Short ‘A Matter of Time’ receives slew of new nominations and wins Anatolian Award

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/October 24, 2022/ After winning the Remi Awards and earning a spot in the LA Shorts Film Festival and Hollyshorts Film Festival shortlist, A Matter of Time, a short film directed and produced by Lizzy Yang Liu received another round of nominations in 2022.


A Matter of Time recently won the 2022 Anatolian Film Award, featured honoree status at the monthly London International Film Festival, as well as a Silicon Beach Film Festival® and Golden Short Film Festival nomination.

With A Matter of Time, Liu sought to shed light on underrepresented stories in Chinese society and intergenerational conflict. A Matter of Time is a drama centered on a mother-daughter relationship against the backdrop of intergenerational tension, economic stress and gentrification.

Following a large-scale demolition and construction in a small town in China, the film centers on a grandmother, Ying, a 70-year-old resident with an empty nest. During the story, Ying is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and faces pressure to move to a local public nursing home, persuaded by her daughter Xiao Yu, who works as a construction worker in a large town.

The film applies a realistic style with fixed camera movements and an objective audio environment to portray the citizens at the bottom of society in China. The project focuses on observing and reflecting on the struggles and conflicts of ordinary people in everyday life. Additionally, A Matter of Time intends to connect the rapid developments of cities in China and changes in Ying’s inner state to establish a sense of helplessness and loneliness.

The film received consistent praise for the stellar performances from the main cast, as well as the stellar direction and production standards set by director Lizzy Yang Liu. “As an independent Asian filmmaker in the industry, I spare no effort to make my voice heard by the public through my film,” she told TheNerdDaily.

Produced by Yang Liu

As a producer and director, Lizzy Yang Liu has written and directed several award-winning films, including A Matter of Time, World Without End and Tessellation. Liu’s productions have won numerous international film festivals, such as LA Shorts (Oscar, BAFTA qualified), Holly Shorts (Oscar qualified), WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and New York City Independent Film Festival.

Currently working closely with Academy Award winner Donna Gigliotti and Academy Award nominee Diane Quon in the post-production and distribution process for award-winning documentary Wuhan Wuhan, and independent feature film Nezouh funded by BFI and Film 4. Nezuoh recently won The Audience Award in 2022 at the Venice Film Festival and was selected by the Busan International Film Festival. Lizzy Yang Liu is developing her career as a multimedia producer, co-founder and CEO, she recently founded a start-up “Invisolve Studio”. The company tries to explore and integrate resources and connections in the entertainment industry, including AI technology, visual arts, movies and music.

About Invisolve Studio

Invisolve Studio is a multimedia creative production company specializing in AI visual art production, filmmaking, sound design and electronic music. Combining AI art technology with creative content, Invisolve Studio integrates digital arts, sound design and filmmaking in a non-traditional way. Invisolve Studio’s central management believes a new era of entertainment is upon us, powered by AI. The company applies AI technology to create better visual effects, more realistic characters, and more believable dialogue. By harnessing the power of AI, filmmakers and animators can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Invisolve thinks AI will likely play an even bigger role in helping filmmakers and studios create even more amazing content.

And after?

Director Lizzy Yang Liu is currently working on a feature film based on A Moment in Time and recently served as co-producer on the film Nezouh, released this year. With a string of nominations and awards, accolades for her work as a director, and experience working with some of the most experienced actors in the industry, Yang Liu’s career is being given greater opportunities through her success. With a deep passion for film, Yang Liu uses her voice to propel the careers of talents from all walks of life such as LGBTQIA people, women and BIPOC.

Yang Liu (Lizzy Liu) is an accomplished, award-winning producer and director based in Los Angeles. Currently, she is co-founder and CEO of a startup Invisolve Studio, producing cutting-edge creative content including AI visual arts, film, sound design and music. After graduating with an MFA from Emerson College, Yang moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream in the entertainment industry. She works as a creative executive at Starlight Media Inc. (Crazy Rich Asians, Midway) in charge of the independent films department and oversees the “Stars Collective” program to support BIPOC and female directors. She now explores and breaks the boundaries of the art and entertainment industry with her professional experiences, curating and blending technology with all art forms of projects and services with the mindset of a innovator and entrepreneur..

To learn more, visit or contact [email protected]

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