Shane Black’s 9 Highest-Grossing Movies, According To Box Office Mojo

Just as mentioned in the opening credits of dead Pool, screenwriters are the true heroes of cinema. But they rarely get the recognition they deserve, as all the praise usually goes to the director. However, in the late ’80s, that briefly changed, as writer Shane Black had almost rock star status in Hollywood.

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Black was the most sought after writer for years, and he wrote some of the best crime comedy scripts of the 90s, and in the 2000s he also became one of the most exciting directors. Unfortunately, a handful of his movies are sleeper hits that almost always underperform at the box office — but they also often become cult classics.

9 Monster Squad (1987) – $3.7 million

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The Monster Squad is the least like all of Black’s other films, and it’s full of ideas the writer never went back on, the most obvious being the horror genre. The movie wasn’t hated by critics, but it wasn’t exactly loved either, and due to being such a “meh” movie, it struggled to find an audience and was box bombed. -office.

The film is an outlier in Black’s filmography and long before he established his style, making it the first failure of his career. Interesting way, The Monster Squad is a parody film, just like Last Action Hero, so for a writer as big as Black, the parody genre might not be something he’s made for.

8 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – $15.7 million

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Being more of a writer than a director, it wasn’t until 2005 that Black made his directorial debut. Just like the films that preceded it, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is yet another cop buddy movie, but this time the trope is flipped. It follows a con man turned actor (Robert Downey Jr.) drawn into a criminal underworld while training under the guidance of a private detective.

The film is one of the best cop comedies of the 21st century, but audiences didn’t realize it when it was first released 17 years ago. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang barely recouped its budget and is considered a box office disaster. However, he’s gotten a lot of attention in recent years after Robert Downey Jr.’s rise in popularity playing Iron Man in the MCU.


seven The Last Boy Scout (1991) – $59.5 million

last scout

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the last scout again forces an unlikely pair to work together, as the film follows a former quarterback teaming up with a private detective. It’s the first of many films written in black that sees a professional from a random pair of industries with a private eye, and it worked brilliantly story-wise.

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However, despite being hugely entertaining and having a compelling mystery, it didn’t quite make the numbers the studio expected. Even a lead role by Bruce Willis, who was one of the biggest movie stars in the world at the time, couldn’t stop the film from underperforming.

6 The Nice Guys (2016) – $62.7 million

The good ones

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The good ones is the latest original film from the mind of the crime-comedy writer-director. It’s sort of a spiritual sequel to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as it once again follows two unlikely private detectives, and this time they try to solve the murder of a porn star and the film is set in the 1970s.

There’s a lot more stardom this time around, as Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are in the lead roles, and Gosling is currently one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors. But while the film did much more than Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The good ones also had a much larger budget. Despite being one of the most watchable films of the last decade, the 2016 film was another box office failure for Black.

5 The Long Kiss Goodnight (1997) – $89.4 million

Geena Davis points a gun like Samantha Caine in The Long Kiss Goodnight

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The long goodnight kiss follows another private detective, but this time he’s paired with an amnesiac schoolteacher trying to figure out who she really is. The film has become more popular in the years since its release, but compared to its budget, its $90 million box office receipts aren’t all that great.

The film had an inflated budget of $65 million, which likely had something to do with Samuel L. Jackson’s salary, as he was one of the most in-demand actors at the time. But even without considering the budget, the film’s worldwide grossing was generally disappointing, and it could have had something to do with the confusing marketing.

4 Lethal Weapon (1987) – $120 million

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lethal weapon is what turned Black into a Hollywood rockstar. At the time, everyone wanted a Black screenplay, and it was all thanks to this 1987 film. With the lethal weapon script, Black did something few other screenwriters do, which was to give the reader notes on camera angles and even crack jokes in the script’s action notes, according to Irish weather.

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For example, when describing a house in Beverly Hills in the script, he writes, “The kind of house I’ll buy if this movie is a huge hit.” Although it’s generally considered amateurish and frowned upon by Hollywood executives, it worked well for Black. And based on the film making 10 times its budget, Black could probably afford a few of those homes.

3 Last Action Hero (1993) – $137 million

Arnold Schwarzenegger points a gun in Last Action Hero

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Last Action Hero is one of Black’s most experimental screenplays, as it incorporates fantasy elements and is much more of an explosive action film than the crime films it is known for. However, he still has Black’s signature wry humor, but in a different way. The film is satirical of action tropes and clichés, and if that wasn’t clear enough, it features Arnold Schwarzenegger to hammer home the message.

Unfortunately, the fantasy elements and starring role of one of the biggest stars of all time weren’t enough to win viewers over to the wild concept. The poor box office performance is partly due to the fact that it is truly one of the worst films directed by John McTiernan. But its opening weekend also took place during jurassic park‘s second week in theaters, and this film was breaking box office records.

2 The Predator (2018) – $160 million

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The predator is Black’s most recent film, which he both wrote and directed. 20th Century Fox’s decision to hire Black for the film makes perfect sense on paper, as the director and IP are synonymous with ’80s action classics. Black was even an uncredited script doctor for the original film. in 1987.

However, whether it’s studio interference or a bad day at the office for Black, The predator was yet another missed opportunity in the series. And although the science lab massacre is one of the best murders in the world Predator franchise and worth the price of admission on its own, this scene couldn’t stop the movie from underperforming.

1 Iron Man 3 (2013) – $1.214 billion

Iron Man 3Tony Stark

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It’s almost poetic that Black took over from Jon Favreau to direct iron man 3. According to decision maker, Downey’s performance in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang That’s what made Favreau want to cast the actor as Tony Stark in the first place.

While iron man 3 is a fine Iron Man movie, it’s a great film noir, and while some don’t like the tangerine twist, it’s classic dark humor. And given that the 2013 film is a love-or-hate movie among MCU fans, it did impressive numbers at the worldwide box office. The explanation behind it could be because it came right after The Avengers, but it’s still an impressive feat.

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