film. You can watch the trailer above.

There’s a lot to unpack in this trailer. Let’s break it down. We see Pearl praying to become “the biggest star”, so that she can walk away from her current life. Several obstacles stand in his way to achieve this goal.

First of all, she is responsible for the tasks of the farm and the care of her handicapped father. Also, her mother seems a bit overbearing and strongly opposed to the idea of ​​Pearl leaving the farm.

She also has competition. We see Pearl attending an audition where another girl tells her “they only take one girl per city”.

In her corner, however, she has Howard, presumably before they got married. He encourages her to live her own life. He also shows her one of the adult movies from that period, telling her that it’s a movie no one else has seen and that eventually it will be legal. Ironically, that’s exactly what the plot of its predecessor, Xis about.

In addition to these elements, we see Pearl kill a goose with a pitchfork and feed it to the alligator in her pond, pushing her father all the way to the edge of the dock, where the alligator is waiting, and we see her covered in blood in a another scene.

It looks like this movie is bound to have plenty of gore and violence, but it’s hard to tell from the trailer alone what’s real or if some of this footage is just part of a twisted daydream of pear.I‘s.

Who is part of Pearl’s cast and crew?

Mia Goth will of course return to reprise her role as Pearl in her youth. David Corenswet (The politician) will play a younger version of Howard, her husband in the first film.

While Wright (The Savages), Matthew Sunderland (The Nightingale), and Emma JenkinsPurro (Past) are also included in the cast list with unspecified roles. From the trailer, it looks like Sunderland and Wright could play Pearl’s wheelchair-bound dad and bossy mom, respectively. Emma Jenkins-Purro seems to have a role where she is seen as competition by Pearl.

As he did with XTi West wrote, directed and produced pearl. Its co-producers are Jacob Jaffke, Kevin Turenand Harrison Kreisswho were all producers of X as well.

A24 partners with Little Lamb Productions to produce and distribute pearl.

When is Pearl coming out?

pearl will be released in theaters exclusively on Friday, September 16, 2022. Based on the time period of Xthe release dates of, we can only assume that pearl will be available for purchase on streaming platforms in October.

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What does the future hold for us?

While Ti West admits that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was his main influence behind the creation Xhorror style will be different for pearl. X explored the impact of independent cinema on society, as pearl will focus more on the impact of Hollywood cinema on society.

He describes his approach to creation pearl as a melodrama that will be more like a “demented Disney movie”, based on the director’s works from the 1950s, Douglas Sirk.

West also confirmed that he had been given the green light for a third installment in this franchise, which will take place after the events of X. His plan was for the three films to have distinctly different styles and approaches and could be watched independently of each other.

For the full cinematic experience, it is recommended to watch pearl in theaters from September 16. If you’re more of a homebody and want to wait for the digital release, it should hit streaming platforms about a month after the theatrical release!

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