State Government. joins the OTT movement with CSpace


The state government’s over-the-top (OTT) platform to be launched on November 1 this year will be known as “CSpace”.

Announcing the name at a ceremony held at the capital’s Kalabhavan Theater on Wednesday, Cultural Affairs Minister Saji Cherian said the platform aims to secure space as well as revenue sharing for independent films on a low budget that are struggling to see the light of day. of the day, will be the first initiative of its kind by a state government in the country.

The ‘C’ in the name stands for cinema as well as Chitranjali, the cinema complex of the Kerala State Film Development Corporation. Mr. Cherian said that the OTT platform will contribute to the growth of the Malayalam film industry, helping it to reach the widest corners of the world.

“Right now we have a situation where artistically brilliant films and works that have won awards are not able to get a decent run in theaters. Moviegoers in the state also don’t have the opportunity to watch them. The OTT platform will prioritize these films as well as documentaries, shorts and curated content. This will pave the way for enjoying cinema at home with full technical quality,” he said. he declares.

theater first

The minister said the new platform would not affect the theater industry in the state in any way as the movies would be released in theaters first and then transferred to the OTT platform.

The platform will have a revenue-sharing model unlike that offered by the big players, whose producers only receive the agreed amount at the time of purchase. In “CSpace”, the producer will receive a share of the revenue each time someone watches the film.

Filmmaker and KSFDC Chairman Shaji N. Karun said the government is coming up with such a platform at a time when Malayalam cinema is gaining market across the country and abroad.

“We had to face several challenges during the implementation. Many rounds of discussions were held with all stakeholders. The delay in its launch was due to these efforts to make it better than all existing platforms. CSpace will also be a model for other Indian states,” he said.

KSFDC now produces two films by female directors each year. These will first arrive in theaters and then appear on the OTT platform. We will also have a lot of curated content, Mr. Karun said.

Registration of new films with the platform will begin on June 1. Facilities will be provided at Chitranjali’s studio and KSFDC head office for this purpose.

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